This WILL be my last political post. Then I'm completely done.

Romney did not want to take away women’s rights. He’s pro-life, because he doesn’t want women to be so god damn reckless with having sex. Not because he “hates women”. It seems as if women are acting that way because they want to be reckless. However, abortion should be allowed in case of rape or incest. But not just because you didn’t want to go and buy birth control or go buy a condom. He already lives with a girl too, why the hell would he want to take away tampons and feminine products? He wouldn’t. Because he know it sucks. I don’t know why I’m posting this because everyone on tumblr is so brainwashed and it’s not like what I’m saying will make a difference.

I just really wish Romney had won. He’s an amazing business man and he’s fantastic with money. He could have turned around all the debt Obama created the past four years. Imagine how much we’ll be in debt in 2016.

And yes, Obama was for gay rights. And gay rights and gay marriage is really important. But you have to remember, he was all flippy-floppy on that subject as well. He would say it was good, then he would go back and say he didn’t agree, and then he said it was good. I bet you he only said gay marriage was alright for him to get all the lgbtq voters to vote for him. Let’s see of he turns it around and says he doesn’t agree.

Some of the Obama voters, they didn’t even know what the hell they were voting for the guy for. I was watching a late night talk show (I can’t remember which one exactly) but they would go send people out in New York to go and ask people about Romney. They would say, “What do you think of Mitt Romney?” And people would reply saying things like, “Oh, he’s the devil.” or such. Then they would ask that same person, “What about his running mate, Sarah Palin?” (Note: I do know that Sarah Palin is not his running mate, it is Paul Ryan. They just wanted to see if they really knew anything about the election.) And they would call her the same. You see, some people voted for him just because they can.

I’m entitled to my own opinion, even if I can’t vote. But I needed to express my feelings because it seems I’m the only one that’s for the republican party. So that’s why. Go on, reading through your posts. Because I needed to get this off my chest. But don’t get mad at me for expressing my opinion once in awhile.

I’m done with the election now.