Why is everyone so against Romney? Personally, I would like to have the chance to get a job when I get out of college and the way Obama is running things that is unlikely. I am 100% for Romney. I think he is the best candidate we’ve had in a while. 

Stop being against Romney because you think it’s cool because you guys are exactly the same people that were against Obama four years ago. You all just want something to bitch about. 

Oh Romney please win and take our country out of the crapper

Obama is a liar. You can unfollow me if you want I really dont care tbh. Our country’s debt has doubled, gas has doubled in price, the economy has dropped, the unemployment rate has not changed and much MUCH more. 

Obama is lying through his teeth, throwing out accusations that are completely false and irrelevant. He is using flattering words to trick people but what he is saying is a bunch of bull crap. 

If all of his policies and promises and things that he has claimed to do have happened and are working, then why are millions of Americans suffering? Including my own family. 

My brother-in-law has a college degree in ROCKET SCIENCE, with a minor in marketing, and is unable to find a job to support himself. He is extremely smart and capable, but the jobs.aren’t.there. Since NASA was cut and other such jobs are scarce. And I am 2 months from voting age, anxious to be involved in my country and I am terrified of College because 50% of graduating students cannot get jobs at all, let alone College Level jobs. 

If you can’t see that in the past 4 years our country has gone down the crapper, then you’re obviously very gullible and easily led astray by his lies and flattering words. 

That’s all goodbye.