Vote for the man and the party that stands for what our nation was built upon… Hard work, freedom whilst bettering your life through such, not hard work to pay for everyone else’s laziness. Realize that the direction Obama and the Democrats are leading us in, is a direction towards socialism and chains weighing the individual down. Take Obama’s quote towards small business owners saying “You didn’t build that.” Then, who did Mr. President? You? Certainly not. Last I checked, you and your party have made it more difficult for small businesses to survive. Was our nation not built on small businesses? Was it not built on self sufficiency? Was it not built on independence? Was it not built on hard work? Was it not built on the “American Dream”? There is NO American dream left today, at least not for United States citizens, us college students cannot choose to be what we want, because so many of our degrees mean nothing… Unless, of course, we want to be struggling and starving. At one time our nation allowed such a freedom to be what we wanted when we grew up… We could own that “cute little shop” that we wanted and it would SURVIVE. Where has that gone? On top of that, the Democrats want to cut spending on our military, this is the same military that literally is the reason the United States became a world superpower in the first place. The people that fought in the Revolutionary, Civil and World Wars, FOR OUR FREEDOM. we might as well just go stomp on all their graves and tell them they lost their precious lives for nothing. Lost their lives for people that would no longer appreciate it in the future. If we cut military spending, the countries that despise us and have seen us as an enemy will strike because they will view us as weak in that area. That area that has fought to keep our citizens free. What will we do then? Think about it people, America is not what is once was. It really makes me sad to think of how many people don’t have pride or faith in our country anymore, much less in themselves. Please, go vote. Go vote for what is best for our country as a whole. For our freedom. For yourself, your children, your grandchildren. Every vote DOES count. Please, go exercise your right as a United States citizen and don’t take it for granted… People fought and even died for you to have that right. Vote Romney.

4 more years....

of gridlock.

of class warfare.

of a President who lies to the American people.

of not following the Constitution. 

of apologizing for being America to foreign countries.

of believing women don’t have brains and only care about one social issue.

of more rights being taken away.

of paying for people who are lazy.

of raising taxes just because someone is successful.

of not believing in the American dream.

Thank you America. I can’t wait.

I find it hilarious when I see posts trying to make fun of Romney and posts making fun of Obama because all the ones about Romney are petty and immature (i.e. binders full of women, big bird, “i bet romney is…” when he is a great person with what he’s donated and businesses he’s helped revive) and the ones about Obama are backed up by facts and sources which prove his failure. I’m not one to dislike someone because of what they think is right but it makes you look stupid when you attack Romney for the littlest things and can’t say what he has done wrong. Not to mention all the Obama lovers are underage or foreign.