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anonymous asked:

does romney and the establishment not realize that speaking out against trump isn't a good strategy since they are the very people who trump is against?

I don’t think Mitt Romney is speaking out against Donald Trump because he sees it as a political strategy to stop him. I think he’s speaking out against Trump because it’s the right thing to do. 

Romney was the last Republican Presidential nominee and he sees a dangerous demagogue who is hijacking the Republican Party and insulting his way to the 2016 nomination while fomenting hate and stirring up ignorant masses of people who have been anxiously awaiting someone like Trump to let them know it’s okay for them to be openly intolerant again. It’s not just about the Republican Presidential nomination anymore. It’s bigger than politics. The mood of our country is changing and Trump is giving power to bigots and permission to say the terrible things that they have always wanted to say and do the horrible things that they have always wanted to do. 

The “establishment” (I hate the ignorance that gives words like “establishment” or “politics” or “compromise” a connotation of corruption or weakness when that is the system in which everything is meant to work – the system created by the Founders) should do everything that they can to try to prevent Trump from winning the Republican Presidential nomination – even if it doesn’t work. And if they care about their party or their country, they should refuse to support Trump if he’s nominated and speak out against his demagoguery as well as the ignorant Americans who back him and share whatever intolerant beliefs he says he has in order to gain their support. Trump is a cancer on the Republican Party and we all have to prevent that cancer from metastasizing to our entire political system and everyday life. He needs to be stopped and I support anyone and everyone who stands up to him.