romney must be destroyed

Not all Republicans

It’s tempting for a lot of people to say Trump is an anomaly, and in some ways he is. He’s uniquely thin-skinned, especially ignorant, and more vindictive than just about any other prominent politician.

But policy-wise? He’s a basic Republican.

It’s true that he differs on a couple issues with his party, at least rhetorically, but none of them are spurring protests right now. He suggested that the US government should probably negotiate prices with drug companies (which is correct), and has thrown out some wild protectionist ideas, and that’s about it.

Every issue he’s being rightly called a fascist for, every single one, is supported by 95% of elected Republicans.

The Republican Party is going to use Trump’s historic unpopularity to push through historically unpopular plans: repealing Obamacare, privatizing national parks, selling federal lands, cutting social security and Medicare benefits, privatizing schools, attacking sustainable energy, defunding public transportation, strengthening executive power, politicizing federal agencies, controlling women’s bodies, further militarizing police, unreasonable deportations, eliminating state and local wage laws, breaking up unions, the list goes on. And they’ll argue for a “real conservative” in the face of the backlash and the inevitable economic failure they initiated, claiming as they have since Reagan that the last president wasn’t sufficiently conservative enough.

And voters will fall for it, because they so badly want to see themselves, their friends, and their family members as “reasonable Republicans.”

Reasonable Republicans no longer exist, and they haven’t for years.

The Republican Party is Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan and Donald Trump. It’s not the party of Jon Huntsman or Arnold Schwarzenegger. It was never really even the Party of Mitt Romney.

It is radical, it is fascist, and it must be destroyed without sympathy.