romney likes this

These are Donald Trump’s tweets from the 2012 election, during a brief point where it looked like Romney was carrying the popular vote (before the west coast was counted). If you read them without that context, it looks like he’s admitting his own failure now, encouraging people to deny his inauguration.

It’s worth posting just for that, never mind his hypocrisy on display.

Do I expect Trump to feel any dissonance between his accepting victory now and his calls for revolution because he (wrongly, oh so wrongly) thought Romney won the popular vote in 2012?

Of course not, what a stupid question.

I also blame feminists

All the “I’m not going to vote for her just cause she’s a woman” feminists.

What the hell do you think this isfor? How do you sit back and post hard feminist shit all day, and then play Polly Perfect with Hillary? 

Why does she have to be the perfect woman for each individual vote? Why can’t you go hard for the IDEA of female leadership? The representation? The women of the way up? 

Even if her track record on women’s issues looked like Mitt Romney’s the fact that she’s a woman who could excel at the presidency is still a huge leap in progress!

But she actually does so much for women, she stands up for women, she stood up for abortion, battered women, women with disabilities, I mean come the fuck ON!

Literally EVERY vote you EVER cast for past presidents did less to progress feminism than ONE vote for Hillary would do. 

But you’re hung up on some crap she said years ago in that one speech that one time?

You’re mad that she didn’t handle it perfectly when her husband cheated on her and probably assaulted a woman, but leaving him would cause world instability? This is HER FAULT?

Feminists picked her apart, threw her away and backed “Never accomplished a god-dammed thing for women” Bernie instead of the prepared, female candidate who can actually deliver on women’s issues? Like… What?

We should have been tearing into the media every time they spent an hour airing an empty Trump podium instead of broadcasting her primary victory speeches. We let the media get away with so much. And now they got away scott free.

Feminists should have done more. Myself included, we should have fought our heart out for her. We should have used this election and the backlash against Rapist Trump to build a movement around her to create unprecedented momentum.

Now what do we have?

I have oddly vivid memories of the 2012 summer olympics when mitt romney had like a fucking dressage horse named rafalca competing in an event and for some reason this was the funniest thing in the entire world and it was always like “#rafalcanation2k12″

anonymous asked:

Thoughts on the Mormons?

The short answer is that its origin story is quite literally insane and a fraud but that the Mormons as a people are some of the finest folk you ever want to meet. They are generally hard working, honest, family loving and law abiding.

Joseph Smith, convicted felon 1826

On a deeper level, one of history and sociology it is an incredible, fascinating story. Every single one of the tenets of Mormonism is now scientifically refutable. DNA testing shows that there is no evidence at all that the Native Americans originated any place but Asia some 15,000 years ago. This simple fact shows that the entire Book of Mormon is a lie. Smith “translated” Egyptian papyri which were later actually translated by scholars which show that he was a fraud. There are court records showing that he was a convicted fraud who used “scrying stones” to lead people on treasure hunts to desecrate Indian burial mounds.

None of this matters to people like Mitt Romney. They are able to shut off their common sense and believe this nonsense despite clear evidence that it is false. This alone renders all Mormons unfit for public office. However, this said, their founding myth is no less bizarre and unbelievable than those of Christianity or Judaism for example. Nobody who believes in a fairy story in the face of scientific evidence refuting it should ever be allowed to govern a free people.

remember when mitt romney was gonna be the worst president candidate ever but now donald trump came along and mr romney feels like an angel


According to Trump, Trump should have released his tax returns by now

In February, Donald Trump tweeted that Mitt Romney looked like a “fool” for releasing his tax returns so late in the game, on Sept. 21, 2012. A.k.a today. Trump has yet to release his own tax returns, despite being embroiled in not one but two damaging financial scandals at the moment. 

glee doing a better job at lesbians than the 100 is like mitt romney yelling about trump what a parallel today is a mess

when mitt fucking romney is like “yeah donald trump is a piece of shit” then donald trump must really be a piece of shit and why are there still people who think otherwise

I hope after this year, your drunk uncle at Thanksgiving’s name get buried like Mitt Romney’s so I would never had to hear his name ever again. I mean, when I get excited to hear Mitt Romney’s name during this election cycle, you know I have issues.

P.S. - some of y’all may not be familiar with “your drunk uncle at Thanksgiving”. Allow me to elaborate. I have a plugin on my Chrome browser that changes the name of Donald Trump to that.

I’ll show you a gif.