romney grandchildren

So really that’s the lesson we’ve learned today. In politics, it’s okay to be a pussy, as long as you’ve got a dick.

Jon Stewart 4/22/2014

So the quote is not taken out of context, Jon Stewart is talking about the hypocrisy of Fox News and other outlets of their portrayal of women in politics. Women have to be tough like a man, but not too tough that they can’t be feminine. Women can’t get angry about issues because that just means that they can’t handle tough and emotional situations. While simultaneously calling a man that is emotional and angry just passionate about his country and a patriot. A woman can’t cry in politics because then she is weak and vulnerable, and even a threat to the government and country. While a man can cry and he is just showing he is a family man and someone to sympathize with instead of attack. Hillary Clinton can’t have a grandchild without it being a grand liberal scheme to have her elected into the presidency in 2016, while Mitt Romney had grandchildren and no one ever considered an alternative motive for it. But this is 2014, there is not a war on women. Sexism is not real. (Please note the sarcasm).