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Do you think that John mccain would have been a good president

I worried about his judgment after Senator McCain chose Sarah Palin as his running mate – although I recognized the political advantages to having someone like her on the ticket in 2008 – but I certainly don’t think the country would have gone into a death spiral with McCain in the White House. I’m glad that Obama won, however, and if the only two things that Obama had accomplished were the Affordable Care Act and ordering the raid that killed Osama bin Laden, I’d say his election was worth it.

I’m passionate in my personal political beliefs, and I always want the candidate that I support (and the candidate whose beliefs and aims come closest to mirroring mine), but I’m not one of those people who automatically believe that the country is doomed if the other candidate wins the election. Although it is rapidly eroding, I still have faith in our political system, and still have hopes that (most) of our leaders truly want to work hard at actually governing the nation. That’s why I can look at the 2012 election, for example, and say that I’m glad Obama was re-elected and that he will likely accomplish more that I support than his opponent would have. Yet, I can also say that we wouldn’t have been doomed to catastrophic failure if Mitt Romney had won the race. Romney was a proven success as a an executive in business and politics, and I think he’s genuinely a good man and dedicated public servant who probably would have been a good President despite whatever political disagreements I might have found with him. When we immediately dismiss candidates or leaders from the opposite party, we suffocate any possibility of finding bipartisan answers to the questions we all face, regardless of which party we registered with. That straight-up eliminates our ability to have a government that actually governs with good faith. That’s a huge part of the problem within the current political climate.

Now, of course, there are exceptions. I’m totally willing to support the effort of political leaders from the opposing party if I truly believe they have the capacity (and the good intention) to govern. I don’t need to support or believe in their ideology to respect and appreciate their hard work as public servants trying to do what they see as right and managing the government as needed. That’s why I can say that I believe Mitt Romney probably would have been a good President if he had won the election, or that John McCain wouldn’t have burned the country to the ground if he had won. There are light years separating public servants like Romney or McCain from ill-suited, unqualified promoters and dangerous demagogues like Donald Trump, Ben Carson, or Carly Fiorina. It’s the same reason why I frequently take the time to highlight Paul Ryan’s reasonable leadership and why we need more public servants – on both sides of the spectrum – like Speaker Ryan, who recognizes that his first responsibilities are to his constituents in Wisconsin and the American people as a whole, and that his allegiance to his political party or to a specific party ideology are clearly further down the line.

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Frank and Claire Underwood are still running roughshod over the American public and the Constitution, Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright are still playing them with high levels of ham-standing and icy class respectively, everything still plays like a funhouse mirror of the skullduggery we imagine to take place in the real Washington, and the rest of House of Cards’ characters still only matter insofar as they intersect with an Underwood (give or take a Michael Kelly as long-suffering aide Doug Stamper). Outside of the central couple, who make reasonably compelling Bill and Hillary Clinton analogues, this applies to the show’s well-meaning Obama analogue, its firebrand-y Bernie Sanders analogue, its self-righteously upstanding Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan analogue, and everybody else. Read more
Election Day needs to come sooner; I can't wait to be relieved of all these feels.

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Romney Ryan, Gay Edition

I mean, look, they even match.

Look at that hand contact

They are obviously having sex

You can feel the sexual tension 

I wonder who pitches and who catches….

Okay, Ryan is catching

I mean, look at how he looks at him

Romney: Blow me later? Ryan: You know it.

“We have a plan to end all abortions, because we think vaginas are ucky”