Apparently, if you live a good, clean, righteous, Mitt Romney life, you look pretty good with your shirt off when you’re 68 years old, not to mention fit enough to go a couple of rounds in an exhibition boxing match against five-time World Heavyweight Champion Evander Holyfield.

I’m 35 and not only is Mitt Romney in better shape than me, but he has less gray hair, even though he’s been married for over 45 years, raised five sons, served a term as Governor of Massachusetts, saved the 2002 Winter Olympics from scandal, and survived two unsuccessful campaigns for the Presidency.

Where’s my Book of Mormon?.

The only people that want war are those that profit from it and don’t have to pay the price paid by those that have to fight them and pay for them. When I see pictures of Mitt Romney protesting in support of the Vietnam war while getting deferment after deferment to avoid service it makes my head spin. My head spins even more when I hear him talking brazenly about committing US troops to even more war. For me the pictures of Romney’s pro-war protests as a college student avoiding war on educational and religious service deferments as millions of other Americans went to war are up there with the pictures of “Hanoi” Jane Fonda giving aid and comfort to those that were killing our troops.