the amount of fucking odd interactions i’ve had with both mitt and ann romney. the time i was birding by his house and he came out and asked why i had my binoculars pointing right at his kitchen window. the time i broke into one of his sundance parties and stole his jacket. never ONCE have I talked to him and been like “yeah this guy’s normal and has regular human conversations”. 

The Signs as Old Tumblr Relic Posts
  • Aries: do you love the color of the sky?
  • Taurus: none pizza with left beef
  • Gemini: the moreos guy
  • Cancer: are fedoras really that bad?
  • Leo: the one claiming the McNuggets were made of Tubby Custard
  • Virgo: mitt romney sucks pass it on
  • Libra: John Green's "when's the last time the girl kissed the guy?!!??"
  • Scorpio: the mishapocolypse in its entirety
  • Sagittarius: that post where like 15 blonde people were like "u look like me"
  • Capricorn: the girl who walked out of class and then ended up in her principal's office scrolling through tumblr
  • Aquarius: Moon moon
  • Pisces: the fluffy chicken post