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My Two Current Mains are:

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Agent Rook AKA Elyza Morrowbranch

An ex-Warden who leads a specialized anti-crime SI:7 unit, this 8000 year elf is all business.

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Casyril Rommel:

Once a follower of Yogg-Saron, she now works as an Inquisitor of the Church and hunts the occult by turning their once dark magic against them.


I also have 3 other toons in play, but their activity levels are limited due to my focus on Rook and Casy. If you want me to log onto them, let me know.

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@agent-athena AKA Jalynna/Alanna Highstryder

Once the editor of The Royal Courier, she now serves the Alliance as a Quel’dorei SI:7 agent, guard and on occasion, roguish liaison to the Horde.

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Dunnedin Stratford. Once a renowned Sniper and intel officer for the GLF, he became a historian and professor for a time. Now, his life has slowed down to focus on his marriage with @jazimina, their future kid, and acting as the crime reporter for the Royal Courier.

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Edrali, a quirky and socially inept mechanic with a thing for the mechanical and a knack for getting into trouble.

All are available to for RP, but it is easier to find me on Rook and Casyril as of late.