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Entry #208 April 29, 2012 12:00 nn

Dear SoulEater,

First of all, I would like to say Thank You Soul for everything.. Ive never been happier all my life.. This is the best April I ever had.. I know all of these are your gifts to me.. And from the bottom of my heart I really Thank You so much..

So here is the Coverage of “Chasing the Cosplay Goddess” Chapter of my life.. ^^,

I started my day around 7 and went to CN so I can attend the review for just a few moments.. Around breaktime, I had to split from review coz I am going to Anigaiden, gonna watch some cosplayers, impress people thru NX and meet the Goddess herself, Alodia Gosengfiao.. To those who dont know Miss Alodia, she is the reigning Cosplay Goddess of the Philippines and Asia as well.. I have featured and blogged most of her pics and details using my Epicentermagneto blog.. I went first to Fort, met up with my 2 companions, and logged in for a few moments.. Flored, a dear friend of mine was online and was joining the competition so I immediately contacted him and told him my plans for today.. He said he would help me.. I was grateful and also nervous coz Its the 1st time I would ever do something for a celebrity..

Anyway, there.. So when we arrived at the scene with Justin and Kevs at around 12 nn, there were lots of cosplayers already roaming the mall.. One that caught my eye was one of our targets for the competition, Ahri the Nine tail fox.. She was portrayed by Rommel Ann Aspe.. Yes I know your reactions, me too, A Beautiful Girl with a Guy name.. But to tell you honestly, her name doesnt justify how beautiful she is.. If I were to critique her, she would be up to par with the Goddess herself..

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So there.. we ate at McDonalds and had some lil chat about the upcoming event.. We were not expecting an Epic Cosplaying coz its just a regional competition.. But we were surprised when the other cosplayers started showing up.. The Yuan, which was Blossoms acquaintance, the girl with large arms, Cabal Warrior, BUMBLEBEE! and others.. ahahahah.. Lelouch was there but I was not satisfied with his get up, he lost his Geass Eye and the Helmet was not that thoroughly finished.. Aside from me, Justin and Kevz, our friends MAcky, Jayvee, Xtian, Liezel and her companion Rose came.. We all watched and carved for Alodia.. During the preps, I saw Kulot(Jiwel I call him) and asked how to get near Alodia, I was desperate..

Anyway, The event started around 2:30.. We were expecting Alodia to walk thru the escalator, but she was already at backstage.. So at that moment, when we saw Alodia, my world stopped.. I was staring at her very focused.. I never moved my eyes.. She really was beautiful in person.. So we watched the whole event, from the Tag team category to the last individual category.. Then we suddenly felt tired watching while standing.. Then we saw Miss Ahri(Ill just call Miss Aspe as Miss Ahri).. We ate our fears and told her that we would like to have her picture with us.. She was kind and gave us the privilege of having her picture alongside us.. Happy moment no. 1.. Next was Jiwel and the Girl with Large arms.. Then we met Ate crizz on the way.. hahah.. she was more obsessed with taking her picture with all cosplayers so there we almost had majority of our pics with them.. Then Jiwel here told us a spice, Alodia would be at Pepperland after this.. I had this crazy plan of going there and getting Alodia’s Autograph and picture with her..

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My first Cosplay event was really fun.. Specially Miss Ahri, I really enjoyed her cosplaying aside from the fact that she was portraying Ahri, One of my Main Champions in League of Legends(LoL)..

So me and Justin and Kevs went to Pepperland, we even lost our way coz the know it all Justin said Pepperland resto was at the airport.. ahah.. Nwei, we got back on track becoz I called Jiwel.. There at Pepperland we loitered and kind waited for Alodia to come out.. but she wasnt coming out.. We were so determined that we waited for her.. There, we bought coffee worth 77 php(what the hell is the problem why a cup of Americano Coffee was fuckin expensive..) While buying coffee, one of Jinggoy’s female goons had mistaken us for waiters.. You know what I did, I said to her excuse me? And showed her my aura of Nobleness.. She suddenly apologized and I told her in an prince like way" Its fine.. Its fine..“ Anyway we took the soft sofa and drank our coffees like a boss.. Justin noticed that one of the persons there was Bobby Andrews, a celebrity.. well, we got shocked a little coz we didnt expect them to be there, we were only aiming for Alodia.. Another interesting thing happened, Miss Ahri along with her 2 friends came.. Really, was it coincidence? ahahah.. Anyway, when Miss Ahri was alone, I had nothing to do, so I had this idea that Ill do magic with her.. I showed her magic and tried to be fluent as possible.. But you know what was distracting me, it was her beauty and cuteness that was really affecting my performance back there.. I was able to execute the trick smoothly but I think I amazed her just a little.. Maybe fate that we always bump to each other yesterday.. Then came Sen. Jinggoy Estrada.. Our bloods are already booming coz we are being surrounded by Celebrities.. TT_TT Then came Flored and Kim.. Life saver.. and The current present Celebrities went to Astrodome for The Mutya.. We had chat and did some magic tricks then I noticed a woman going down the stairs, damn another VIP, Madam Audrey Tan-Zubiri, wife of Miguel Zubiri.. I told Flored about her and Flored went to her coz he knows the person.. Really Flored was swallowing us whole coz majority of the celebrities last night was he’s acquaintance.. Shivers.. While Flored was talking to MAdam Zubiri, from a room came out Aiko Melendes in her beautiful gown.. We were already palpitating and all we can do was say Hi Good Evening to Mam Aiko.. TT_TT I told my friends, so what happened to 77 php? Then a few moments later, the celebs left us.. and a few minutes later, Alodia came out.. We took our chances.. and finally got her shot.. You know what was amazing about it? I was able to talk to her and she was really kind, she smiled at me and like all my bodily functions stopped.. I too was able to touch her and she was really killing me on the spot.. TT_TT I am SOOOOO Happy.. She was supposed to sign my Deathnote and Bicycle cards but her manager like yosi woman was insisting they go.. Alodia looked at me very sad and told me she will sign it, she promised.. So what I did, I gave Flored the things she would sign and gave special Instructions..specially about the message regarding how would she like to die.. ahaha..

So after Alodia left the area, we all went out of Pepperland and we started screaming and talking and we were like ready-to-die men.. ahahahah.. You know the feeling of being with the Goddess! ahahahah.. Imba feeling..

so we separated ways and me Justin and Kevs were still screaming and shouting our happiness so High.. ahahahah.. We logged in at fortmax and to return the camera and I went home so Happy.. I also researched for Miss Ahri’s database and background for me to study her.. ehe

Then I played TODII at home while waiting for Flored’s report.. at 12 midnight Flored called me and told me it was a success, but the 3 cards I gave, which was supposed to be our remembrance with her was taken by Alodia, she wanted it to be her Souvenir for her stay here at Albay.. TT_TT I didnt feel bad but you know the feeling that, your Goddess, wanted soemthing from you that would make her remember her stay here.. So HAAAPPPYYYY..

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That’s my Autograph, my name written by her and her message of how she wants to die.. ahahaha.. After this, I did not have sufficient sleep becoz of the events that transpired..

Then I woke up today around 8 and went to Fortmax by 9 to Play League of Legends and do some studying of Miss Ahri, to my surprise, she has already accepted my Friend request, and also made posts about me..(I was totally moved, touched and grateful, no girl had told me that I made their day that way)

External image

So there.. I made a new friend and crush, The Beautiful Girl with a Guy name.. ehe.. Nice meeting you Miss Aspe aka Miss Ahri.. As of now, we are currently making Miss Aspe famous with our connections from all over the web.. She also has a business, you might as well PM me if you want to talk to her about her business so I can tell her about it..

Over all, This month is the best! After my debut last April 7, The Avengers, Miss Ahri, Alodia, and new friends and experiences, It was all worth it.. Im glad I am alive, and I thank You Soul for everything..

Now I can focus on my Board Exam and Perfect it.. Then Ill take Medicine, and reach my dreams!

Arigatou Gosaimasu, Watashi wa Anna to Aishte mas..

Love lots,



My 2nd persona, Jinn was also happy.. And you know what, this is the 1st day that I totally forgot about her becoz of many events yesterday.. Doesnt matter, this is what she wanted..