I have no idea why I decided to do this (but that’s kinda the tagline for most of the things I do.) But here ya go. The people I follow and the primary reason I follow them. Thanks for being awesome and keeping me entertained. Y’all are stars!

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*fun fact…. apparently I follow the EXACT number of Romione blogs that I do Rupert blogs…. amusing!

snitch-golden  asked:

Ok so I have a question and I figured you're probably the best one to ask. So I've been frantically searching for new ronmione accounts/fics/pretty much anything and there's literally nothing. Maybe I'm not looking hard enough but I'd figure I'd just ask you. Love you're account by the way and I'm sooo excited for you and jessie:)

fam… thank you so much for thinking of me r u ready

so first of all are accounts and basically everyone over at the @romionesquad are amazing hp/romione accounts and they’re all so lovely and <33 you should definitely check out the members page bc they’re all perfect blogs w a lot of romione omg 

@otterandterrier made a wonderful blog specifically for listing active romione blogs called @romionedirectory and it has specific categories of blogs (it’s amazing, honestly) so i’d suggest looking there for blogs/fic/anything r/hr related really. it’s got pretty much everyone who posts about romione listed and it’s just a gem tbh

the romione community on tumblr is rly welcoming and there are a lot of fic writers that post/update fairly regularly so you should check them out!! there are a few blogs dedicated to reccing fic but most notably @ffictionrec who has an incredible and well organised blog (also @rhrmasterlist was a blog set up to document all fanfic so check that out!!) 

also there was a fic competition to celebrate all the fic that was wrote in 2015 @romioneawards, a smutfest earlier this year @romionesmut, and the secret santa i hosted last year @romionesecretsanta and these all have amazing romione based work and content

i only know of two new on-going fics atm: what’s changed and what hasn’t  by holly1492 and love me forever by @aloemilk which are both post-war and both amazing gosh

also just some awesome ppl who deserve a mention but weren’t listed in any of the above: @diva-gonzo @theperksofshippingromione @ladyknightley @coyotelaughingsoftly @rongasm (there are definitely more i’m just forgetful)

uhm what else ??? idk but if anyone wants to reblog this and add things they’re more than welcome to!!

(ALSO THANK YOU I AM ALSO REALLY EXCITED FOR ME AND JESSIE who btw is also an a+++++ romione shipper but i’m guessing u already knew that oh well i’m tagging her anyway @stuckwith-harry hey wifey ;)

Just some random bit of smut to get you through the day...

My voice is shaky and winded as I gasp for a short gulp of air that catches in my throat. I swallow, just in time before his tongue sweeps across my other hard-tipped breast, large hand and long calloused fingers pressed eagerly around the other; the dual sensations causing me to shudder and smile. 

-Jesrod82, teeny tiny excerpt from chapter 16 of Look at Me


Dittany & Deluminators

Despite all the damage to the castle, and it was extensive, many of the rooms and staircases had remained intact. Hermione was very keen to get out of her filthy, blood-stained clothes, soak her weary body in a hot magnolia scented bath, then sleep a long, deep sleep until she could sleep no more.

Ron held on to Hermione’s hand tightly as they navigated their way up darkened stairwells, some of which were missing torches and were littered with debris, making their journey poorly lit and somewhat treacherous. Once they’d reached what Ron assumed was the fifth floor they slipped behind a torn tapestry and made their way through a surprisingly well-lit corridor towards the prefect’s bathroom…

…Without realising it she was pushing her hips against his, wanting to feel more of him…

Want to read more? Please let me know.

It’s a sweet little R/Hr sort of smut-fic which I hope you’ll like.