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What’s your dream job ?
My dream job is to become an author. But I am very self conscious about my writing and haven’t done it on a while. It came to a point where I felt like I suck at it. But luckily I have @sparkylovesbooks who read some of my stuff and told me that I do not suck and supports me. Even though I haven’t written in a while, she still believes in me. Thanks for your support, Ashley <3333
Anyway, to mix my dream job with something that is considered ‘achievable’ I started studying English and Economics/Politics to become a teacher.

What are you talented at ?
Making people feel comfortable

What’s your aesthetic ?
Books, flowers, makeup

What is a big goal you’re working towards ?
Finding my own happiness and being able to fulfill my dreams

Do you collect anything ?
Boks and makeup lol

What’s a topic you’re always up to talk about ?
Feminism, books (especially when it comes to dystopian books), pride and prejudice 2005, disney movies… the list is long, my friend 

What’s a pet peeve of yours ?
Injustice, violence and hate

Good advice to give
Sometimes it seems like happiness is way too far out of your reach and that you are drowning in all the negativity and emotions. But I promise you; it will get better. You won’t see it now or in a couple of hours or tomorrow. But it will come. It can be something really big that makes your heart burst with radiant light but it can also be something small that glows in the darkness like a little firefly. Hold on to it, think of it; it will get you out of your dark place. Don’t look for it. It will find you. Happiness will find you.

Recommend three songs
HUMBLE. by Kendrick Lamar, Little Something by The Amazons, Spell it Out by You Me At Six

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Okay so, as you know (cause I haven’t been able to talk about anything else lately - SORRY ABOUT THAT, I swear I don’t mean to be annoying, It’s just how it turns out), I’m moving into my own place really soon. And I have a pretty little box with my tbr paperbacks.
Now, amongst those (almost 40 books, don’t judge me, I know I’m a mess), I have both TRC and TFC. I have tried to decide on my own, but so far I haven’t been able to- I keep changing my mind. So I turn the decision over to you: which series should be the one to inaugurate my new place?

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Soooooo, help me out maybe? *wink wink* thank youuuuuu!!

World Book Day tag :)

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 1. Who is your favorite author - from your Country/mothertongue?

I´m fromGermany and yes we do have some good authors who are not Goethe or Schiller. My top 3 are Cornelia Funke (Inkheart Triology), Walter Moers (City of dreaming books and much more) and Mark-Uwe Kling (The Kangaroo Chronicles) check them out, their amazing

2. Your favorite childrens books?

UUhhhh hard one. I think the Astrid Lindgren books affected me a huge deal. They were among others the first books i read. So Astrid Lindgren it is

3. A book that changed your life?

Harry Potter.

4. The best book you read this year?

So far i would say The secret History by Donna Tartt.

5. And the worst book you read this year?

I don´t think i have read a bad book in a while.

6. Which book is totally overrated?

Don´t hate me but i´m not a fan of the great Gatsby.

7. Randommly recommened a book. for whatever reason.

Everything Walter Moers wrote!! His Storys about the continent Zamonia are fantastic and beyond beliefe. He creates creatures you never dreamed of and writes about them in an very nice style. Second, when fanatsy is not so yours then check out the kangaroo chronicles about a guys who lives with a communistic Kangaroo in Berlin.

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World Book Day tag ;)

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1. Who is your favourite author - from your country! / mothertongue
I’m not gonna be really original here, but my fave is Alexandre Dumas because the guy wrote my absolute favourite book ever The Count of Monte Cristo - Le Comte de Monte Cristo - and that’s something.

2. Your favourite children’s book (it’s hard I know)
When I was a child the first book I read was Harry Potter - I was 5 so that still counts right ? But otherwise, my favourite is a trilogy named Le Livre des Étoiles by Erik L’Homme which has been translated under the name Book of Stars.

3. A book that changed your life
The only I can think of right now is Les Misérables by Victor Hugo. It’s the first classic I read when I was 12 and it made me realize how much I liked to read, and pretty much started my obsession with History and Monarchy ^^

4. The best book you read this year
Fuck I’m torn between The Secret History by Donnar Tartt & I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson …. That’s so hard to choose !! I’m sorry I just can’t, I love them both for different reasons.

5. And the worst book you read this year
Ahahah …. A fucking horrible book named J’ai avalé un arc-en-ciel - I swallowed a rainbow - and oh gosh …. There were rape jokes, bisexual erasure, ‘I’m better than you’ trope, cheating trope …… The worst.

6. Which book is totally overrated
Well … I think The Rose & the Dagger by Renee Ahdieh is freaking overhyped - it wasn’t good at all. Also Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake.

7. Randomly recommend a book. For whatever reason!
I’ll go with Queens of Geek by Jen Wilde because this book was simply amazing : bi & Asian & geek MC, Aspie & curvy MC, and it was extremely funny!

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I really like our French cover of Winter from The Lunar Chronicles series by Marissa Meyer, it’s really beautiful, BUT I do have one problem with it. Isn’t Winter supposed to be black ? Isn’t she supposed to have brown skin ? I’m pretty pissed about this, because why the heck would we want a white woman on the cover if the woman in the story is black ? This is really bothering me. Really. A LOT.