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My dads getting shitfaced drunk and I'm really scared.. any good head canons to distract me?

Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry, I wish I could just teleport you out of there. I’ll try to come up with some as quickly as possible to distract you!

  • I like to think that Tyson just absolutely adores Percy’s little sister?? Like, technically they aren’t siblings but Tyson doesn’t understand that and really just doesn’t care because “Percy’s my brother AND I get a little sister!?!!!?”
  • Tyson makes like THE STURDIEST and SAFEST crib ever for Percy’s (and his, let’s be real) little sister. If you’ve ever seen Parks and Rec, it’s basically the crib Ron Swanson made
  • I think Piper absolutely Hates her charmspeak but it sort of like bubbles up in her and it’s hard to control when she doesn’t use it for really long periods of time, so instead of using it to control people, she uses it to help campers by relieving their anxiety and helping them deal with ptsd and homesickness and she just generally uses it to help people deal with bad feelings
  • Just. Jason and Thalia bonding over everything. Jason helping Thalia cope with her fear of heights and him flying her into the air, slowly getting higher until Thalia is just cussing and threatening Jason to “put me back on the ground or so help me”
  • Nico just punches everyone’s arms??? Constantly??? Like at first it seems like just a friendly thing, but then they rapidly grow into harder punches until everyone is rather sure he’s just letting out his aggression on their biceps
  • Percy offhandedly mentioning that he’s always wanted a treehouse but never could have like his own in New York and so Annabeth, Grover, and Tyson go to work on building one for Percy and his little sister and well….let’s just say that Annabeth may or may not have gone a little bit overboard with that Architect brain of hers
  • Chiron meeting Percy’s little sister and she’s just like “HALF HORSE???? RIDE PLEASE??” and Chiron’s a little flustered but obliges and makes Percy’s little sister the HAPPIEST little girl ever (so many of these are becoming Percy’s little sister headcanons oml)
  • It’s Percy’s little sister’s sixth Halloween and she’s going as Lilo and Percy is going as a very large Stitch 
  • Someone saying “see ya later alligator” to Frank and him immediately thinking it’d be funny to ACTUALLY transform into an alligator but oh no now everyone’s screaming and maybe it wasn’t the best thing to do while walking new campers around New Rome
  • You know that episode of Friends where Joey buys that encyclopedia that only tells him about stuff starting with the letter V? Well, Hazel does basically the same thing but she just collects the most random information while trying to learn about the modern world and she’s just always trying to guide the conversation to random things and she’s constantly spitting out random facts that no one knew and honestly didn’t need to know
  • Okay so maybe Percy had told Rachel about Gabe and what a terrible person he was and how he was turned to stone and maybe -just maybe- Rachel and Percy are out walking together and Percy sees Gabe’s statue in a lawn or something and Rachel just casually wrecks the shit out of it
  • Percy getting some pet fish for his little sister and her always asking what they’re saying and sometimes Percy tells the truth and sometimes he makes up crazy stories to make her laugh

Okay, I hope these distracted you a little! Please be as safe as possible. I’m here if you need someone to talk to <3