Weekend Log

This morning, I got to meet Romeo, who recently returned to the kingdom. He’s camera shy kuno. loljk. (His camera has a built-in mp3 player. jk again.)

It was very gloomy and the low tide I was expecting him to see didn’t happen until an hour or more later.

Very short talks. We were busy shooting here and there, but honestly, there wasn’t anything new or interesting to shoot today. Overcast. Flowers not as vibrant as they were last winter, and very few insects. Plus I was having a slight headache for not having eyeglasses.

Somewhere, we parted ways, had breakfast and went home.

Until next time, bai! 

romeojuniorblog replied to your photo: ’Hook’ - F2.2; 1/400s; ISO 100: FL:50mm - © Juan Manuel Saenz …’

  Bokeh! I love this one!

my-memory-palace eplied to your photo: ’Hook’ - F2.2; 1/400s; ISO 100: FL:50mm - © Juan Manuel Saenz …’

‘Great dof’.

Romeo, Esra: many thanks for for highlighting exactly that in which I was most interested in making this photograph. I love working with large apertures to reduce depth of field and this was an appropriate occasion to do so!


Welcome back to the land of sari-sari store, taho and isaw!

That’s how Romeo started the letter at the back of the receipt, which totaled 142.00 Pesos, from McDonald’s Downtown Butuan.

Some of the photos above were taken from Saudi Arabia where he also used to work. I stumbled upon his blog some time in September or October, 2012 (I think), while I was browsing for a tracked tag (Khobar). I thought his shots were good, especially the sunrise/sunset ones and the fancy bokehs, framed in circular borders (is that how you call it?). It was a creative layout (engineers are good at that. Hehe). 

Thank you, Mr Romeo for these prints! Love them all (with special preference to the one in the middle and the one at the upper right.) Very much appreciated (and of course thanks for whatever you wrote). I was right that this was a love letter even before I opened it. lol, just kidding. :)