Marbled Bites

Some people may think that this week is off to a false start given that this piece is technically not marble. But let me try to convince you otherwise. These tasty little bites by Dutch blogger, Love Aesthetics, come pretty close to looking like Carrara marble (at least as far as a food item is concerned). Therein lies the beauty of seeking out unexpected things each week.

A gelatinous block of white expertly cut into diagonal cubes. Swirling marble striations across the top made with vanilla bean complete the look in a delicious incarnation of marble.

These vegan vanilla coconut bites require only four ingredients and as many steps to make - head over to the Love Aesthetics website for the instructions.

PIECE ABOUT FOOD: Vanilla coconut bites by Love Aesthetics

Images: Copyright to Ivania Carpio and Romeo Pokomasse of Love Aesthetics 

/Meet Suzanne, who always brings new perspectives

/After following each others blogs for quite a while we thought it was time for a non-digital coffee. It felt like a blind date, but once we said hi we never stopped talking, that was 4 years ago.

/Suzanne will be helping me out with feeding Love Aesthetics, making her nice and fat with more updates. She will be contributing with opinionated analysis and reviews in the Novelty category.

/Hope you guys enjoy her first article about feminism, Phoebe Philo and copycats>

Welcome Suuz!