romeo's pizza

Romeo’s Famous Pizzeria - Pacific Ave in Wildwood, NJ

In continuing my search for good pizza in Wildwood, I stopped by Romeo’s Famous Pizzeria, a spot that actually had some pretty high reviews when I looked on Google. I wanted to go last time I searched for pizza, but they have kind of odd hours- 5pm to 5am. Great for the late night crowd, somewhat inconvenient for everyone else. Who doesn’t want pizza for lunch?! Anyway, it was like 7pm, so I had no trouble this time.

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Romeo’s had a couple different slices that looked pretty interesting, but I settled on the buffalo chicken. Unfortunately though, the toppings were really sparse. The chicken was the shredded kind, which I feel doesn’t do a buffalo slice justice. There was also not nearly enough hot sauce on top, leaving the slice dry throughout. For some odd reason though, I liked it more than it sounds I did. The crust was good, the cheese was thick, and I was left feeling satisfied afterwards. While still somewhat disappointed, I think Romeo’s deserves a return trip next summer. Stay tuned!


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