Happy Valentines day, all! 

If you’re like me and will most likely be spending the day curled up in bed with some wine and a good book, these are great options that probably won’t make you feel like you’re missing out.

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mermaidodair asked:

Hi! well, I was watching the Romeo and Juliet movie, that one with hailee steinfeld, and I was in love with Juliet's hair, any tutorials on her hair, please?

Hey, nice to hear from you again!

I had a look and the styles are indeed very pretty! I could not find any tutorials specifically on that movie, but the hairstyles are actually pretty basic. The accessories added makes them a bit more particular. 

All of Juliet hairstyles start with those loose, voluminous and slightly messy curls. This video is very similar, but these techniques will also work: click , click & click. For an heatless alternative to these curls, see this video: click. Make sure you start with a middle parting (as that is how Juliet wears her hair in the movie). With doing these curls you are already halfway done!

This video is on the 1996 movie, but with the curls it looks very similar to what Hailee wore:

Also, this video looks very similar to this hairstyle:

This hairstyle is similar to the masked-ball hairstyle, you just have to add the hairnet and the flowers:

It can also work for this harstyle, simply add a string of pearls trough the braid and make the braid a bit lower on the back. The next video is a simpler version of the same hairstyle:

Although not particularly similar to anything Juliet wears, I also liked this video:

You can also use this tutorial, just make the curls a bit more defined and make the style a bit less messy: Click

Finally, this hairstyle is basically some pieces of har from behind the ear, twisted and folded over the head. I am sure Hailee wears extensions in this shot though, so without those the twists might not be as full. 

I hope this helped a bit, good luck in trying them out!