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My general rule is to be intrigued whenever UAs start pushing that Louis and Harry are on the same continent

they don’t have much choice tbh, louis and harry have been flying back and forth within days of each other all year 💁💁

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Am I crazy if I think that a lot of people are annoyed by media talking about Harry? I mean, obviously he doesn't decide what they write. I feel like someone always try to shade him in order to remember how Louis is great, but we obviously know that!

i think people are annoyed about the misinformation the media is going off of when it comes to harry. there is no official confirmation regarding his solo album and people are construing more rumours out of rumours. and by praising harry for something he hasn’t done (yet) and pre-emptively trashing louis for something he hasn’t done (yet) the ideas of harry the fame whore and louis the ungrateful loudmouth are being fuelled, which in turn fuells people on tumblr when they talk about it. i obviously don’t know what you’re seeing on your dash but i’m glad everyone i follow is aware of these circumstances.