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The Death of Juliet
Sergei Prokofiev, Romeo and Juliet
The Death of Juliet

On this anniversary of both the birth and death of William Shakespeare, here is “The Death of Juliet” from the full-length ballet score, “Romeo and Juliet” by Sergei Prokofiev.  In this final scene, Prokofiev has captured in music the unbearable pain Juliet feels when she awakens to find Romeo dead by her side. This is one of the great scores of the twentieth century.

Lorin Maazel and the Cleveland Orchestra

hahaha guys the musical version of Romeo and Juliet is just so quality, honestly:

French? Hungarian? You can listen to the soundtrack in English probably, but pick a language and prepare for An Experience

French version is Romeo et Juliette, and it’s the original play/music

  • the Montagues and Capulets are color-coded. Pretty sure it’s supposed to be red and blue, but honestly, it’s more like magenta and violet. Sharkboy vs Lavagirl, omg
  • everyone’s hair is so Extra in this version
  • the d a n c i n g
  • Les Rois du Monde. Just that song/scene 
  • everyone looks like MCR Killjoys era, and the general visual and musical theme is like, Mad Max if governments still existed
  • everyone! is so! gorgeous! and amazing!
  • i just love Juliette a lot in this version, okay?
  • dialogue updated to more modern language (as far as my subtitle-reading self can tell) and it works really well
  • nobody cares about Romeo’s lonely soul because everyone is too busy TEARING UP VERONA IN SYNCHRONIZED DANCE STEPS

okay, so I’m a bit biased. I think you should watch both! Definitely, you should watch the French version, because it’s amazing and original!  but actually, if you’re going to only watch one of them, you should watch the Hungarian version because:

  • Bereczki Zoltán
  • Benvolio is like 97% more Personality in this version
  • alas, the color-coding is not nearly as obvious, but do not fear, because the hair is cranked up to 300% to make up for it
  • idk if this was a mistranslation or if this is genuinely the closest English meaning to match the Hungarian, but somewhere in the middle of a really serious song, Romeo says something like “my buddies, my friends” and I can’t stop laughing 
  • Juliet is so pretty and cute and she’s just so excited to fall in love! and meet someone who is cute and nice and wants to kiss her! 
  • if you didn’t already ship R&J you’re freaking going to now they’re so cute i’m literally covering my face with my hands and squealing 
  • pretty much every time Benvolio and Mercutio are sharing the stage, I cannot stop smiling
  • this Romeo is like Romeo+Hamlet. he’s all introspective and premonitions of doom, so it punches you in the feels that much harder when it turns out he’s RIGHT
  • the Montagues are a pack of young, feral, hedonistic, heathens and it’s fantastic
  • frickin’ Tybalt
  • the serious parts are actually serious, and they’ll tear you up, let me say. if you didn’t feel feelings about the deaths and the suicides before, you will while watching this musical
  • (those last 6 are true of the French version, too, I just stuck them in here because I’m biased)
  • this link really says it all tbh:
  • Bereczki Zoltán
  • he bears repeating

Links w/ English subtitles:

Hungarian: (Act 1! Act 2 in sidebar)


Romeo & Juliet
The Killers
Romeo & Juliet
I can't do everything but I'd do anything for you
I can't do anything 'cept be in love with you
And all I do is miss you and the way we used to be
And all I do is keep the beat and the bad company
And all I do is kiss you through the bars of a rhyme
Juliet, I'd do the stars with you any time

Romeo and Juliet - Fantasy Overture AND REYLO BRIDAL CARRY SCENE

Excuse my terrible terrible video and sound editing skill guys, but as i write this my hands are shaking, and it’s really hard to type… But just listen to it back to back. I have goosebumps all over.

I haven’t notice this before, but thanks to the Vincent Vendetta Video, for pointing it out, but here is the Origianl Reylo Meta by @reylo-musings

I just had to listen to it overlapping. just listen to the music…. oh god! 

Here is the link to the Symphony  Tchaikovsky - Romeo And Juliet - Fantasy Overture - Finale

Also @boomdafunk honestly made this for you… lol. Thanks for freaking out with me.


Radiohead - Exit Music (For a Film)

You can laugh
A spineless laugh
We hope your
Rules and wisdom choke you


Hirama Soichi as Mercutio in the musical “Romeo&Juliette”.

Pictures from the program (stage pictures version) and visual book.

(Scans from my own programs. Please, credit the artist, the musical and my tumblr if sharing. Thank you)

‘Bare’ characters vs ‘Romeo and Juliet’ characters

Okay, so I was talking to my friend about all the Romeo and Juliet parallels in Bare, and then I realised that each character in Bare matches up with a character in Romeo and Juliet, so here’s what I came up with. (This is using the pop/rock opera version of Bare).


Jason = Romeo

At the start of Romeo and Juliet, Romeo is a pretty passive character, letting things happen around him, but as the play progresses he becomes more dedicated - this is paralleled with Jason, when at the start he doesn’t seem to play a particularly active role in the story, or in his relationship with Peter, wanting to keep it secret, however he becomes more certain in his feelings over the course of the show, telling Peter he loves him for the first time at the end. Romeo is the ultimate symbol of romance, and that is what Jason’s classmates perceive him to be at the start of the show, upon assuming his heterosexuality. Also, when he believes Juliet is dead, Romeo kills himself. Upon being told that his relationship and love for peter are wrong (thus rendering his relationship and love metaphorically dead- the song ‘Once upon a time’ is basically him mourning his lost relationship with Peter), Jason kills himself. ouch.

Peter = Juliet

Juliet is presented as a shy and obedient character, but once she meets Romeo she is prepared to defy her parents and secretly marry him. Peter is similair to this - he seems to go pretty unnoticed by his classmates (especially when compared to Jason, who is the centre of attention and affection) however he defies his homophobic mother and has a secret relationship with Jason. Also Juliet and Peter are essentially swept off their feet by their respective partners.

Ivy = Rosaline

At the start of Romeo and Juliet, Romeo pines for Rosaline, and says he is ‘in love’ with her but it’s pretty clear he’s not, considering how quickly he forgets her as soon as he meets Juliet. In Bare, Jason tries to pretend to himself that he’s in love with Ivy, which, granted is a little different to R&J , the links are pretty clear - Jason is not in love with Ivy, Romeo is not in love with Rosaline - he’s just convinced himself he is.

Nadia = Mercutio

Mercutio is the loud, quick witted, often dirty and innuendo-rife wordsmith. Nadia is very similair, boasting legendary one-liners such as “Bathroom stalls don’t lie, she’s good with her hands” when Jason remarks on how good Ivy’s drawing is, or when Ivy tells her ‘Don’t touch anything [in my room]’, Nadia quips “Says the whore, uncharacteristically”. Clearly, most of this wit is cruel, and directed at Ivy, but stems from Nadia’s jealousy of Ivy’s beauty , and her own pain at feeling emotionally isolated and lonely relationship-wise.
Mercutio is considered to be the opposite to Romeo (who believes that true love can conquer all), and Nadia is also exactly the opposite of Romeo - cynical, no hope in love, no faith in the world. Both Nadia and Mercutio seem not to believe in the idea of true love. In the song ‘A quiet night at home’ , Nadia has lines which support all this, such as “Pain adores me, God ignores me” , “Play my siren song, attracting none my ship just won’t come in” , and “A tale of star-crossed lovers - life is lived on other stages”.

Sister Chantelle = Friar Lawrence

In Romeo and Juliet, Friar Lawrence is the one who helps Juliet make plans to escape her family and run away with Romeo. Friar Lawrence is also the one who marries Romeo and Juliet to each other in secret. Sister Chantelle gives Peter the support he needs to ‘escape’ his hopelessness, being pretty much the only non homophobic adult in the entire show (in the same way Friar Laurence is the only adult who supports Romeo and Juliet’s union) and in a dream sequence she officiates Peter and Jason’s wedding.

Father = Nurse

In Romeo and Juliet, Nurse is considered to be Juliet’s ‘confidante’, the same way father is who Peter (and eventually Jason) talks to about his feelings and confusion. Also in R&J, towards the end of the play, Nurse essentially ‘betrays’ Juliet by arguing that she should marry another man, Paris, despite the fact that Nurse is aware Juliet and Romeo are already married in secret. In Bare, there is pretty much an exact mirroring of this situation: Father tells Jason being gay isn’t okay while fully aware of the effect that could have, and also while knowing of Peter and Jason’s secret relationship.

Matt = Tybalt

In Romeo and Juliet, Tybalt is Romeo’s enemy and rival, and Romeo eventually kills him. In Bare, Matt and Romeo are clearly rivals - Matt spends the entire show always being second best to Jason (In the words of Nadia “Matt, always a bridesmaid, never a bride”). This rivalry is made very clear in the show, as in their school’s production of Romeo and Juliet, Jason is cast and Romeo, and Matt as Tybalt. During rehearsing the duel scene between these two characters, the two boys start actually fighting, and Matt uses a homophobic slur towards Jason.


Lucas = Benvolio

In Romeo and Juliet, Benvolio is the (failed) peacemaker. This seems to parallel Lucas, who, while being the school drug dealer, also has lines such as “I got your back”, and upon learning of Jason’s relationship with Peter, tells the former “You know we’re still cool, right?” in a (failed) attempt to give Jason some hope to hang on to that things will be okay. Also, during the scene where Jason and Matt fight, Lucas is the one who literally pulls one off the other and then stands between them to put a stop to the brawl. 


Hirama Soichi as Mercutio for the promotion of the musical “Romeo&Juliette” in the magazine Sparkle vol.29.

(Scans from my own magazine. Please, credit the artist, the musical, the magazine and my tumblr if sharing. Thank you)

Romeo And Juliet Act. 1, Scene 2 : No.13 - Dance Of The Knights
Valery Gergiev, London Symphony Orchestra
Romeo And Juliet Act. 1, Scene 2 : No.13 - Dance Of The Knights

Romeo And Juliet Act 1, Scene 2 : No.13 - Montagues and Capulets (Dance Of The Knights)

By Composer Sergei Prokofiev (1891 - 1953)

Performed By Conductor Valery Gergiev And The London Symphony Orchestra

  • Me meeting someone new: I don't know who you are, or where you come from, bUT LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING-
  • Every friend around: oh no
  • Me: *deep breath*
  • Friend: here we go
  • Me: Deaf Spring Awakening is so fucking good and waitress' set should've won a tony and heathers needs to go on Broadway and tuck everlasting needs more love and I need to just hold onto every single cast member of Hamilton forever and keep them safe and warm and also another thing is that the Tonys were good this year but Hamilton won too much stuff and American psychos lighting is so fucking good and the color purple is so damn beautiful and Wicked is just a classic and oh god west side story is better than Romeo and Juliet and les mis is just so tragic and-
Whisper to a Scream

I have no request for this but it’s an idea that popped into my head. 

Warning for violence. 

“Good morning, Sunshine,” Jughead murmured into Betty’s ear, placing a light kiss on her temple. He handed her a to-go cup filled with coffee, just as he had every morning since they started dating.

“Good morning,” Betty smiled. She closed her locker and held her textbook under her elbow. “Where’s your darling roommate?” She quipped. Jughead and Archie always showed up together.

Jughead shrugged as he sipped on his own coffee, his book-bag slung over his shoulder. “He said something about Veronica wanting to show him something before class, so they’re probably in the janitor’s closet making out.” 

Betty burst out laughing. They turned away from the bank of lockers and started towards their first class.

“Did you finish the History essay? Archie’s light was out pretty early last night.” 

Jughead readjusted the strap on his shoulder. “Yeah, I finished it in the kitchen, Archie passed out and was snoring, so I let him get his beauty sleep.” Jughead quipped as they entered the classroom. 

Archie and Veronica rushed in behind them, just as the teacher started her lesson.

When their first class was over, Betty, Jughead, Archie, Veronica and Kevin all had a free period. Because it was raining heavily, they decided to go to the library.

Archie sat at a round table near a bank of windows and opened a notebook. He started to scribble down song lyrics. Jughead looked through the bookshelves and found The Killer Book of Serial Killers to pass the time. Betty did trigonometry homework, as did Kevin. Veronica read Romeo and Juliet for English.

They weren’t allowed to play music in the Library for the consideration of those studying; all you could hear were pencils scratching paper and keyboards clacking. 

That’s when they heard it - Betty looked up from her textbook in confusion; Jughead knew exactly what it was and it made his blood run cold.

“Was that…?” Kevin whispered.

Another shot rang in the hall, louder this time, closer.

Students started scrambling around them - books and papers went flying, chairs toppled over, some students around them ran for the shelves in the back of the Library. 

Jughead pulled Betty off her chair and shoved her under the table they were sitting at. “Everybody get under the table!” He hissed to his friends.

Chairs toppled over above them. Veronica and Kevin scrambled under the table next to them. 

This is a code red - repeat, this is a code red.” A voice read over the PA system.

“Archie!” Jughead hissed.

Archie slowly knelt down. “Jug, I think we should move something in front of the library doors.” His hands were shaking.

Another bang. This time there was screaming. 

“Okay,” Jughead murmured. He crawled out from under the table. 

“Don’t,” Betty whispered. A single tear rolled down her cheek - she swiped it away furiously.

Jughead squeezed Betty’s hand quickly. “I’ll be right back, I promise.”  

Betty watched Archie and Jughead sprint away from them quickly. She had Kevin and Veronica on either side of her. Kevin was biting his lip so hard, blood had formed. Veronica was rolling her pearls between her fingers.

A single tear rolled down Betty’s cheek. She slowly started counting in her mind. Was she waiting for the next gunshot, or for Jughead and Archie to come back to the table?

Another scream in the hallway.

Betty made it to twenty-one in her mind when she heard muffled footsteps. She opened her eyes to see two pairs of shoes - she knew they belonged to Jughead and Archie.

They both scrambled under the table - Jughead wrapped his arms as best he could around Betty. “Shh,” He whispered in her ear. “It’s okay.”

“D-did you see anything?” Veronica whispered.

“No,” said Archie, his voice breaking.

Betty squeezed Jughead’s forearm. She could feel her nails breaking his skin, but she couldn’t move.

Jughead’s breath caught in his voice as they heard a fresh round of shots followed by a blood curdling scream. The room was silent when they heard the library door handle jiggle.

Veronica sucked in a breath as they heard thuds against the door. They grew louder and louder until they heard the door crack open.

Kevin was taking shallow breaths. He slowly placed his hand over Veronica’s.

“Come out, come out wherever you are.” A haunting voice called out.

Betty gripped Jughead’s arm tighter, fresh tears welling in her eyes.

“I said come out!” The voice yelled angrily, knocking a stack of books over.

Veronica shook next to Betty. Betty closed her eyes, trying to control her breathing.

“Chuck?” A voice squeaked above their table. It sounded like Ethel Muggs. “You don’t have to do this.”

“Back the fuck up, Ethel.”

Footsteps. Betty squeezed Jughead’s arm tighter. He gently brushed his thumb across Betty’s hand. He hoped she couldn’t tell he was shaking.

The smell of urine filled Betty’s nostrils. She didn’t know where it was coming from.

“Have you seen that little bitch? I know you have.” Chuck hissed at Ethel. “Where is she?” Footsteps as he moved closer.

Ethel screamed, but no shots went off. It sounded like she was gasping for air. 

Betty turned slowly to look at Jughead - even making the smallest of movements terrified her. Jughead’s eyes were red rimmed, but she saw no tears. His face was hardened. 

Ethel’s body dropped to the floor in front of them - her hands were clasped around her throat; she was gasping for air.

Betty choked back a sob. She released Jughead’s forearm, barely noticing the bloody marks she left behind, only to grasp his hand instead. 

“C’mon bitch I know you’re in here!” Chuck yelled again as he flipped a desk on the other side of the room. 

A fresh round of shots went off. They heard someone gasp.

“I love you,” Jughead whispered in Betty’s ear. He slipped his hand out of her grasp.

Before Betty could fathom what was happening, Jughead crept out from under the table.

“Chuck, stop this.” Jughead said, voice unwavering.

“Ha,” Chuck spat. “I should’ve known if I was looking for Betty, her little bitch would show up instead.”

Betty’s blood ran cold.

“Why are you looking for Betty?” Jughead asked. “She’s never done anything to you.”

Betty felt a warm hand cup her palm. Veronica squeezed weakly.

Chuck laughed coldly. “Never done anything to me? She almost drowned me. She got me kicked off the football team. She got me suspended. She ruined my life! So now, I’m going to ruin hers.”

“I can’t let you do that,” Jughead said firmly.

Betty peered under the table to see if she could see anything. Two pairs of feet, inches apart. Books all over the floor. Tables flipped over. Chairs pushed aside. There were two students across the room, hiding under a table. She couldn’t tell who they were.

Ethel was lying on the ground, in front of the table Betty was hiding under. She was facing away from them, breathing shallowly.

“Yeah?” Chuck said menacingly. “And what are you going to do about it? You’re what, 120 pounds? You need to step the fuck back and tell your girl to get out here. I’ve got a gun, remember?”

Betty heard the sound of the gun cocking. She wimpered audibly.

“You want her, you’re going to have to get through me.” 

Betty saw the feet step even closer together. 

“That won’t be a problem.” 

The sound of the gun firing ripped Betty through her core.

“Jug!” She screamed. The force felt like her throat was exploding.

“Found her,” Chuck murmured. She heard footsteps.

There was a sudden flurry of movement as Chuck turned towards their table. People in masks and suits tased Chuck and tackled him to the ground.

After what seemed like an eternity, they cuffed him and lead him away. Betty crawled out from under the table and over to where Jughead was laying on the ground. He was bleeding profusely.

“Jughead,” Betty murmured, tears streaming down her face. She placed both hands over his wound. “Jughead, please, open your eyes.” She hiccuped.

Officers rushed over to them. Sobs were wracking Betty’s body. 

“Jughead don’t leave me. I’ll be lost without you,” She whispered, cupping her hands over his wound. Blood was still rushing out of him. His breathing was shallow.

“We need to move him, Miss, and you need to come with us.” Someone pulled her up by her underarms. 

“Betty,” Veronica sobbed as they were rushed away from the scene. 

“I can’t leave him,” Betty whimpered brokenly. ”Please.”

A/N: So, I only made Chuck the gunman because the only person he was the only person I could think of, other than Jughead, that would have a motive.