romeo and juliet stage play

Should you ever have the chance to go see the Reduced Shakespeare Company, here’s what to expect (buckle up folks, cause it’s wild)

  • basically a 150k words crossover fanfic of all shakespeare plays
  • very much ooc at times
  • so. many OCs 
  • Hamlet/Lady Macbeth, Richard III/Beatrice, Beatrice/Catherine/Juliet, Juliet/Dromeo (Original Male Character) (the list goes on)
  • It’s the very first play Shakespeare wrote when he was 17. They found it buried in a parking lot in Leicester
  • Puck is the narrator. He makes Juliet fall in love with Dromeo (Romeo’s long lost twins) for shits and giggles.
  • “Dromeo, Dromeo! Wherefore art thou Dromeo?”  
    “……..I’m RIGHT HERE” 
    “Oh cause Romeo is my twin and - yeah no it doesn’t make any sense”
  • Sir John bursting on the stage shouting “A WHORE, A WHORE! MY KINGDOM FOR A WHORE”
  • Hamlet is constantly mocked by everyone for being so fucking indecisive
  • he tries to tell is monologue but they cut him and make him say stupid puns
  • *puck puts a toupee on the skull* “Toupee or not toupee, that is the question”
  • tons of UST between Hamlet and Lady Macbeth
  • Lady Macbeth: “ I have given suck, and know
    How tender ’tis to love the babe that milks me.
    I would, while it was smiling in my face,
    Have plucked my nipple from his boneless gums
    And dashed the brains out, had I so sworn as you
    Have done to this.”
    Hamlet: “…holy crap
  • she asks him to stop mopping about and, quote, to “take some mental viagra
  • Ariel (Shakespeare’s, not Disney’s, although it wouldn’t matter cause “Disney’s basically modern day Shakespeare”
    “no he isn’t! don’t tell me disney wrote the story of a young prince whose father gets killed by his evil uncle!”
    “the lion king”
    “okay bad example”)
    is in it and she’s Puck worst ennemy. She narrates the story with him
  • Richard III is trying to find a girlfriend and Puck plays the matchmaker. Dickie plays the ukulele to Beatrice (who is not impressed)
  • it gets weird(er). Puck asks the Weird Sister “WHAT’S UP, WITCHES” ; Prospero looks like AVPM Dumbledore.
  • They reenact the Tempest with a blue drape and water guns (they splash the audience as well because “screw them”
  • Juliet is lost in the woods and find Beatrice and Catherine. 
  • They are very much together and teach Juliet how to curse at men (”YAASSSSS JULIET”)
  • this brilliant bit: 

    “I see men are not in your book.”
    “If they were, I’d burn my study”

  • (Juliet most vile insult is lawyer)
  • Cleopatra, Oberon and cie arrive and shit happens
  • Cleo falls in love with Bottom cause “who does not love a nice ass ;) ;)”
  • Ceasar kills Hamlet and Lady Macbeth thinks it’s hot 
    “Is it your dagger I feel?” “EHYOOOO”
  • Rich III turns magically into Rich II, but then back into Rich III
  • “One day you’re at the top, and the next back at the bottom. A bit like Leicester City.”
  • Puck gets killed at the end but is brought back to life by Tinkerbe-Ariel and the audience as they clap
  • did i mention all of these were played by only 3 guys and a box of props?
  • Fucking Willy Shakes included himself in the play (”WE ARE NOT WORTHY, WE ARE NOT WORTHY”)
  • He arrives as a “coup de theatre deus ex machina”
  • Willy does a feather-drop

acemordred  asked:

This isn't Hamlet, but I wanted to share with you anyway. I've decided that one day, I want to stage a production of Romeo & Juliet where Mercutio is played by a Deaf actor and performs all of his lines in ASL. Valentine will be a character, and tag along with him to serve as his interpreter. There will also be a backdrop screen that has all of the dialogue projected in colored captions (possibly mirroring costume colors) for d/Deaf audience members. This is my new dream.

i love this concept so much and need to see it done

Renamed Plays (Inspired by "Renamed Musicals")

Waiting For Godot: Wibbly, Wobbly, Timey, Wimey Stuff…and a Tree.

The Crucible:  And God Said: Let there be Hallucinogens!

The Cherry Orchard: Chop Down ALL the Trees

A Streetcar Named Desire: Stelllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Romeo and Juliet: #ThugLyfe #WiththeBae

Oedipus Rex:  Eyes are Overrated

The Glass Menagerie: Hoarding: Buried Alive

Amadeus: Daddy Issues

Doctor Faustus:  Never Fuck with the Devil

Glengarry Glen Ross: Real Estate is Super Intense

Equus: Naked Men and Horses

Lysistrata:  She Wants the D (Lol jk)

Twelve Angry Men: A Bunch of White Men Yelling at Eachother

Six Characters in Search of an Author: Trippin’ Balls at the Playhouse

The Elephant Man: 98.5% of People are Assholes

Cyrano de Bergerac: Is That Your Nose or are you Just Pleased to See Me?

No Exit: Life is Shitty and Then You Die!


I love this!!!

seductivegrandpa  asked:

Hi, first thank you for this fantastic blog, I use it all the time!! Second, do you know any fixes where Dean and Cas are in a play together?

There’s actually not too many fics that we know of with both Dean and Cas as actors in stage production and majority of those are High school/college AUs. Our actor!cas and actor!dean tags mostly have fics with them being movie stars. 

Here’s some fics that are about stage productions including theater and musicals. We didn’t include ballet here since these can be easily found on our dancer!dean and dancer!cas tags. 

Here’s some DCBB 2016 fics based only on their summary: 

After the Curtain Call [M, 24,600 word count] (The Shape of Things, actor!cas, actor!dean, college)

When Meg breaks her arm in a car accident, Dean steps up during tech week to fulfill her role, making Cas’s crush for him more awkward, due to them portraying lovers. Behind the scenes, when it’s just props and people, Cas spends even more time with Dean whether it is going over lines and blocking or donning white outfits so others can paint on them for the sake of advertising. Cas doesn’t want to end this show run without at least being friends with Dean, but he can’t help to wish it would be more.

Le Tango de Castiel [T, 89,300 word count] (Moulin Rouge, singer!cas, singer!dean)

When Dean returns to Lawrence with a bad audition under his belt and crushed confidence to boot, he agrees to work with Sam on his production of Moulin Rouge for a theatre competition in hopes of starting fresh. But when Sam casts the role of Satine with Castiel Novak, Dean’s life changes forever. 
Before he realizes it, Dean finds himself thrown into a world that looks suspiciously like the original canon they’re portraying on stage, and is caught in an array of arranged marriages, blackmail, affairs, and the most unexpected thing of all: love.

Stage Fright [NC-17, 25,600 word count] (Rent, high school, singer!cas)

Sir Francis High is putting on a production of Rent and Castiel wants a part. Or not. Whatever. He’ll take what he can get cause there’s no way a newbie to the drama club would really get much of anything, right? And because he has crippling stage fright, that’s okay with him. 
When, thanks to his vocal training, he’s cast as Mark, one of the leads and the play’s narrator, he has a panic attack. 
Enter Dean Winchester, Castiel’s long-time crush. Dean talks Cas out of his panic attack and into taking the role. Castiel agrees in no small part because he knows Dean will be there- building the sets and working stage crew. But Dean only joined because he’d have to take his brother Sam to practice anyway, or at least that’s what he says.
When Dean offers to help Castiel with his fear, a new friendship blooms. As they get closer, Castiel begins to realize that he’s not the only one with a fear of putting himself out there. Dean’s as much in the closet as his poster from Rocky Horror, and coming out of it is not going to be easy.

New one shot recs:

The Play’s the thing [T, 2,200 word count] (Romeo and Juliet, actor!dean, actor!cas, high school)

Dean is the lead in the school’s production of Romeo and Juliet, and Cas is the handy stage manager. When the girl playing Juliet is out sick, the director has Cas fill in for her. 
And yes, I know, ‘the play’s the thing’ is not from Romeo and Juliet, but it was a good title.

Shakes-queer: A Comedy [T, 5,500 word count] (reading Shakespeare in high school English class)

“I’ve never talked to you before but the teacher just used us as an example for a scenario where we are married” AU.
(Conveniently, a comedy usually ends in marriage.)

You’re the one that I want [M, 8,900 word count] (Grease, high school, actor!dean, stage hand!cas)

High School Theatre AU. Lawrence high is putting on Grease for the spring musical, and Castiel Novak is the stage manager for the production. He’s always had a thing for Greasers (John Travolta did things to him. He couldn’t help it.) and he’s DEFINITELY always had a thing for Dean. Put the two together by casting Dean as Danny? Cas was pretty sure this whole ordeal was going to kill him.

You’re Timeless to Me [T, 10,600 word count] (Hairspray, actor!cas, ace!cas, stage hand!dean)

Dean’s halfway through reading the script when he realizes that Cas is gonna have to kiss someone. 
Which, really, he should have seen coming. It’s Hairspray, after all, and shy, quiet Castiel is playing Link Larkin. 
Charming, hot, womanizer Link Larkin. 
Dean’s screwed.

Imagine when the teacher’s telling the names of the ones who are gonna play the protagonists in the romance-related stage play (example: Romeo and Juliet). And it turns out to be both Person A and Person B. This obviously surprises them, causing them to quickly look at eachother, with probably full-red cheeks. (Bonus point if it was actually due to the cause of their mutual friend, forging the votes around, to get them to be together.)