romeo and juliet rpg

During one of our latest DND sessions. The bard convinced a local Lord that he and the adventurers were nothing more than travelling actors there to perform.

Naturally the bard with 20 Charisma rolled unnaturally high and convinced the guard that this was the truth. The guard slammed the doors the the main hall and announced, “My Lord I present to you… (*Ahem* what do you call yourselves?)

Without skipping a beat the bard replied, "The Traveling Troupe of Troubadors!”

The bard enchanted the nobles with a tragic tale of two lovers whose families had forbidden them to be (These lovers were played by our Fighter and barbarian).

As the story continued to be dramatically told (as only a bard can), the mage provided magical effects, the rogue and monk provided backflips and acrobatics to woo the audience. And a local peasant named Gerald was recruited to help “the actors.” Becaming the star of the show and actually scoring a hit on our heavily armored fighter. All of this was done by a series of skill checks, spells and imagination!

The royals and the audience were captivated. There were moments of laughter, moments of sadness, and moments of excitement. In the end, the audience erupted in applause and cheers.

The highlight of the whole night was when my players stood up from their chairs, grabbed hands and graciously bowed (both as their characters and in person).

Best night ever.

Has this spontaneity ever erupted at your gaming table? Have you ever been taken by surprise from those who you game with? How did it go for you?