romeo and juliet overture

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summer wine // nancy sinatra

la vie en rose // edith piaf

romeo and juliet fantasy overture // tchaikovsky

moonlight serenade // glenn miller 

strangers in the night // frank sinatra

wild is the wind // nina simone

heaven is a place on earth // belinda carlisle

kiss of fire // georgia gibbs

swan lake introduction // tchaikovsky

the swan // camille saint-saëns

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Romeo and Juliet - Fantasy Overture AND REYLO BRIDAL CARRY SCENE

Excuse my terrible terrible video and sound editing skill guys, but as i write this my hands are shaking, and it’s really hard to type… But just listen to it back to back. I have goosebumps all over.

I haven’t notice this before, but thanks to the Vincent Vendetta Video, for pointing it out, but here is the Origianl Reylo Meta by @reylo-musings

I just had to listen to it overlapping. just listen to the music…. oh god! 

Here is the link to the Symphony  Tchaikovsky - Romeo And Juliet - Fantasy Overture - Finale

Also @boomdafunk honestly made this for you… lol. Thanks for freaking out with me.

anonymous asked:

What are the most dramatic and powerful pieces you've ever heard?

Strauss: Don Juan, Salomé
Tchaikovsky: Symphony no. 4, Marche Slave, 1812 Overture, Romeo & Juliet, Francesca da Rimini
Chopin: ‘Heroic’ Polonaise
Dvorák: Symphony no. 9
Fauré: Requiem
Wagner: Tristan und Isolde, Lohengrin
Rachmaninov: Symphony no. 2, Symphonic Dances, Piano Concerto no. 1, Piano Concerto no. 2
Mahler: Symphony no. 2, Symphony no. 3, Symphony no. 6, Symphony no. 8, Symphony no. 9
Shostakovich: Symphony no. 7, Symphony no. 10, String Quartet no. 8
Stravinsky: Firebird, The Rite of Spring
Kodály: Dances of Galánta
Orff: Carmina Burana

Is John Williams eluding to Tchaikovsky’s Romeo and Juliet Fantasy Overture?

So hear me out.

I always felt like the music right as Kylo Ren bridal carries Rey up the ramp into the shuttle sounded like something “love theme-y” but I couldn’t put my finger on what exactly it was until just now. That short musical moment doesn’t really sound like anything else in the track, and I realized that it totally has the feel of the beginnings of Tchaikovsky’s Romeo and Juliet Fantasy Overture.

Now, you know this music. I KNOW you do. This is the classic “running through a field of flowers into each other’s arms” music, that you just maybe didn’t know was written back in 1870.

This is the classic music.

And this is the music from the film

Am I the only one who hears them as feeling very similar?

Am I the only one that loves that this comes from freaking ROMEO AND JULIET?

Am I crazy? I’ll answer that. Yes, I am i’m sure. 

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Juliet, Rey, & Balconies

As someone who studies English literature, Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet has naturally been ingrained into my mind, so the scene in TFA where Rey is standing on a balcony overlooking Kylo was very interesting to me when I first saw the film. Even though I thought Rey was a Skywalker the first time I watched the film, this scene kept hanging around in my mind because the lighting and setup reminded me of the balcony scene in R & J. 

I’m sure people have already written meta on all of the R & J symbolism in TFA as it is, but I wanted to point something out in particular. 

I think it’s safe to say we all remember that when Juliet comes out onto her balcony, Romeo says, 

But, soft! what light from yonder window breaks?

 It is the east, and Juliet is the sun.

In TFA, as many have pointed out already, the sunlight shines down onto Kylo from the balcony/’window’ where Rey is standing. It’s not hard to figure out that Rey symbolizes the light and the pull to it that he feels.

But what is especially interesting to me is that Juliet on her balcony then says: 

Deny thy father and refuse thy name.

And what happens during the scene where Rey is overlooking Kylo from her balcony? Kylo does what Juliet essentially wanted Romeo to do: Kylo denies his father (of his wish for his son to return home and of his life) and refuses to accept his real name (Ben). 

Pair this imagery with the musical Romeo and Juliet Overture Tchaikovsky quote in “The Abduction” from TFA soundtrack and we’ve got ourselves some nice foreshadowing of the star-crossed lovers trope.

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Homework playlist? (I'm trying to do my homework, help)

/when i do my homework i always listen to classics so brace yourself/

beethoven’s moonlight sonata
tchaikovsky’s romeo and juliet overture
chopin’s prelude no. 4, op. 28 in E minor
bach’s solfeggietto
debussy’s clair de lune

/also very sorry i’m responding so late!!!/

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(I finally got inspired to make another playlist!)

What’s Opera, Doc?

Kill the wabbit! Kill the wabbit!

All the classical pieces that you remember from your favorite Looney Tunes shorts.

1. Ride of the Valkyries - Wagner

2. Peer Gynt Suite No. 1: Morning Mood - Grieg

3. The Blue Danube - Strauss

4. Sabre Dance - Khachaturian

5. The Barber of Seville: Overture - Rossini

6. Romeo and Juliet: Love Theme - Tchaikovsky

7. Tales From the Vienna Woods - Strauss

8. William Tell Overture: Finale - Rossini

9. Sobre las Olas - Rosas

10. The Barber of Seville: Largo al Factotum - Rossini

11. Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 - Liszt

12. Light Cavalry (excerpt) - Suppe

13. Spring Song Op. 62 - Mendelssohn

14. William Tell Overture: The Storm - Rossini

15. Sylvia: Pizzicato - Delibes

16. In the Hall of The Mountain King - Grieg

Listen here!

The Reylo Meta Library, version 1.0

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Reylo forever and ever, because it’s canon.

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Fantasy Overture/The Abduction
Fantasy Overture/The Abduction

To illustrate an earlier point, I present a mash-up of the Fantasy Overture from Romeo & Juliet and The Abduction from The Force Awakens soundtrack. It’s far from perfect on account of my shitty Audacity skills, but I think it illustrates the point well enough. It’s sometimes hard to tell where The Abduction ends and the Fantasy Overture begins, which says it all.

darksidelady  asked:

Do you think John Williams' use of the Romeo and Juliet overture in the abduction theme has anything to do with Finn being in the area watching the scene unfold? Or since its actually built into the theme, it specifically applies to Kylo and Rey? Someone had brought this up earlier, but I can't find that post.

I’m personally leaning towards the theme being about the act of the abduction more than Finn’s response to it. While his distress and panic over watching Rey’s abduction are heightened by the tragic quality of the music, I don’t think the music is concerned with Finn as much as what he’s witnessing. It’s also very difficult to isolate Finn’s presence in the score, since he doesn’t have a theme to himself (as Kylo and Rey do).

As is now very well established, the abduction draws heavily upon visual tropes that have very strong connotations of love and romance - a black-clad man carrying a delicate-looking young woman clothed in white in his arms - and I think the R&J-inspired passage was most likely designed to highlight that. But while the bridal carry has those romantic connotations, it twists them by making the groom a masked ‘monster’ and the bride his captive. We’re not witnessing an innocent act founded on love, but we are witnessing an act that might be construed as romantic or sweeping in a different context. That’s what the music is telling us, since its romantic theme with a dark and tragic twist - it spills over into tragedy rather than jubilation.

But I think the fact that there’s a romantic quality to the music at all is significant, because it does imply that the act isn’t completely motivated by evil. It reminds me of a cut later on in the film, where we move immediately from the scene where Leia insists that “there’s still light in him" to Kylo interrogating Rey. While the abduction and the interrogation would normally be framed as unequivocal acts of evil, they are instead framed - through the use of music and editing - in a way that undermines that expectation and forces us to consider them from different angles. That moral ambiguity is literally built into the film’s structure.