romeo and juliet 1968

reasons why the 1968 film ver of R&J is hecka rad
  • romeo?? looks like zac effron??? ??
  • also is a huge dork like cmon romeo
  • very skilled in trees
  • mercUTIO!!! is probably insane but holds peoples hands randomly a lot which is cool
  • the song that guy sings at the capulets dance is super pretty and cool very good idea A+
  • juliet is hecka cute like wow!!
  • tybalt sounds like snape/squidward and it is hilarious
  • benvolio is a cutie as always
  • when mercutio gets stabbed tYBALT!! LOOKS SO DISTRESSED IT BREAKS MY HEART ( tycutio ayyyyyy )
  • romeo’s friends are annoying but funny?? 
  • they say “romeo” like a lot and all i can think of is the seagulls from finding nemo
  • the fight between romeo and tybalt is legit like yes tHAT is a fight
  • friar lawrence reminds me of spock for some reason?? the hair maybe?? idk
  • its rlly old so everything is twice as funny heck yeah