romeo juliet

The Renaissance was much more diverse than I think most of us, having just taken high school history or whatever, [remember],” she says. “Shakespeare in the 1500s is writing about an interracial marriage in Othello and Giovanni de Medici is the ruler of Florence and he’s a biracial man. And you’re talking about all these cultures along the Mediterranean who have been trading with the Arab world and the African world and by the Renaissance they’re starting to trade with Asia. This was not a white world, really. You may remember whatever artwork or whatever you want to but I think in reality this is a more diverse world than people think — and on top of that, we just cast the best actor for every role.
—  Heather Mitchell, showrunner of Shondaland’s Still Star-Crossed, to Jean Bentley for The Hollywood Reporter

Leonardo DiCaprio Photographed by David LaChapelle, Hollywood 1996