Commedia elaborata e schizoide sul potere evocativo della letteratura e sulle dinamiche di una storia d’amore, in perfetto stile Kaufman. Al suo secondo (capo)lavoro, la coppia Dayton-Faris entra di diritto nell’Olimpo della nuova Hollywood.

RSVP: “Little Miss Sunshine”, “Il ladro di orchidee”.

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Romedy NOW makes your Friday s even more fantastic

Romedy NOW makes your Friday s even more fantastic

 Watch two new series Jake in Progressand  Traffic Light only on Romedy NOW

National, July , 2014:Romedy NOW, the exclusive destination for Love and Laughter in India now announces the launch of two new series called ‘Jake in Progress’ and ‘Traffic Light’. The channel that also airs popular series like F.R.I.E.N.D.S., Ally McBeal, Betteroff Ted, 2 Broke Girls, Friendswith Better Liveswill now also add these two new series to its extensive line-up assuring its audience a complete dose of Love and Laughter. Starting Friday, 25th July 2014 at 8pm viewers can witness the on-goings in the life of a celebrity publicist with ‘Jake in Progress’; followed by ‘Traffic Light’ starting Friday, 1st August 2014 at 8:30pm, which showcases the life of three friends at different stages of their lives.

The suave New York celebrity publicist Jake Phillips (John Stamos) wants to put the brakes on his fast-pacedlife in‘Jake in Progress’. After years of flings, he wants the real thing and be a one-woman-man.There’s just one glitch – you can’t tie down a tornado. Jake is constantly on his toes saving his clients from career-ruining situations. Jake is the go-to guyfor everything. But in the bargain he lands himselfin impossibly ridiculous situations. Healso has to play the go-between for his shrew of a boss Naomi and the staff/clients.Where is the time for love? So when Naomi tries to hook him up with her photographer sister Kylie, he has the door slammed on his face right on the first date! Kylie happens to be just one of the girls he had a one-night-stand with and never called again. Jake has to make Kylie come around but foiling his plans is her ex-boyfriend, the nutty Patrick, who will make life hell for Jake every instance he can.  Finding the perfect woman is work in progress for Jake in this rib-tickling series.

The fun doesn’t stop just at watching the series. Indulge in cool conversations with fellow fans. Check out what the need to tame down can do to the best of us… whether going from ‘I sleep early…in the morning’ to ‘Early to bed, early to rise’ or from ‘Spent $1,000 on a wild night out’ to ‘Enrolled for Yoga class for $300’ and many more such posts on Facebook that you will relate to. And every one of us has made a conscious effort to change for the better at one point, especially when it concerns a special someone. What vice would you like to say goodbye to? Tell us on Twitter with #IfICouldChange. Also if you are looking for Mr. Right like Jake do check out our facebook for more updates!

From Jake’s mad antics to friendship and love, Traffic Light will remind you that friendship and love are really sweet and bring so much happiness to one’s life but they can also complicate life!Three guys Adam, Mike and Ethan have been buddies since college and now in their 30s, they are all at different stages of life. Mike (David Denman) is a lawyer and a family man looking for a few moments of ‘me time’ once in a while. Adam (Nelson Franklin) has just moved in with his crackerjack of a girlfriend Callie and is soon finding out the big difference between a girlfriend coming over a lot and a girlfriend who has moved in. Ethan (Kris Marshall) is the footloose and fancy-free perpetual bachelor who is very charming but finds the proverbial all the fish in the single pond are fast being taken. Watch their different lives intertwine and their moments of friendship, love and infuriation all at once will make for the most humorous experience.

It’s never enough when it comes to love and laughter and the two new series promise that in abundance. What better place for such nuggets than on Romedy NOW – the one stop shop for all things love and laughter.

So do not miss your date with the two newbies Jake in Progress and Traffic Light only on Romedy NOW!

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