What I think about the Sense8 characters

Capheus: He seemed to be the child of the group, the kind who is often overlooked at first. He was kind of like Hiro from Heroes, the kind that you don’t take seriously at first and then suddenly they blow you out of your mind. Because of his ‘will-do-whatever-for-my-mother’, he instantly became one of the most likable characters on the show. He was the only one who was a hero from start to end.

Kala: Oh my god! I love her!! Okay I’m biased considering she’s supposed to be from the place that has been my home since I took my first breath. But I love her character. She isn’t the most kickass female or the a person with any kind of special abilities like Sun’s martial arts or Nomi’s hacking or even Wolfgang’s amazing lock picking skills for that matter. She’s just your average girl struggling to do everything perfectly. It made me relate to her more quickly than the other characters. She’s just someone trying to follow her parents’ wishes. It might be one of the reasons she became a pharmacy student as it happens in most Indian families. I love her slow self realization and thoughtfulness. She wasn’t your rash and driven person. She brought a sort of subtlety and normalcy to the show.

I love the story between her and Wolfgang.It was slow, not too slow and believable to a point, unlike Riley and Will’s which seemed to pop out of nowhere.

Lito: Ah! He is the only human character between the eight. He has his moments of self-doubt, fear and anxiety but he ends it all in self-acceptance. His storyline seems pretty realistic. Everyone else seems to be a little ‘hero-brushed’, you know the thing where the characters seem too goody and 'i-will-save-the-world-no-matter-what-happens’ kind. I love Hernando though! He is perfection to Lito’s imperfection. Watching them together immediately makes me get into a goey mode and go 'Awww' 

Nomi: SHE IS A GIRL! HER NAME IS NOMI NOT MICHAEL!! That is what I wish to go and scream in her mother’s ear till she complies. Huff. That was the most frustrating part of Nomi’s story. I love Nomi. I really do. A person who can work the computer the way she does immediately goes on my favourite list. Her’s is an amazing character! I couldn’t connect with the character so easily as with others, mostly because of the latter part where she hacks into everything. That seemed a bit over the top. I understood what she had gone through and it gave me a whole new insight but I still couldn’t connect. 

 Riley: I was in love with her hair the moment I saw her. She started out as this uncomplicated, drug-abusing DJ that made me want to dislike her. Then she ran away. She gave away the money. 'Stupid decision’ I mentally scolded her, okay maybe I didn’t scream mentally as my mother had to come into my room and shush me. Then her past unfolded and I got to know her and I realized that I shouldn’t have been so quick to judge her. Her story was.. Sad. It touched the deepest parts of my heart. I had to skip a few scenes: I couldn’t watch them without my heart twisting so hard in my chest. She turned out to be the strongest character among all of them. 

 Sun: She is the most badass person of them all. From her diplomatic behavior in her office to the supergirl who kick’s ass in a boxing ring, she was perfect. You could see the tsunami building up behind that facade of a frozen pond. She was their savior most of the times. I don’t think  most of them even would’ve been alive if it wasn’t for her. I sort of ship her and Capheus in a totally non-romantic, non-brotp kind of a way. They make a beautiful team with his heart and her skills. I love her no non-sense attitude and quick wits. It was a relieving moment when she recognized the obvious that it was her brother who had been the one responsible for her father’s death. It’s so good that they didn’t stretch it out. So all in all, she’s your totally non-average, non-ordinary, rebellious, totally amazing, absolutely inspiring, breathtaking person because of whom I fell in love with the show a second time.

Will: So Will is one of the characters that I did not connect with at all. I liked how he saved the kid’s life in the first episode. It was superficial with a dash of just another absolutely perfect hero in just another show. Ignoring that, I liked the gesture. Later as the episodes proceeded, I couldn’t find a trench deep enough in him to drop my anchor. Yes, he was the un-official hero of the series but with a polished everything. The story with Sara seemed confusing. He just wasn’t for me. I liked the actor, call me shallow or whatever but he was the finest looking male member, well maybe after Hernando (I’m a sucker for beard and glasses). If it wasn’t for him the story wouldn’t have gone ahead. He was the glue, white and everything, holding the gang together with wheels to move it forward. I liked his boldness and that he actually took actions to confirm his suspicions. He didn’t just sit there wondering and thinking.

I liked him and Riley. The storyline was cute and sweet. It could be an amzing Romedy movie. If someone’s making one then I’m right here: waiting with my bowl of cheese popcorn.

Wolfgang: Oh My God! He started as one of my least favorite characters and somehow ended up in my top three. He was just a petty thief, trying to prove that he was better than everyone. Slowly as the episodes progressed , his personality bubbled up like mentos in coke. Arrogance: check, Don’t care attitude: check, Amazing skills: check, Handsome: check. He turned out to be the perfect Mafia hero that you read about on wattpad. Then entered Kala, the innocent, naive girl to his badassery and a side-lovestory somehow turned into my otp. He had witty remarks, a mouth that wasn’t afraid to speak out his mind and a leather jacket. It was fun, romance and Shakespearean ending all crammed beautifully into one character. 

I loved how he and Kala connected gradually. They didn’t just dance into it but instead sang, and somehow ended up falling together but more apart. Call it my recent love for Mafia love stories (for which I blame the wattpad author Celine Mahadeo) but it was a realistic love story. I would have judged if Kala would’ve run back to Wolf even after seeing him kill so ruthlessly.

Amanita: She isn’t the main character on the show but I couldn’t leave her out. Freema has done an amazing job in the show. She’s one of the major reasons I’m hooked onto it. First of all, girl have you seen her hair? its blue, it purple, it violet, it’s red and its everything. I want the hair. Second of all: Oh my god! have you seen such an accepting and open character anywhere. SHe did not put her girlfriend into a mental asylum after being told that she ‘facetime’s’ with people without an iphone or a gadget. I mean how much cooler can a character get?! Plus she was The Doctor’s companion, that says all. 

instead of saying ‘rom com’ out loud, I make it a point to say ‘romedy comedy’ and no one has said anything which probably means they HATE me