rome: armed to the teeth

Armed to the Teeth | Closed RP

The niggling thing in the back of the second son of Bor’s mind uncurled itself…

Bestla woke with some reluctance from her slumber. The inner workings of the boy’s mind were more complicated by far than those of the other two, she would wager. She had dredged herself up for the battle, experienced what lurked beneath the surface of his meek veneer, and had smiled.

He was to be her instrument after all.

It was in his unconscious state, barely able to make sense of the blurred memories and thoughts, that Bestla, too, had slept. She woke to the face of the girl who had tried to push her out, and quietly, so as not to be heard, she snarled at the little upstart who thought herself more powerful than the Queen of Asgard.

Still…now was not the time.

She’d yet to see Bor. Perhaps the old bastard had already died, and Vili was on the throne. But no, no…upon examining the memories floating about, easier to see now that he’d been healed somewhat, she knew for certain that he lived still. That he had been away. That there had been a siege happening upon Asgard. Perhaps her people were not so stupid as she remembered.

So Bestla settled in, amongst the memories and feelings, content to lie in wait. She’d waited so many, many years. A little longer would not hurt.

When the girl stopped Ve from lashing out, when she showed him what her magic could do, Bestla understood what it was that made the power that lay dormant within the boy’s mind tick. She smiled again, sharp and knowing.

Oh Bor…your own blood betrays you.


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