Roman Logic
  • Jason: The Gods are under attack. The monster forces them to New York.
  • Roman#1: Why, Preator?
  • Reyna: Lupa has told us that the seat of the Gods power is in New York. So if that monster reaches New York, then all is lost. The Gods will fall.
  • Roman#2: So what is our strategy?
  • Jason: Isn't it obvious? The Gods are retreating to New York. Neptune and Pluto have yet to appear. There are no reinforcements coming. We are the only ones who can help. And everything will be decided in New York.
  • Reyna: Exactly.
  • Reyna: YEA-wait what?

from Rome Ramirez of Sublime With Rome:

I recorded this tribute for Amy Winehouse after I heard the news of her passing. She is a huge inspiration to my music. We miss you Amy.



Jupiter College
Neptune College
Minerva College
Bacchus College
and others…

1) Legionnaire Platinum Scholarship
- applicable to all (demigod or legacy) who have served in the legion and went on a quest of great importance (affected the world, changed the course of history, etc.)- full scholarship
2) Legionnaire Gold Scholarship
- applicable to all (demigod or legacy) who have served in the legion for at least 5 years, and held a rank of centurion or higher- full scholarship
3) Legionnaire Scholarship
- applicable to all (demigod or legacy) who have served in the legion for 5 years or more- partial scholarship
4) Divine Endorsement 
- only awarded if godly parent/ ancestor personally requests- amount of waiver depends on godly parent/ ancestor
5) Praetor Scholarship
- awarded to those with recommendation letters from the Praetor- amount of waiver depends is to be stated in the letters 

Collegiate Sports:
Sword-fighting, archery, pegasi-riding, gladiator-fighting, chariot-racing, spear-throwing, foot-racing, baseball, etc. (please refer to the notice board for more activities)

Clubs and Societies:
Monster Mania- for love (and killing) of monsters
Pegasi Club- for the love of pegasi
Latin Society- for the love of our official language 
Arts & Crafts- celebrating Minerva 
Forging Club- celebrating Vulcan
Wine-Appreciation- celebrating the best of Bacchus
etc.. (please refer to the notice board for more clubs and societies)

1) Reyna Avila Ramirez-Arellano Award
- awarded each year to one recipient who displays excellent leadership qualities, prodigious badassery, excellent results, with recommendations from teachers

Exchange Programs: 
1) Camp Half-Blood Exchange
- students will take a trip to Camp Half-Blood in Long Island Sound, NY, where the Greek demigods train.
2) Old Rome Exchange
- due to a new change in rules, students may now travel to the ancient lands, to study the old ways and remains of Ancient Rome. Fighting monsters is an additional challenge.

1) Must have graduated from high school
2) Must be a demigod or legacy
3) Preference is given to residents of New Rome
4) Preference is given to members of the legion

Post-war UPDATE: Greeks are now welcomed to apply!