“Still a Rose” was absolutely beautiful and breath taking. 
If you love Romeo and Juliet, or excellent (queer) short films, check it out! 

There’s no other art form in the world that affects me more than acting. I really love being an actor and I just want to keep doing what I’m doing and hopefully people will watch my movies.” — Leonardo DiCaprio

To answer your question, yes Taylor Swift did in fact know Romeo & Juliet  die at the end. #LoveStory

Romeo & Juliet: Harry Potter x Reader


Request(s): Hi! Cou you do an imagine with Harry where you are Draco’s little sister and you two start dating in seret and Draco finds out? I love your blog btw, you are awesome! 

Could you do a harry x reader imagine based around romeo and juliet please? Oh it’s my favorite love story!

Warnings: None

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There once, were two families.

The Potters, stood for humor and bravery.

The Malfoys, stood for class and elegance.

The two families, were sworn enemies, far before anyone could remember. Lily and James were the complete opposite from Lucius and Narcissa. One pair, accepting and calm. The other, judgemental and hot headed. In their own rights, both families were of high regards. Sure, they both had different ways of approaching life, different standards, but they had one thing in common.


The love both of their families were built on, not so long ago. The type of love that can conquer all barriers. It was simple, really. It was the way James had fallen for Lily, her ginger locks and sassy personality hitting him like a one way quaffle. The way Lucius had noticed Narcissa, the almost incomprehensible way she carried herself with elegance and grace. It was the infatuating, wrench your heart when you’re away from them, would do anything for that person kind of love. It was like an addiction.

It wasn’t so odd then, to think that many years later, the same type of love would consume their children. There was Harry, and then there was Draco and his twin sister Y/N.

When Harry and Y/N had first met, it had been her standing to the side as Draco interrogated the poor lad. Harry had watched the girl with interest, paying only the slightest of attention to her screaming brother. She rolled her y/e/c  eyes at her brother, crossing her arms and tutting every so often.

It wasn’t until 5th year, when Y/N had stood up to Umbridge in DADA that they had become friends, bonding over the scars imprinted into their hands. Harry had been in such a dark place at the time, so angry, so cut off from everyone. And Y/N, was the only person who could get through to him. With her nonchalant laughter, and her intense focus, Harry had forgotten all about his troubles. He couldn’t pinpoint exactly when he had fallen in love with her, all he knew was  that it was undeniable.  She too, couldn’t explain or recall the moment where she didn’t feel herself lost in his emerald green orbs. It happened all at once, as if someone had slipped the pair love potions.

They had to keep it on the down low, because Y/N’s parents wouldn’t  be happy,  Harry’s loved ones would call him mad, and Y/N knew Draco would overreact. But when Harry had come back from the Ministry in 5th year, bleeding and shaken, Y/N didn’t have a care in the world as she threw himself at him, sobbing and heaving in his hold.

Harry’s friends knew now, and they welcomed Y/N after due hesitation. Y/N still wasn’t ready to tell her parents, and especially not Draco. Draco was more than just her brother, he was her best friend. It was hard for her, to disappoint him. But she loved Harry, she loved him so much her heart ached.

And so they managed to keep it under wraps for another year, closet snogs and sneaking around at night to each others dorms using the invisibility cloak and the map. But 6th year was different, for both of them. Voldemort had a price on Harry’s head, and Draco was the one paying overdue interest in it. Y/N couldn’t, and wouldn’t, do anything to protect the both of them.

So that day, in the Great Hall, when Harry had seen Y/N run  after her twin of course he was on her heels. 

 Draco, was heaving, paler than usual as he undid his tie. 

“Draco..” Y/N mumbles, tears pricking her eyes as she watches her brother fall apart.

 “I’m fine, Y/N, go away.” Draco growls, looking away from her.

 “Don’t you dare shut me out. I know you better than anyone.” Y/N hisses, walking over to Draco and helping him pull the tie off completely. He looks down at her, eyes swimming. 

“I didn’t want this, any of this. But if I hadn’t stepped in, they would’ve taken you, Y/N.” Draco says, closing his eyes. 

“ I know, Draco, I know. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” Y/N mumbles the tears now spilling from her eyes.

 “Don’t cry. Don’t cry, it’s okay.” Draco hushes, pulling his sister into his arms.

“Y/N? Why are you crying?! Did he hurt you?” A voice shouts, sending the two jolting apart. 

“Potter, what the bloody hell are you doing here? You think i would hurt my own sister?” Draco says, stiffening as Y/N pulls away from him. Harry pays no attention to him, his eyes focused on his girlfriend. 

“Y/N?” Draco inquires, watching the two stare at each other. Y/N feels her lower lip falter, more tears spilling out of her eyes. 

“I- I..” She stutters, wrapping her arms around herself. 

Draco sneers, watching his sister fall apart, “What the hell did you do to her, Potter?” He demands bitterly. 

“Y/N.. love, calm down.” Harry says, taking a step towards her and opening his arms. “Don’t!” Draco cries, raising his wand and stepping in front of his sister, a spell sent flying clumsily into the wall behind Harry.

“No! Stop! Stop!” Y/N cries, shoving herself between the two. She backs into Harry, who has his hands on her hips. Her hands fly up to hold Draco back. 

“Get your hands off my sister, Potter!” Draco cries, seeing red. 

“Draco! Listen to me! He didn’t hurt me. I- I love him Draco!” Y/N cries, punching her brother in the chest to get him to stop fidgeting. 

“What?” Draco asks, suddenly stopping. 

“He’s a Potter, Y/N!” Draco shouts, causing her to flinch.

 Harry’s grip on her tightens, her teeth gritting. “I know, Draco. Please. Please try to understand.” She pleads. 

“Why?” Draco barks, his eyes still on Harry. 

“For me.” Y/N whispers, her voice cracking. Draco falters a bit, his shoulders shagging. There isn’t a thing in this world he wouldn’t do to see his sister happy. 

“Mom and Dad will kill you.” Draco presses on.

 Y/N tilts her head at him, “You haven’t let them done it yet, Draco.” Draco sighs, running a hand over his face. 

“I’m not okay with this.” He grumbles. 

Y/N blinks slightly, as Harry runs a comforting hand up and down her arm. 

Suddenly, Draco stops, his head snapping up. “You won’t let her get hurt?” He asks bluntly. 

“Not a chance in hell, Malfoy.” Harry responds just as steel like. 

Draco narrows his eyes at him before  glancing at his sister once more. “Fine, but you’re telling mom and dad.”