why everyone should stan c-clown
  • in reality kangjun is more like 90% natural talent and 600% idiotic af okay (don’t let his coolness in the mvs fool you)
  • rome used to be super scrawny but now he’s fucKING BUFF like dem biceps man mmm
  • tk is HELLA good at singing like he could be main vocal but naw his pits of hell deep voice apparently suits rapping better
  • tk is also an angel trust me
  • actually tk is confusing he’s like a child but also raps like a motherfucker
  • siwoo is second oldest but he looks more maknae than maru tbh
  • maru really likes kissing rome on the cheek (like how fucking precious is he just look at that face he makes)
  • also here’s this thing about maru’s puberty issue lmao this is not a joke
  • you will find 10x as many derp gifs of kangjun on tumblr than all the other members put together and if that doesn’t prove how much of an idiot he is than I don’t know what does
  • if someone doesn’t like kangjun their heart is made of stone okay
  • rome is quite possibly one of the most resilient leaders tbh he has to deal with 5 little shits 24/7 they’re all dumb af
  • actually rome is pretty much a 5 year old too idk how he handles their dumbassery (look at tk he’s so done lmao)
  • they all suck at bowling
  • they also all suck at basketball
  • they also suck at driving lmao
  • most of them suck at cooking (the exception being tk the perfect child)
  • they are gods at dancing but use their talents for shit like this instead (don’t get me wrong the girl group dancing is gold too)
  • maru bullies his hyungs don’t let his innocent looks fool you
  • rome forces them to do all kinds of weird things for his videos actually so i’m not that surprised that they’re lil shits
  • actually i’m really not that surprised bc rome always talks to them in english on ctc and they probably speak like 2 words english total lol
  • they played chubby bunny once and literally no one actually said bunny bc they all thought it was ‘chubby bubby’ what dumbasses
  • out of the entire group the person with the best aegyo is probably rome lmao
  • they span a huge age gap (rome is a 90 liner and maru is 97 liner); it doesn’t make them any less close (and doesn’t stop maru from messing with his hyungs)
  • rome is part of the short leader line and tk is part of the tall maknae line and i love them both for it
  • they’ve all killed it with the blond/light hair at least once
  • MY SEVENTEEN FOLLOWERS ray looks a lot like jeonghan ok case closed
  • for such a touchy group they’re FUCKING BAD AS HELL AT THE PAPER PASSING GAME like seriously it’s embarrassing
  • actually i take back what i said before they all suck at aegyo
  • if you don’t believe me that rome is ripped as hell check this (literally what the fuck rome)
  • they are precious cinnamon rolls if yedang fucks them over i will burn their building down i don’t care how much i love exid
  • i’m running out of thoughts but seriously you will regret never checking them out they’re all disgusting dorks but you will love them (probably)
  • our fandom name is crowns okay isn’t that the cutest thing DON’T YOU WANT TO BE PART OF OUR FANDOM

some links:

watch crown the clown you will not regret (they’re pretty short)

also here are their music videos: (solo) (fa…yl) (justice) (shaking heart) (let’s love)

some interview/tv show links: (asc 1 2 3) (soompi) (as4u) (pops in seoul) (secret box 1 2) (c-clown channel)* (crown subs)**

instagrams***: (rome) (siwoo) (ray) (kangjun) (tk)

twitters****: (rome) (siwoo) (ray) (kangjun) (tk) (maru)

please please please check out these dumb dorks they will burrow their way into your heart in seconds

*i’ve actually never watched this one OTL
**they have a few eng subbed videos from c-clown’s mtv diary
***rome is the most active, then it’s probably kangjun, then its the other three who post every once in a blue moon
****I don’t use twitter so idk what they’re like on there oops


On the off  chance saw this video that’s been circulating around , you should know that the talented guy singing is  Kangjun .Hes a member of the boyband Cclown.

Why is this important you may ask?

Because the truth is that Cclown and the fandom has been going through a lot lately considering that the group hasn’t made a comeback in a year among other things. 

Now I don’t expect anyone of you to listen to this, especially if you aren’t into kpop   , but if you could take the time to reblog this or even forward the video above to someone who is into kpop it would really make a difference. 

That way maybe just maybe it can stir enough attention for Yedang to make some statement concerning them .

And even if its the worse expected scenario, at least this fanbase can finally get some closure about what happened to them.

Thank you 


Even if Cclown disbands for the love that’s all good and holy please don’t blame EXID for this

While EXID’s popularity did play a factor on the shift in attention, it’s not the members of EXIDS fault.

Unless the ‘They’ Rome was referring to in that post was EXID, I extremely doubt they are to blame for most of the stuff happening to Cclown

And let’s be real EXID are pretty talented and you can’t control what the audiences like

We might as well be blaming Lee Jongsuk too since he’s under the company and he gets hella promotions too

You can definitely hate on Yedang for dropping Cclown faster than a hot potato for EXID but please don’t hate EXID because they were in a bad spot once too.

Thank you

On an ebony bedstead
adorned with eagles made of coral,
Nero lies deep in sleep – quiet, unconscious, happy:
in the prime of his body’s vigour;
in the beautiful ardour of his youth.

But in the alabaster hall
that holds the ancient shrine of the Ahenobarbi,
the Lares of his house are anxious.
These minor household gods are trembling,
trying to conceal their already negligible bodies.
For they heard a terrible noise,
a deadly sound spiralling up the staircase,
iron-soled footsteps shaking the steps.
The miserable Lares, near-fainting now,
huddle in the corner of the shrine,
jostling and stumbling over each other,
one little god falling over the next,
for they knew what sort of noise it was;
they recognize, by now, the footsteps of the Furies.

—  C. P. Cavafy, The Footsteps.

anonymous asked:

My bias group is c-clown, especially Rome (; I really miss them it's been forever since they all have been together but can I ask for a Rome smut please? It would be amazing if you can do one please and thank you!! Plus thank you for such an amazing blog<3

I did hear that they did a live show somewhere, so that aren’t disbanded yet!

This is a freaky Rome, smutty, and medium in length

Enjoy everyone


All of Yours

You had to look through all of your movies to see what might be best. It was just suppose to be a night in, but you still wanted it to be special. What kind of movie would he like? You had some actions movies, but not all of the really cool ones.

“Don’t worry about choosing one in particular. I said I want to see what types of movies you watch on your own.” That didn’t make you any more nervous, since you didn’t want to seem lame.

“I know, but I don’t want you judging me too harshly. I want to show you my hidden gems. I also like shitty movies too, so I don’t want you to get the wrong idea.” You were still panicking, trying to find what might be best. You really didn’t want to embarrass yourself on this one, but you were still taking too long.

“Ok, bet to make. Close your eyes and reach for a movie, Whichever one you choose, we watch it.” You were scared of that idea, but you closed eyes and reached outward. You felt some cases, but you were trying to find the stacked ones. You were were running your fingers over the cases, and you chose the one a little off to your left. After taking one out, you opened your eyes. The case said ‘Petty Romance’. You remember this movie. It made a decent amount at the box, and someone had bought it for you. You hadn’t seen it before, so she got it for you so you could finally watch it. You must’ve forgotten about it, as you couldn’t even remember the synopsis. You moved over to the DVD player and put it inside. You walked back to the couch and showed him the case. It had the rom com standard on the cover; Girl tugging on a guys shirt with her leg up. It looked cheesy, but he inspected the case.

“I think I heard this movie got kind of popular. Never saw it myself, actually. Did you like it?” You shook your head, wishing you could give him an answer.

“To be honest, I haven’t seen it either. Someone bought it for me, but I never got around to it.” He then scoffed at you, seeming surprised.

“You own a movie you haven’t even watched? Well, it means that this will be new for the both of us. The best kind of movie nights.” He wasn’t wrong, now you both had to learn about the movie together. You weren’t exactly sure about what would happen, but it seemed that it was more comedic than anything else. You just let whatever commentary either of you had come to light as you watched the beginning.

“So, this guys draws manhwas?”

“His designs actually look really good!”

“Those comic transitions aren’t too bad.”

“A sex blogger who’s a virgin? How does that even work?”

“You know that this’ll become more and more awkward, right?” You were able to tell where a majority of this was going. You were now regretting this movie choice, but you were both dating, so how bad could be? As the movie went on, it went to an animated scene. It was between the comic character the two main characters created. He had a female captive, and had her tied up. She was rendered useless and couldn’t do anything to what the male character had in store. The man then proceeded to do quite odd things to the girl. It was weird to watch.

“Girls actually like that kind of thing? It just seems so weird….” Rome laughed over your comment.

“I know that a lot of girls like to be, to quote the movie, ‘ravaged’ like that. At least, for girls who experiment with that kind of thing.” He would always try to make you go farther than normal sex, but you never felt comfortable.You never knew if you would. But, he found a way to talk about it whenever he could.

“I’d expect you to say that.” You were feeling that you should be stood still in your opinion, but after seeing the way the girl acted in the comic, you weren’t so sure anymore. It seemed like the girl was enjoying it, and so was the sex blogger character as she was acting it out. So, could you really be so close minded? Might it be as good as it looked? For the most part, sex is never like it is in the movies, so you were still skeptical. But, if it were Rome doing it, it might just be enough for you. But how were you going to go about doing it? You were in the middle of a movie. He spoke up, talking more about the movie.

“Sex doesn’t normally work that way? Who ever even really does that?” He was trying to side with what you normally would say in situations like this. But, you had to try and turn it around somehow. You took your hand and rubbed it on the inside of his thigh. You went back and forth, trying to entice him.

“Well, we could try that for ourselves. Maybe it’s not so unrealistic.” The way his body tensed up made you giggle. But, he still seemed more that interested in finally getting more ‘freaky’ with you then ever before.

“Maybe it isn’t.” He was close to your face. You were feeling the tension pull you and him closer and closer together. You bumped foreheads before you went for the first kiss. You held his face so you could focus all of your energy in one place. You felt him get on top of you, making you succumb to being under his weight. It wasn’t a crushing feeling, but more of one that brought intimacy. He was making himself be so much closer to you than before. You wouldn’t want him any farther from you. You felt his hands run over your body, making you tingle at every finger that found itself on your skin, and even through the fabric.You couldn’t twitch when you felt him reach through the material. His hand slipped down to reach your bare ass, taking it into his clutches. You felt his grab, so much harder than normal. He must be getting more excited since you finally broke down to what he’s wanted to do for a few months. Maybe he was so ready for it, he could please you in an instant. Well, you’d have to wait for that one. You felt your arms wrapping on his back, bringing him closer to you. The space was little, but there was going to be less space later, so it didn’t even matter. You wanted it all off, but you had to let him take it one piece at a time.  It was was always more invigorating when he had the control over the clothing. But, you couldn’t help but run your hands from his back to up his chest from the inside to get his shirt off. One look at his abs would be enough to drive you insane for the rest of the night. You couldn’t wait any longer, and once the shirt was off, you could keep your cool anymore. You wanted to take the rest of it off yourself. And he seemed to love your hands over him as you went for his belt and loosened it. You tossed the belt off the couch and he went for the button and let them fall. You had to help him remove them completely and out of the way. He then went for your neck. You felt him bite softly, not soft enough to not make you moan at the feeling. You were hoping he would take you over now that you had your turn with him. He went toward your ear, biting the lobe. He then stopped to whisper in your ear.

“If you get all my clothes, I guess I get all of yours.” You couldn’t help but shake at his voice in its raspy register. You knew that he meant business with his words orchestrated the way they were. You would do anything if he were to ask you in that voice. Now, you would do just that and let him attack at your clothing that was blocking the real action. He went for your shirt first, taking the shirt over your head. You could only let him rip it off of you. You were almost half revealed to him, but you wanted his lips back, so you brought him back to your mouth to experience him all over again. He was willing, but he was reaching behind you to undo your bra. It wasn’t a complicated piece of clothing, but he was still fumbling his fingers. You felt like you should keep kissing him until he could get it. It went on for a little bit longer, but he did get it eventually. He took the hooks in each of his hands and let it drop when it was out of his view of your breasts. He marveled at them, as he did every time. But, his head went down to them, to your left breast, to be more specific. His mouth went right over your nipple, licking over the areola. You were instantly feeling the feeling of pleasure from him. He went in with his teeth on it, making you flinch in anticipation. The bite feeling was hard against the sensitive skin that area was. You couldn’t stop the scream, but it was a scream worthwhile. You were starting to get into this. You could see why he wanted you to do this to you so much. You should have asked him to do it earlier. But, time was the way it was, but at least you were here and now loving it. He moved over to your other breast, giving it the same treatment. You were holding his head in place so he could focus all of his energy in that one spot. You felt him go all over your nipple, bringing up your moans as he went about his business. He must’ve been getting excited to hear you loving his actions as much as you were, you felt his bulge hitting your inner thigh. You were wanting it in you almost immediately, but you he retraced from your breasts. He laced his fingers in your underwear, dragging it down as he went down to your feet. Once it was holding your legs together, he spread them out. His head disappeared from your vision, but it was the next thing the guy did in the comic, so you had to await Rome to do it. See if it was the same reaction the girl on the screen. You felt his tongue enter you, making you suddenly feel the nerves being pleased. They were on nothing but a run of pleasure for the duration of him tonguing you. You felt it swirl inside you, making all sorts of patterns within. You couldn’t tell what they were with you being too focused on expressing just how much you loved it. He seemed to struggle as he held your thighs in place so you wouldn’t crush his head. You felt sorry, but you couldn’t help it. It was hard to keep them wide open for him, you felt them clinching closed, but you couldn’t let the feeling continue if you kept letting it happen. The grip he had on your thighs made them feel steady in place. You couldn’t move your legs even if you tried, which you shouldn’t mind whatsoever. You would let him hold you down as long as he wanted. You focused back on his tongue working in you, to make you moan louder. You held his head in place to make him more focused over the whole thing. You needed him to be as focused as possible to pleasure you right. The grip lightened up and you felt his tongue less and less until it was all out. He rose up past your pelvis and you saw his insane look in his eyes was that he was satisfied with himself. He was looking forward to being inside of you just like you were. His boxers went down, and the erection was stand a mile high. Or, forward. It was the last thing standing in your way. You wanted it in so bad, and he wasn’t afraid to get into you as early as possible.He was aligning himself to make sure he would get you head on.

“Going back to the vanilla stuff. Did you like it before?” You were overwhelmed, it was all so amazing. You regretted to not opening up to this earlier, but could only relish in the happiness he was causing you right now, in this moment.

“I want more next time. Just finish me.” Your lips were trembling to speak, as you didn’t want him to stop the other stuff. Vanilla does get boring every now and then, huh? You couldn’t wait any longer though, you needed him immediately.

“As you wish.” He then went into the first ram, making all of the other stuff he did seem vanilla. You screamed out, wanting him to go slower but realizing that no, you really didn’t. You dedicated yourself to being more open about this kind of thing, and especially now, so you weren’t going to wimp out on it now.

“Did that hurt too much?” You laughed, knowing he was just trying to be polite, but really wanted to keep going like that. You weren’t hurt too bad; you could live. So, why complain?

“No, it hurt all too well.” It was vague, but he didn’t need a long story for him to understand that he could keep going the way he was. You wanted it, and you were going to love it. You felt it hardcore as you felt him go into you again. You couldn’t hold back the pleasure it was bringing you, and your mouth wouldn’t even let you try. You were loud, but he was just working you that well. You had to express it to him.

“You do, so good. Do it more…” You had him paying attention to you now. You were all his, and vice versa.

“I knew, you would like it.” He could only go harder in you, making the pain not seem like pain anymore. You were thankful, but he was still doing it out of happiness. You were glad you could make him happy like this. You heard it in his groans;he was happy you were willing to do this with him. It was your pleasure. You felt him going faster, and you were feeling you were still going, but close. He almost made you reach climax before, but with the break, you didn’t need much to get back to that staggered breathing feeling. You felt ashamed for being close so early, but not like it mattered. He put so much effort into you for the past several minutes, so of course you would be so much closer to climax than him. You didn’t hold back expressing it. You felt it in the back of your throat, it was coming up to the air between you and him. And it couldn’t be held back.

“You do so good, I feel it-” You had to take a deep breath to get oxygen back to your brain. He was just sucking the life out of you, making it feel impossible to express how you really felt. You heard him straining too, maybe he was almost there himself? But, it was a rough ride to try and finish you both off at the same time. He must really be turned on by you if he’s almost done the same time as you. But, you also took it as a compliment on how great your body must be if you were going to have him kiss all over you and more. It was overriding your thoughts, feeling it coming through. You knew he was coming too, and you knew you wanted to feel it flow through you. You then felt the final few hits within you hit your clitoris, making it all feel worth it. He was trying to find it before, but it only took him a few tries to get it straight on. You were screaming his name, which was the only thing you could remember at this point. He was whispering your name under his breath, making it only closer to climaxing. You felt it; it was such an amazing feeling spreading all over you, going from your crotch and up your body, giving you goosebumps. You then felt him releasing himself within you. The flow was going deeper and deeper, just like he was for the past several minutes. He paused, making him stay to catch his breath before removing himself from you. You say yourself up and saw that the rest of the movie was still going. There was less action now, but it still had some end of the movie action in it. You took your clothes off the ground and put them back on in corresponding order. The movie was somewhat quiet, so you picked the remote.

“Do you want to see if we can find more inspiration?” He already had his boxer and shorts back on, but he didn’t seem to want to put anything else back on.

“I already have a long list waiting for you next time.”


I do need something from them soon! Rome had me scared on his IG, but I still don’t know, still quite scary as one of my bias groups might be losing their leader. As long as T.K is ok XD If you haven’t already,follow for more content. School begins for me today, so for the rest of the month, I’ll leave my schedule at 1:00, but once it gets into August, I’ll make them later so they’ll be easier to find! Ready when you get home, or work, I don’t quite know all of you yet. Until tomorrow, I hope you like this scenario, and I hope you have a good day anon!