✰ tag yourself: cities

paris: soft smiles, blooming flowers, lots of sunlight, stories swirling in your mind, cursive letters, piercing eyes, whispers filled with secrets

new york: gives zero fucks about others’ opinions, perfect eyebrows, no sleep, a bit sad inside, huge equal rights activist, red lipstick, artsy af, string lights, lots of coffee, high waisted jeans

london: new ideas, old architecture, whispers, flickering candles, intelligent eyes, loud laughter, dancing alone in your room, big dreams, hot tea

montréal: comfy socks, french bakeries, lover of books, bold thoughts, wide smiles, kinda broken, cute jackets, warm hot chocolate, cobblestone streets

tokyo: aesthetic af, pen sketches, bright colors, bold fashion, small yet powerful smiles, striving for greatness, cute glasses

rome: loves museums, kind words, tangled earbuds, a bit in love, bright eyes, takes artsy photos, likes history, open windows, probably sings in the shower