Rome is a very populated place, bursting with workers, families, and couples. Also a great city for artists, writers, and aspiring chefs.

In the afternoon, at the airport, an Italian is waiting for someone. He looked at every airplane longing for his special person’s arrival.
Then, suddenly he comes.

“Here you are, bastard!” spat Lovino.
“MI LOVINOOO,” said Antonio, dropping all his bags and sprinting to his beloved.
The Italian and the Spanish took a taxi to Lovino’s house, where Antonio will stay for the next few days.
For dinner, Lovi takes the Spaniard to a famous restaurant, with exquisite Italian foods. Every type of pasta, with sauces, like doe ragù, cheese. Next, comes the meat a with a very strange name. Then, lots of desserts like tarts, cakes, with jams or chocolate, and tiramisù, cannoli…
After this Lovi proposes they go into the Colosseo, only if he wants too. How could the Spaniard refuse? So they start climbing, higher and higher as they tab on every step.
At the very top, they see the lights burning with the vitality of the city. All the Italians in the streets below. All walking or dancing or singing or talking or laughing, together. The joyful night atmosphere reached the duo up high, and they stood there just watching each other.
They move their heads closer. Very close. Antonio takes Lovino’s hands. Nearing his lips.
Suddenly, Lovino rotates Antonio’s head back to the streets. The sight below stilled Antonio. The Romans all held posters with, which spelled out ‘I love you.’

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