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Is your musical the lame?

fight me dan

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Yep hmu, im alwaus a slut for musicals

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im willing to be screamed at


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I’m willing to be screamed at

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Ok I love les mis feel free 2 scream

everyone else: who wants to hear about enjolras dying on a coffin

まふまふ - 『脱落人生へようこそ』 Mafumafu - “Welcome To The Dropout Life” (歌詞/Lyrics)

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  • Chibitalia: Holy Rome, I made a flower crown for you~
  • HRE: e-eh... U-um thank you... H-how do I look?
  • Chibitalia: hehe, you look very pretty~ Oh, you should try making one too~! You know how to make it, right?
  • HRE: T-Thank you... A-a-and yes, of course I do! Here let me start...
  • Chibitalia: um... Holy Rome...
  • HRE: y-yes?
  • Chibitalia: that's poison ivy...
  • HRE: *internally screaming*
The Last Pharaoh

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Summary: Cleopatra AU: (Y/N) is the reigning queen of her kingdom in Ancient Egypt, striking fear into her enemies and critics while still winning the favor of her people. Though despite her tight grip on power, her reigns starts to slip as the consequences of her deeds and the growing threat from other kingdoms grows. However her introduction to a rival sets her eyes on an even bigger prize and a solution to her Empire’s problems, which includes this rival himself. 

 A/N: This is definitely not going to be a 100% historically accurate story haha, obviously since its fantasy and reader is not actually Cleopatra, it doesn’t really have to be. I did try and keep some stuff accurate though in terms of that time period and some of Cleopatra’s story. Definitely not as long as some of my other fics, but if you guys like it enough, don’t be shy to request more (I have some ideas of where to take the story, hence asking about Knight or King Kylo). Hope you all enjoy it!

Releasing a frustrated sigh, (Y/N) shifted her hand daintly under her chin as she looked at the subject standing in front of her throne. Only a small set of stairs separated them, although those steps alone were enough to establish who had the upper hand here. Needless to say, his torn and soiled garments standing at the bottom of those steps greatly contrasted the overwhelming amount of ornate and expansive decor of the palace. The throne alone was worth more than 50 years collectively of his salary, the trimming on just the back wall worth more than his home and livestock. In comparisson to the grandeur of this palace he was like an ant, looking up to the towering statues of dieties he knew all too well staring back at him. His knees were shaking furiously as he awaited (Y/N) to speak.

“Quite surely sir…you don’t actually expect me to spare your life.”

His lip trembled as he clasped his dirty hands together, begging physically as his wide eyes plead in their own fashion.

“Please your majesty, I was misguided.”

(Y/N) arched a brow, looking over the man in his pitiful state of begging. In a kingdom such as hers, it was not a new sight to behold. Quite often her subjects as well as her enemies were brought to their knees in front of her as she sat with the same composure she always held. She was often merciful, but then again, she was also a force to be reckoned with. As she had said many times before, she would not be triumphed over. She would rather die in a blaze of glory than to let anyone conquer Egypt.

“Treason against the Pharaoh does not grant you forgiveness nor mercy. Perhaps, had you stayed in Rome, they would have spared you.”

The man fell to his knees, still shaking his clasped hands as a whimper escaped him.

“Your majesty please!”

Rolling her kohl lined eyes, (Y/N) flicked her hand forward, signaling the guards to remove him. The man started panicking even more as the muscular men in their black wraps with gold accents strode forward from the sides of the throne and took the man by his arms. (Y/N) bowed her head slightly, the discontent still evident in her eyes as they met his filled with terror.

“May the afterlife have mercy on your soul…if it so wills.”

“N-no! No! Please!”

He continued kicking and screaming as the guards dragged him down the long corridor, the remainder of the kingdom in attendance kept silent, allowing only his pleas to echo through the hall. Their eyes were the only things to move as they followed his desperate attempts to free himself, only to have the grand doors shut and muffle his screams. Sitting up straight once again in her throne (Y/N) narrowed her eyes, her extravagant gold headpiece glistening under the beams of sunlight filtering through the space.

“Is there anyone else amongst you who is a traitor to our kingdom? …Sympathisers of the Romans will be found and brought to justice.”

The crowd still remained silent, though the tension in the air was evident, heavy with every breath they took. (Y/N) grinned faintly in satisfaction.


Though she was favored among her people, she still managed to keep them wary of displeasing her. Despite being among the Pharaohs, her place on the throne was not merely handed to her. In addition to the beliefs of the divine monarchies of the Pharaoh, she had gone to the extra lengths to assure her place on the throne was simply that, hers. She exerted almost no effort to stop whispers around the palace about her security on the throne, she wanted people to fear crossing her. Her intellect and determined nature weren’t the only things that kept people at bay from attempting to cross her, but her not so secret wrath and lust for power.

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Aztec: yeah, cuz nothing beats pure prowess and strength than mother nature fucking you up!


*Requested*  Can you write something, where the reader is Enzo´s best friend for a really long time and now they have to admit that they developed feelings for each other

(Because the request was rather vague I had to take some time to think about a story line, so sorry it took so long and I hope the banner makes sense as well. I forgot to mention that Y/N is a vampire in this one and that Enzo is her best friend for over 100 years. Also, I finally get to use Enzo´s last name, which was revealed some time ago. It would be possible to do a part 2 to this, but I would need some ideas :D Now, I don´t want to make you wait any longer. I hope you enjoy and happy reading my lovelies!)

Word count: 959

Your name: submit What is this?

The ground feels cold and solid.The air surrounding you is chilly and quite damp, almost like in a cellar. Your head is spinning and your vision is blurry and unfocused as you try to open your eyes. You pat around on the ground feeling nothing but cold hard stone which confirms you assumption. You are indeed in a cellar.

All of the sudden you hear someone calling out your name, as your hearing slowly returns to you.You hear someone familiar calling out your name, but you can´t put the pieces together quite yet.

Enzo: “Y/N. Y/N!!”

You sit up slowly, feeling the burning pain in your neck which must have been caused by someone snapping your neck.

Y/N: “How do you know my name?”

Enzo: “It would be quite awkward if I would forget the name of my best friend, now wouldn´t it?”

Your head shoots up suddenly realizing who this familiar voice belongs to. You look over to the small opening in the wall meeting the eyes of someone who you thought left after a big fight you had. You basically told him to bugger off if he doesn´t stop killing all of your love interests. He left after that and you haven´t seen him over 60 years. Until now.

Y/N: “Enzo?”

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Roman Holiday

Simon X Reader
Summary(Requested): Simon falls for Y/N when they head to Rome. (Yes, I really like Halsey music.)

You weren’t expecting to win when Simon announced he was going to hold a contest and take a trip with a fan, but you did. He decided on Rome, which was exciting for you. When the day you were to meet him at the airport came around, you were nervous.
“Y/N!” You turned to see Simon waving you over to him. “Hi.” He pulled you into a hug and you didn’t react at first due to the shock factor of the situation.
“Um, hi.”
“You seem nervous. Don’t be nervous! I’m not scary.” The two of you chatted some more as you waited and boarded the plane. “Ever flown before?”
“Yeah, my family goes to Menorca to visit family in the summer.”
“Nice, I just didn’t want you to freak out.”
The next few days were incredible for you. Your hotel was beautiful and so was the city. You were standing out on the balcony early on morning, completely oblivious that Simon was watching you from his bed back in the room.
When it finally came to an end, you were really disappointed. Nicholas Sparks had failed you. There had been no over dramatic parting or confessions of love, just a goodbye.
You went on with your life, constantly wishing you could go back to your week with Simon. You knew that was impossible, but if your dreams weren’t big enough to scare you a bit, they weren’t big enough to be dreams.
It was a random Thursday afternoon when your Twitter notification buzzed. miniminter7: Missing my week in Rome with the exquisite Y/twitter/N. There was a picture of the two of you in front of the Trevi Fountain that you loved. Your heart sped up as your notifications started going off like crazy. Then a DM came through.
miniminter7: It’s true. I really miss you.
You: I miss you too.
miniminter7: I should have said it sooner, but I really like you. Can we meet up sometime?
You: I’m free the rest of today.
miniminter7: Meet me at the base of Big Ben in an hour.
You were nervous of how exactly he was using “like” but there wasn’t much you could do.
“Y/N, I should’ve this in Rome, but I want to be part of your life. I want to be with you.”
“I don’t know what to say.”
“Say yes, please.”
“If I say yes, we need to get to know each other better.”
“Deal. Come here.” He kissed you sweetly, and that was all she wrote.