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REDDIT goes viral with Internet Democracy 2.0

By Rome Viharo for Google Consciousness

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Back in April, when Maf Lewis and I were giving our TEDx talk on Google Consciousness - we playfully mentioned the possibilities of ‘Reddit Consciousness’ and suggested that these sorts of phenomenon would emerge to produce systems of social administration that would eventually replace government.

A few days ago on Reddit, user 'Humans, Inc’ posted a thread that  sat at the top of Reddit for days, title “Reddit can enable "occupy” movements to permanently shift power from corporations to the people and move the world into a new era" 

Offering to provide financial support to build such an engine, redditors flooded Humans, Inc with suggestions and helpful advice on moving forward.

A few years ago, such a suggestion would have been laughed or trolled off the internet, now it is a serious contender for problem solving.

As someone who has worked on creating such an 'elegant discussion algorithm’ for almost 9 years now, I look at this as very exciting change and confirmation that the emergence of “Google Consciousness”, our metaphor for collective intelligence restructuring the world,  is closer than many of us think or are prepared for.