rome snowboarding


Rome SDS have firmly nailed their colours to the mast with this project. 

It’s simple but beautiful: we believe. What they believe isn’t very controversial, you’ll find most snowboarders nodding in agreement with these statements, but it does set them apart from the competition. They believe “snowboard companies should be no more than half an hour from a chairlift”, not all companies are, but to them it’s important, it keeps them connected with the culture. They believe “snowboard companies should be owned by snowboarders”, They are, some others are too; but some are owned by skiers, or business men who see snowboarding as a profitable market, and that’s been damaging to the culture.

With this campaign Rome SDS are saying we’re with you, we’re snowboarders too. They understand the disappointment of melting snow, but having a car park barbecue on a warm spring day isn’t a bad way to end the season. They understand why people spend months living in a cramped apartment with too many people, and believe everyone should do it. While it is illegal in some countries, slow signs, picnic tables and mountain property are there to be jibbed, ollied and utilised in creative ways. They understand that snowboarding is everything from the art on your board to the grueling hike up a mountain; from the hour long chairlift line to the powder days with your friends.

What they believe is what we as snowboarders believe too. This campaign could have been run by Burton, Signal, YES or any other rider-owned company, but that’s what makes the idea work. Rome got there first, and it’s another well executed project from them. This campaign has been around a few years now but every time I see the posters, I start looking forward to the cramped apartments, student meals, long road trips and getting lost after misreading piste maps. There isn’t anything like it, Rome believe that, and I agree with them.