“…he would go with only the tenth legion, of which he had no misgivings, and it should be his praetorian cohort. This legion Caesar had both greatly favored, and in it, on account of its valor, placed the greatest confidence.”
-Julius Caesar, De Bello Gallica

Finished up this little project of mine just in time to give a short presentation on it for class tomorrow, and let me tell you, I’m fucking excited. The diorama is representative of a unit of Roman legionaries of the 10th Legion under the command of Julius Caesar, engaged against the Suebian Germanic warlord Ariovistus. 

Best part about this project is, I still have half a box of Roman legionaries left unassembled for my own use later on. Hobby hype. 


r o m e by Elisa Dudnikova
Via Flickr:
italy, rome, august 2011


11.19.2016// Some picture from my Instagram’s uploads of this week. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to start reading HP and the cursed child yet,since I’ve been too busy with my university readings. Hopefully I’ll have some free time during the Christmas break!