Useful Italian phrases for travelers!

If you want to travel to Italy, knowing Italian travel phrases is a must!
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Is that how one says it? As simply as that. “Mark Antony is dead. Lord Antony is dead.” “The soup is hot; the soup is cold.” “Antony is living; Antony is dead.” Shake with terror when such words pass your lips, for fear they be untrue and Antony’d cut out your tongue for the lie! And if true, for your lifetime boast that you were honoured to speak his name even in death. The dying of such a man, must be shouted, screamed! It must echo back from the corners of the universe. “Antony is dead! Mark Antony of Rome lives no more!”

The character of the Romans in ten qualities.
  • Attachment to the land: Despite being a conquering people, the Romans always put his country above all.
  • Practicality: The Romans never left their matters to chance. Maybe they were a little rough and few philosophers, but certainly were effective and practical.
  • Parsimony: This is equivalent to austerity in life. It was to limit unnecessary luxuries. However, while contact with other cultures increased, this value was lost.
  • Gravitas, severitas: These terms are translated as gravity and seriousness, and designate the rejection of lightness of spirit. But for the Romans, the severity was not contrary to the mockery and irony, and these were very common.
  • Discipline: The feeling of blind obedience to who has the authority. This was extremely important in the military field.
  • Virtus: This is the characteristic of the vir, the male. It is the manhood of good, bravery.
  • Fides: This is the fulfillment of the word. It is fidelity.
  • Superstition: The Romans paid attention to any event, and interpret them better or worse.
  • Pietas: This is the fulfillment of duties to the gods, the home and family. The greatest example of this value is Aeneas.
  • The respect for the Mos Maiorum: Within the deep traditionalism of the Romans, the mos maiorum or customs of the ancestors was a series of unwritten rules that must be respected and enforced.


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So I went to Italy in july and got some footages that I put together!

Please watch it in HD for better quality as you might enjoy it x