EXO Reaction when they fall in love

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Chanyeol: They say the smile of a person is one of the most beautiful features we have. And when we talk about love, the smile of that person is impossible to describe with words. Chanyeol would be that person who would make you notice he is in love. How? Well it would be unconsciously, but everything in his actions will reflect it. He wouldn’t stop smiling and daydreaming about this lucy girl.

Kris: He would try to hide it. He likes this cold vibe he gives sometimes so going all corny for someone wouldn’t be “his style”. But we know how this boy is! He would end up doing eventually. Be this romatic boy who buys flowers and worried about his girl. He would open his heart and show the world he has a warm side too. He would fight for his girl, never letting her go.

Sehun: You know, he is always happy and being a little childish, maybe naughty or playful, but I think love for Sehun would be very important. He would take it seriously, he would totally fall for the girl, never stop thinking about her and doing everything he can to get her. Maybe he would even suffer a little because she is not his yet, but he wouldn’t give up. Never.

Tao: He would be there for her all the time. She would be the only girl in his eyes and people can tell about it just by looking at him. He would support her and make her feel love. He wouldn’t be scared of showing his emotions but he wouldn’t push her either. He would be patient and romantic. Just like a gentleman.

Kai: I think Kai would be very romantic. But first he would need to calm down and think things straight. He is in love, that is something that doesn’t happen quite often. He would think of all the possible ways to get the girl, make her fall for him too. But he would also be happy all the time, smiling like a lunatic, he would enjoy every bit of being in love, because these kind of feelings make him feel alive.

Xiumin: He would be the kind of guy who would wake up at 3 AM and think about her. He would be sad thinking how she is not his, not yet. He would write and play love songs and always think about how it would be to be by her side, how it would be to have her in his arms. Eventually he would go and talk to her, but everything has to be perfect, he doesn’t want to ruin it.

Baekhyun: I have many thoughts about Baekhyun being in love. But one that would be for sure is that he would try her to notice him. He would be anywhere where she is, he would try to get close her and talk to her. And if things go right he would make her laugh until her tummy hurts. He would also be all cute around her and try to be cheesy. He really would act very sweet!

Luhan: This manly boy… I’m sure he wouldn’t hide the fact that he is in love. He would be proud of it and say it to the world. No matter where he is or with who, he would bring something about “the girl” out. He would remind everyone that he loves this girl and that he will do anything for her. He would go without questiong himself, to make the girl his. She would definitely know he is serious.

Chen: The boy is such a flirt! He wouldn’t hesitate on approuching her. Just like Luhan, he wouldn’t be scared of showing his emotions. He would love her deeply and passionately, and she would know it since the first day. He would go daydreaming about it and even make some weird faces, but that’s just part of his personality. He would get you inmediatelly, he doesn’t have time to waste.

Kyungsoo: He wouldn’t say it. No one would know. He would keep it to himself because it’s something so beautiful and unique that he would like to enjoy it ‘till the end. He would get you on his own way, he is charming and he is nice, so he would get your attention. There aren’t many boys that treat girls like gold. One day he will arive and tell the boys he has a GF, they wuld be surprised that they didn’t notice, but that’s just how Kyungsoo is.

Lay: He would be pretty confused about it. He is having such a strong feeling in his heart that it hurts. He is not sure if it’s sadness or something stronger. What is this? Is this really what they call love? He would ask others about it and seek the best advice possible. At the end the result would be magnific. He would be the perfect boy for her, he would be that boy who loves his girl more than anything.

Suho: He would feel like he is in the best dream. He would be happy and maybe act a little bit sassy about it xD He is such a perfect guy and he know it. But when talking to her, he would be so kind and sweet, he would treat her like she is the only girl in the universe and he would definitely go to the end of the world just because of her.

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I'm thinking a lot about IwaOi getting married and I can't stop ;__; I mean, they're already like married couple, but imagine Iwaizumi working hard so he can spoil Oikawa because he knows he likes stuff like this and then imagine the sparkles in Oikawa's eyes when he plans everything and he probably would cry after Iwa proposed and the ring would be so beautiful aaah I can't stop it what did they do to me help


; n;/ That’s so damn cute omfg. Iwa makes sure to take Oikawa out to his favorite spot, wear the clothes he knows Oikawa likes on him, and makes sure everything is spot on because Iwa-chan is actually -secretly- really romantic! (He even swallows his pride and gets flowers) 

& Iwa-chan doesn’t care about the wedding plans so he just lets Oikawa take complete control over everything (he just lets Oikawa know–no alien/space theme) but it’s much funner this way because seeing Oikawa plan their wedding brings lots of sparkles in his eyes and lots of smiles (ohgofrss)

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I'm a sixteen year old girl and I identify as a lesbian as I am very much into the other sex (as in I want to marry and have children with another woman) but there's this sweet boy who likes me and i can't help but want to cuddle him and possibly date him and i guess i'm trying to ask is; would that make me bisexual? i've liked boys before but never as intensely as a girl

Hey Girl!

It sounds like you may be describing/experiencing bi-romatic feelings. You didn’t describe any sexual feelings, so that’s why I say that. Which is totally fine to feel! You don’t have to categorize how you’re feeling either. He can just be a really lovely person that you would like to be close to :) Just enjoy it, and see how it goes.



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Hello! I was hoping you could please explain the the difference between a heterosexual demiromatic and demisexual heteroromantic?

Heterosexual demiromatic - experiences sexual attraction to one gender not their own, and romantic attraction only if a strong emotional bond is present.

Demisexual heteroromantic - experiences sexual attraction only if a strong emotional bond is present and romantic attraction to one gender not their own.

*I’m putting the different types of attraction in different formats so they’re easier to differentiate.