romatic moments

Let me just share my SNK boyfriend headcanons

Don’t look at me & don’t touch me & don’t talk to me. Just ignore me ok thank

Connie: Loves to hear you laugh and see your smile, and will do ridiculous things to hear or see it. He’s really good with guessing in what kind of mood someone is, and what to do to comfort them. Try to hide it when you’re feeling bad about something but he’ll notice and try to comfort you. 

Armin: Secretly writes poems, like he has a whole stack of them hidden under his matrass. When crushing on someone he’s too shy to actually say something and expresses hisself like that. One day he’ll probably show them, even tho he thinks they suck. 

Eren: Really wants you to get along with Mikasa, since she’s also a very important person in his life and there’s no need to be jealous of a great brother/sister like bond. When you ask him about shifting he’ll say that turning into his titan form is only for missions or when there’s danger. But he’s just afraid that he’ll do something like that time he allmost hit Mikasa in his titan form, even tho he didn’t remember doing it he has been feeling bad about it ever since the others told him. 

Jean: Says that he loves you quite a lot, and likes to hear that back from you too (You know in case it’s too late). He gets quite jealous when seeing you’re getting along a little bit too well with other guys (especially Jeager). Surely has his romatic moments, he’s quite a romantic guy but tries to act cool too much. 

Marco: Sweety sweet gentle boy that brings you flowers and gives kissies on your nose. Everything just goes really naturally with him, like he has some kind of perfect boyfriend gene. His favourite game to play together is kiss the freckles. (ayyyyy) And he had a secret wish of getting married. 

Reiner: Cuddly buff teddybear, even tho he might not look like it on first sight. He’s protective, and pretty much always making sure you don’t hurt yourself. When others seem to bother you he’ll flex his arm muscles in a really subtile way. You’re his little princess so be prepared to be carried like one. 

Bertholdt: A little bit hold back, he’s afraid of hurting you in any possible way. It gives him a gigantic feeling of guilt and hunts him down for days if you get upsad aroud him because he might think he’s the one why you’re like this. When hugging he doesn’t dare to hold you too tight because he’s afraid he might crush you or something. But he loves you, seeing that you care so much about him makes him happy. Even tho sometimes he thinks that he doesn’t deserve it because of reasons.