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“Many Romani from across Europe made pilgrimage to Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer in Camargue, France on 24th May to honour Sara e Kali, the Romani patron saint.

Sara’s statue is taken from the church crypt and processioned to the shore of the Mediterranean in a reenactment of her arrival in France with the ‘Maries’, the mothers of the Apostles. The town plays host to music, dancing, feasting and ritual bathing as Roma celebrate their patroness’ day.”

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No saying I disagree with your issues about bombshells, but I wanted to point out that hawkgirl is in fact latina in that universe. In issue 65 it mentions she grew up in mexico df and rio de janeiro. Also i honestly dont know if it compensates making helena and selina white, but they also make lois lane cuban, zatanna (and maybe raven? I'm not sure on that one) jewish-romani and mary/miri marvel jewish, and I'm pretty sure they're white in the main universe

For Hawkgirl, they still took a dark skinned Latina woman (who, while I don’t believe it’s officially stated, is implied through her design to be half Black) and made her light skinned with red hair. Light skinned Latina women do exist, but we shouldn’t be erasing dark skinned Latina women to give them representation (just like we shouldn’t make light skinned characters of color dark skinned). They basically airbrushed her skin and then replaced her dreadlocks with wavy red hair. That isn’t okay.

And like I said in my original post, yes, Bombshells has changed a lot of characters so that they would be people of color, or so that they would be LGBT. I’m in support of that. Hell, when I noticed that Lois is Cuban I practically cheered out loud. But again, giving one group more representation while taking representation from another group isn’t okay. Let’s break it down.

White woman -> Black woman = Okay

Black woman -> White woman = Not okay

Dark skinned woman -> Light skinned woman (of the same race) = Not okay

Light skinned woman -> Dark skinned woman (of the same race) = Not okay

White woman -> Jewish woman + Black woman -> White woman = Not okay

As long as you are taking away representation from a marginalized group, you have done something wrong. Bombshells has done good work in making a more diverse cast in some areas, but it’s also been very regressive in others.

“They came- I’m in a position to know-they came to Greenwich Village from all parts of the country. Youngsters. Some were pseudos. Always, there are pseudos, escaping rather than truly searching, confusing wild sex and drinks with the totality of the truth. But the others, over coffee and 10 cent glasses of tea, talked, wrote, painted and sang of things that moved the world. They were things form which came many of the shining insights of today. In a place like mine, they had a center where they could exchange thoughts. That kind of center is always a need, and more today than ever."                     -Romany Marie