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Could you maybe do some romantic headcanons with the paladins (+Allura because she is Best Space Princess, second only to Leia) with a slightly chubby s/o (that still kicks butt)? You don't have to if you're not comfortable. Thanks, love!

A/N: This is new for me, so, treat me with care here. I’m not sure if its romantic


  • Lance will be Lance. He will be romantic, in a way. He will shower his s/o with some flirtatious jokes and some cheesy pick up lines. He will try to be a gentleman in front of his s/o. 
  • On dates, he will 2x the Lance you knew to the Lance, Mr Romantic. He will boast about his s/o. Telling everyone how cute and adorable they are. Even if they are blushing, he will continue. BOY HE WILL CONTINUE. HAVE YOU SEEN HIM ON DATES? He will be that dork who tried his best to impress his s/o but. But. His s/o will rule the date by blushing red and suttering as hell. 
  • Non-stop kisses. Repeat after me. Non-stop kisses from every direction. Sometimes, it could be a surprise kiss or a wake up kiss. It depends on him or his s/o who do it. Some kisses are cheering up kisses. When his s/o feel bad, he will gently kiss them. 
  • When his s/o kicks butt, oh boy, its like its the first time meeting them. Its like flirting them from square one.


  • This guy, he is a nervous wreck. Romance is not his forte. He will babble non stop and blush as hell. Plus, he won’t make fun of his s/o body form. Look at his body, he will scare those who make fun of his s/o. In fact, he will cheer them up with food. Food is love, food is life.
  • He is the Masterchef of food. He will spoiled his s/o with his cooking skills and master creation. When they go on a date, food galore for everyone - I mean, his s/o. Only his s/o. 
  • Random hugs out of nowhere. I mean it. You can’t beat the hug. Embrace the hug. Kisses on the cheek, forehead. He will cheer up his s/o when they feel bad about their figure. Cheer up with food. 
  • This guy will feel happy when his s/o can defend themselves. He will reward his s/o with some food. Not from Coran, from Hunk.


  • This little girl will give her s/o hugs. She may be short but her s/o loves it. She knows about her s/o body. She won’t make fun of it, instead she gives them some love. She will roast those who make fun of them. 
  • She is smart. She will read some books on how to be romantic. She will try her best to romantic as possible. Her s/o will be happy. 
  • In dates, its her or her s/o who will be romantic. Doesn’t matter who, they will be the adorable couple that makes everyone goes, “Awww….”
  • When she is stress, her s/o will cheer her up with some funny stories. When she stay up all night, her s/o will be there for her. As a makeshift pillow. Or a bed. You’ll decide.
  • First reaction is like, “Oh my gosh, did you do that?” to “Beat ‘em up! You can do it!” She will support you all the way. Even in battle.


  • I think Keith is those guys who are hard on the outside and nice on the inside. He will protect his s/o from bad comments about their body form. You do not want to mess him. Don’t mess with Keith. 
  • For romance, he is not the type of guy who deal with it. He is a shy type. The awkward, blushing shy type. His s/o will tease him, in results, cause him to blush and look away. Despite  his personality, his s/o is the one who will do romantic acts towards him
  • Dating him include, him being all gentlemanly and protective. He will treat his s/o with care. Sometimes he brings them out for some night rides. He loved it when his s/o are wrap around his waist. He knows that they won’t let go. 
  • He will give his s/o some kisses. When they are alone. Not with around the team. Kisses on the cheek, forehead and hands. 
  • He’s impressed by his s/o skills. If they keep impressing him, he will invite them for a sparring. Together.


  • When someone makes fun of his s/o, you could feel him glaring at the person. The cold stone glare. The person would shrink away as he tower over their small form. You see my arm? It glows and it can slice and dice.
  • He don’t care about how their look, he cheer them up. With some funny stories of him in the Garrison and some deep words. He will cherish the moment when his s/o is smiling and laughing. If he’s s/o are happy, then he’s happy.
  • As Senior Officer, he might went on a few dates but I guess he is the romantic/ gentleman role. He always swoops his s/o from their feet with his looks. I mean, imagine him, wearing a tux, all sharp and nicely dressed. Even his hips are killing you.
  • Then there’s sweet moments when its just the both of you, cuddling away. His favourite spot to kiss are at the back or at the side of the neck. The lips are his main attention. When his s/o fall asleep, he will carry them back to bed and join them. 
  • Like a proud dad boyfriend he is, he felt pride and happiness, seeing his s/o who can defend themselves while being adorable. He does not have to worry about his s/o. He knows his s/o can take of themselves.


  • She hates it when someone makes fun of her s/o. Instead of kicking them, she will scold the person. With strong and long words. You could see why her s/o don’t mess with Allura. The person would rethink of their actions and apologize to her s/o. 
  • Seeing she is a lady with a higher status, I suggest a high and fancy date that was fit for royalty. Or else Coran will scold you for bringing her to low ranking place to eat. If her s/o don’t know how to eat with polite and grace, she will guide them. Patience yields focus. 
  • Romantic gestures are all done by her. The way she hugs, the way she give the kisses and some romantic acts to her s/o are sweet and gentle. Besides, she admire her s/o body figure. To be honest, she feel a little jealous with her s/o, always wondering why. 
  • In fact, her s/o will be with Allura. Giving her some words of wisdom, from their world. They will cheer her up whenever she thinks about her father. 
  • It will be killer duo, for the both of them. She can kick butt, her s/o can kick butt. Be careful of these two. You do not want to get your butt kicked by these two. Or else, K.O.
Shingeki no Shipping

Well those are my personal snk shipping //romanticle and non-romanticle -i had fun making these so hope u like it potatoes, Dont kill me  ;w;

Levi X erwin

Levi X Eren

Sasha X Connie

Eren X Armin 

Jean X mikasa

Mikasa X annie

Ymir X Christa

goes from this ;

To this: 

Levi X petra

Hanji X sasha

Levi X hanji

i might do a part two for other shippings ;w;