I have to get this off my chest.

Let’s be real guys, Christians aren’t bad people. However, it’s only when the truly pious are brave enough to stand up and speak against the sort of twisted hate logic that lines their discrimination arguments will we see some real change in our society. Jesus never said anything anti-gay nor did he bludgeon anyone with Jewish scripture. So why do they? What part of “Love one another” and “Judge not lest you be judged” don’t they understand? Why do they ignore the plain spoken teachings and unambiguous examples of Jesus’s teachings in favor of the hate filled vitriolic condescension of dehumanizing men and women of differing romantic intent? God doesn’t give out the marriage licences, the government does! Too many people seem to not understand the difference between rights and religious beliefs. Coming from a Jewish upbringing, I can see that those who are vehemently against same sex anything have no real concept of what it means to be true Christians and only have the right to speak for themselves. Unfortunately there are too many people who think exactly as they do in this country and, in my eyes, a real christian would bless everyone for their well being. I’m not a huge believer myself, but I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to speak for the big man or preach twisted interpretations of his novel without proper consent. But, these poor people grieving over the verdict really seem to be expressing legit grief of some kind. I feel for them honestly, and wonder what the real loss is about. Maybe they had to sacrifice so much of their own desire in their life for the sake of attempting to be good Christians? Maybe their Christian identities have led to them feeling isolated in a changing world, maybe even with their own kids and family? Maybe the soothing nature of their belief in “Christ our God” is also cause for much personal grief and everyone is just super confused about what to believe anymore? Whatever the case, their feelings seem really displaced and I hope they can sort them out and find some relief.

c-m-soul asked:

Say Jen, we know that a fused gem has the ability to fuse again with another gem. If Stevonnie were to try to fuse with either Garnet, Amethyst, or Pearl which one do you think she would have the highest chance of success with, and which do you think would be the most stable.

I’m going to say Garnet (because im bias but ALSO cuz i have a reason) because Steven AND Connie know about her being a fusion. They absolutely trust Garnet as well with her being and her abilities. and Garnet isa master at fusion so thats another comfort leve. add that all in the fact that Steve and Connie’sand Ruby and Sapphire’s fusion and dances are EXTREMELY similar (take away the romantic intentions on Steven and Connie’s because while they have a crush, they are still children who are best friends first and foremost) so I just think that even if they have more people fused together, they would be the most stable