romantic valentines day poems

I am every ounce a romantic. I love ‘love’. The ultimate soul consuming kind of love. The quick 1,2,3, thrusting passionate love. Two bodies making slow love, the new fresh love that causes your heart to race and your face to flush. I’m in love with the flowers that get delivered, the eyes that meet in coffee shops. I never tire of every sweet cliché.  Lust, passion, undying love: I can ingest it all. I cry along side those whose hearts get broken. I weep for the loss of a love that took up one half of someone’s heart. New love, old love, lost love, unrequited love, all types of love in this world and I savor it all.
—  AO– Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #18
Hopeful Prayer for a Valentine

Of her, I don’t know much.
But, I know I wish to.
She seems to have the kind of heart,
That anyone who dreams should.

Her words are sweet,
Thoughts are pure,
Innocent and loving.
With an angel’s face,
A soul runs true,
Her arms must be like Heaven.

Her Chronicles of life
As if told from magic lands.
Are better shared,
Better spent,
With the world she holds
In her hands.

God, give her anything,
Everything, she deserves.
Not only now,
But always,
For being such a Faithful girl.

Let her heart find joy and love,
May her wishes be fulfilled.
Whether morning, day, or night,
Help her find all she wills.

Someday let her look back in time,
Run across this poem,
Realize it’s more of a prayer,
From someone she doesn’t know.

May it bring a smile,
For Valentine’s Day,
Hope it finds her feeling love.
For she should have,
Most anything,
Blessed from you, Lord, up above.

Remember her smile today,
When she reads this and finds.
That she is fondly thought about,
By her Secret Valentine.

Happy Valentine’s Day to my Secret Valentine, the lovely @escherdrawnthoughts ! Hope you get all the love you deserve!

-H. Murcia For Valentine’s Day

#2 imagine your otp...
  • blowing bubbles for their pet(s) to play with
  • having a fancy tea party with friends
  • ice skating (both of them for the first time)
  • getting lost in the airport
  • accidentally getting each other the same gift for their anniversary
  • making up their own ice cream recipes and testing them out on each other
  • trying to writer each other romantic poems for valentines day
I just looked at him. And my future gazed back, my home and my comfort. He didn’t say anything, he didn’t need to. I just looked at him. And I fell in love again, I do every day. He simply returned my smile, the smile put on my face, born of his own love. I just looked at him. So simply, and I knew his were the only eyes I ever wanted to look into.
Waking up with your love by your side is wonderful.
When that love is asleep, and has no worries.
When that love hogs all the covers, and you have to snuggle closer.
When that love moves around in their sleep and puts their arm around you.
When that love wakes up and looks at you and smiles.
When you can see how much they love you through their sleepy eyes.
When that love says good morning.
When that love leans in and kisses you.
When that love puts their hand in your hair.
When that love says ‘I love you.’
When I wake up next to my love, I find the beauty in every little thing.
That love is natures perfect little creation.
—  A.M.F

I’ll hold you in my arms
for eternity,
wrap you up
in the linens of my heart –

to offer you
a place of serenity,
so you can reach your dreams,
unhindered by doubt.

I’ll never fear you leaving me.

Your happiness is all that I want.

Even if you’re no longer mine.

I know I didn’t own you
in the first place,
my dear.

You’re my perpetual

- M.A. Tempels © 2016