romantic valentines day poems


I’m standing there
My hands are still cold from walking to the shop because there is no parking and I have to park a block away
I’m shifting my feet and pacing, checking my phone then flitting it into my pocket then checking again
I don’t want to be late to school but I’m also nervous because it’s Valentine’s Day and it’s 7:53 am and I’m in the flower shop surrounded by grown men rushing to buy a quick bouquet and because I’m buying roses for you
I’m buying roses for you
What color do you want? How many is too many? Is this weird? I don’t wanna make you feel uncomfortable
Half a dozen red roses
Thick sturdy stems and white baby’s breath
I choose the most stunning, most red roses and bundle them together with the delicate baby’s breath
I’m nervous
You follow me to my locker
I’m nervous, shifty eyes and unsettled hands
I grab them gently, careful not to bend a single petal as I remove them from my locker
You give me a look
You accept them
You love them
You hug me
You hug me again
You love them
You have a look
I gave you roses
There’s no one who deserves them more

I just looked at him. And my future gazed back, my home and my comfort. He didn’t say anything, he didn’t need to. I just looked at him. And I fell in love again, I do every day. He simply returned my smile, the smile put on my face, born of his own love. I just looked at him. So simply, and I knew his were the only eyes I ever wanted to look into.
Waking up with your love by your side is wonderful.
When that love is asleep, and has no worries.
When that love hogs all the covers, and you have to snuggle closer.
When that love moves around in their sleep and puts their arm around you.
When that love wakes up and looks at you and smiles.
When you can see how much they love you through their sleepy eyes.
When that love says good morning.
When that love leans in and kisses you.
When that love puts their hand in your hair.
When that love says ‘I love you.’
When I wake up next to my love, I find the beauty in every little thing.
That love is natures perfect little creation.
—  A.M.F

I’ll hold you in my arms
for eternity,
wrap you up
in the linens of my heart –

to offer you
a place of serenity,
so you can reach your dreams,
unhindered by doubt.

I’ll never fear you leaving me.

Your happiness is all that I want.

Even if you’re no longer mine.

I know I didn’t own you
in the first place,
my dear.

You’re my perpetual

- M.A. Tempels © 2016