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With the great Tom, just before he became a ghost in CRIMSON PEAK 2014. #crimsonpeak #guillermodeltoro #ddtsfx #ddt #ddtcrew #prosthetics #makeupeffects #instadaily #instagood #instamood #movies #redandblue #legendarypictures #tomhiddleston #miawasikowska #jessicachastain #jimbeaver #dougjones #javierbotet #friends #love #cool #great #lovestory #romantic #gothic #ghost #memories #toronto #red #movies #memories

Top places to kiss at the University of Toronto

(Photo courtesy of Heritage University of Toronto)

Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library

Where: St. George Street and Harbord Street

Why: It reminds me of Beauty and the Beast. It’s also quiet and you’re surrounded by rare books.

The Plan: Find a cozy place, you’re among rare and classic books.

(Photo of Hart House courtesy of Annex Chess Club)

Hart House/ University College

Where: Hart House Circle and Kings College Circle

Why: They are both outstanding pieces of architecture with plenty of hidden and beautiful spots.

The Plan: Do a little exploring. They both have quads, main halls and private stairwells. Once you find a spot that suits the situation, it’s up to your lips.

(Photo courtesy of Life @ U of T)

Knox College

Where: King College Circle or George Street

Why: Knox College is like a castle. The quad has a beautiful walk way with flower baskets and arches so grand it would make anyone feel like a King or Queen. Also all the interiors of U of T’s heritage buildings are beautiful make out spots. I just thought I’d be diverse and mention the outdoor portion of Knox College. 

The Plan: Hold hands and walk through the quad. When it feels right, you’ll know.

There are so many make out spots at U of T. These are the four on my make out list. 

Hey Taylor! 

So if you haven’t noticed my costume (the top) is about the lyric from New Romantics, “Heartbreak is the National Anthem” so I took it literally. (PS there are leg warmers but I was dying with the spandex) Kaleigh (bottom pictures) is a New Romantic so she is wearing the craziest and most colourful stuff she can find. I’ve been a fan of you ever since “Our Song” and you have helped me through some of the toughest times in my life whether it was my parents separating, breaking my back, motivating me for a competition or just helping me through all the craziness of life. I really hope I can thank you in person, if you want we are going to be sitting in Section A8 Row 9 Seat 5 & 6. Either way I can’t wait for the show on Friday and i’m so excited considering that this was my birthday present from last year (Nov 13th ;))



(Not your cat) 


David Marti on Instagram:
Visit to the mines of CRIMSON PEAK 2014. #crimsonpeak #guillermodeltoro #ddtsfx #ddt #ddtcrew #prosthetics #makeupeffects #instadaily #instagood #instamood #movies #redandblue #legendarypictures #tomhiddleston #miawasikowska #jessicachastain #jimbeaver #dougjones #javierbotet #friends #love #cool #great #lovestory #romantic #gothic #ghost #memories #toronto #red #movies #memories

daviddtsfx: During a break Tom show us how great a ghost can play guitar and sing! Oh, a video will show u that later. Sorry, I decided to put my name on the pics, as all this pics that I’m posting are getting used without any permission. So, I have two options, stop posting or this. Sorry. #crimsonpeak #guillermodeltoro #ddtsfx#ddt #ddtcrew #toronto #makeupeffects#instadaily #instagood #instagood #movies#redandblue #tomhiddleston#miawasikowska #jessicachastain#jimbeaver #dougjones #javierbotet#friends #love #cool #great #lovestory#romantic #gothic #ghost #toronto


Good or bad, here’s some creative “Phantom of the Opera” promo posters and slogans focusing on the Phantom and/or Christine rather than the logo mask.

  1. “15 haunting years” (Broadway 2003)
  2. "Tonight belongs to…” (Broadway and US Tour 2008)
  3. “Romantic legends live forever” (Toronto 1994)
  4. “Danke Hamburg!” (Hamburg 2015)
  5. “Surrender to the music of the night” (West End 2003/04)
  6. “Phantom: Be seduced” (Las Vegas 2006-12)
  7. “Be seduced” (West End 2016)
  8. “London’s most haunting love story” (West End 2007)
  9. “London’s most haunting love story” (West End 200?)

To my knowledge, poster number 2, 4 and 6 used random models instead of actual leads, while the other feature people who’s played the role.

daviddtsfx on Instagram:
HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!! Crimson Peak 2014. Toronto. #halloween #crimsonpeak #guillermodeltoro #ddtsfx #ddt #ddtcrew #prosthetics #makeupeffects #instadaily #instagood #instamood #movies #tomhiddleston #miawasikowska #jessicachastain #jimbeaver #dougjones #javierbotet #friends #love #cool #great #lovestory #romantic #gothic #ghost #memories #toronto #red #movies #memories


I am finally ready for my 8 hour road trip from New York/ New Jersey with my cousin and her friend to see the 1989 World Tour on October 3 in Toronto. This will me my first time going to Canada. I am so excited. These are my posters and my outfit. Can’t wait to see you taylorswift!

This will be my fifth Taylor Swift concert. 5 is my lucky number (Just like 13 is yours Taylor) Will this be my lucky show where I finally get to meet you?

October 3 Toronto 

My seats are:

Section: 535 Row:16 Seats 103, 104, 105 


Most Romantic Spot In Toronto #3 (Reason #165)

Casa Loma

Come on girls let’s be honest how many of you wanted to marry a Prince and live in a castle! I know all of you were upset when William met Kate, but you have Harry still! And guys you know you want to rescue a princess from a castle. That is why Toronto has its very own castle where girls you may find your Prince and guys can find your princess.

Casa Loma is awesome - really awesome! It is an example of Gothic Revival and also has elements of Norman and Romanesque styles. The castle was built for Sir Henry Mill Pellatt and his wife. It was built between 1911 and 1914 by E.J. Lennox (Old City Hall, Former Bank of Toronto and the King Edward) and was $3.5 million to build. It took over 300 workers to build. The reason he built a castle was because Sir Henry always loved the castles of Europe. It has over 98 rooms and was considered the largest private residence in to country. It has towers, secret passage ways, a swimming pool, a green house, stables, tunnels, organs, a great hall, library, conservatory, suites for the mr and mrs, the wine cellar and the beautiful gardens.    

He only lived in the home for 9 years before money became an issue and he eventually signed ownership to the city. After the city purchased it the first thought was of course to tear it down. However it sat abandoned for years and boarded up (something you would not expect from a castle). It was even terribly vandalized. There were suggestions to turn the castle into a luxury hotel (which I feel if the city ever needs to get rid of the property they will sell it to someone who will probably make it into a hotel). They also wanted to turn it into a High School (which would have been so epic!) a museum, a gallery or a war veteran’s home (I’m think a smaller less extravagant version of Hotel d’Invalides),   

In 1937 it was purchased by the Kiwanis Club under the proposal that it would be turned into a tourist attraction and was restored from the vandalism and years of abandonment. Today it is operated by the club and owned by the city. The third floor which was not finished, but today holds the Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada.

For all of you outside of Canada, the castle has been featured on Nikita, X-men, The Tuxedo, Scott Pilgram vs. The World (even in the comic), Being Erica, The Pacifier. Plus it was turned into Hogwarts for the release of Harry Potter

Lastly, and this isn’t traditional to have in a romantic post, but hey for all of my followers who aren’t into the lovey dovey that is Valentine’s day, I have decided to give you the story of two hauntings. One report says that Sir Henry Pellatt haunts the castle. Apparently a little boy saw him angrily staring at guests attending an event at the castle. When the boy was asked to identify the man to staff he pointed right to a picture of Sir Henry.  Along with Henry many speculate the ghost of Lady Mary Pellatt walks the hallways wearing all white. During a field trip the children were given compasses (which are electro-magnetic field detectors) and went into the Lady’s room. One of the children’s compasses began to spin out of control. Apparently the child was standing in the same spot where people have been touched and grabbed by someone that wasn’t there. However, even though there is a haunting in the castle if you think about it the fact that they are the two haunting it is kind of romantic in a creepy way. 

I really don’t know how to tell you about the romantic-ness of this castle because a castle just comes with the automatic status of being romantic. But here are some romantic places you should take your date. 1) The spiral staircase 2) the tower (which is vandalized with the names of lovers who have been there), 3) sit on the beams (I don’t know why, but I think beams are romantic). But a castle is romantic and the reason it was built is romantic!  

Enough said this is romantic simply because it is a castle and is the 3rd

Most Romantic Spot In Toronto


daviddtsfx Now we can see more than 15 seconds of this @jbotet amazing performance. 💃👻 2014 #crimsonpeak #guillermodeltoro #ddtsfx #ddt #ddtcrew #prosthetics #makeupeffects #instadaily #instagood #instamood #movies #redandblue#legendarypictures #tomhiddleston#miawasikowska #jessicachastain #jimbeaver#dougjones #javierbotet #friends #love #cool#great #lovestory #romantic #gothic #ghost#memories #toronto #red #movies #memories