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Music that inspires my muse

These tunes, in particular, seem to make my creativity flow the best. I thought I would share them. Maybe they will help you too.

My Favorites:

  1. Loch Na Cailli by Clannad: (X)
  2. Angel Kisses by Thad Fiscella: (X)
  3. Dawn Of Hope by Peter B Helland: (X)
  4. Elements by Lindsay Stirling: (X)
  5. Relaxing Romantic Music (X)
  6. 2 Hours of Relaxing Music: (X)
  7. 6 Hour Relaxing Piano Music: (X)
  8. 3 Hours of Relaxing Flute/ Guitar Music: (X)
  9. Relaxing Harp Music:(X)
  10. Sad Violin Music:(X) 

These are my top ten. They have helped me through tough chapters and writer’s blocks. I hope they may do the same for you.

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Karol Kurpiński Nine Variations for Piano IX wariacji na fortepian Kozubek Polish Romantic Music  Lidia Kozubek - piano


RUSSIAN LITERATURE: A MUSICAL COMMENTARY  | listen here | 8tracks profile

This is what happens whan you have too many russian novels to read for an exam and you choose to procrastinate instead. Fun fact: many of the characters you’ll learn to love will end up either dead or miserable. Ah, the pleasures of a good book!

“Levochka, dear, if you want me to revise your writing you might as well stop messing around in the countryside” - Tolstoy’s wife, sometimes during her life, probably

What about a soul mate au where you hear background music for the most important parts of your life, and when you meet your soul mate it’s dramatic and romantic music

But on the other hand…..

“Guys we really shouldn’t go in there, can’t you hear the creepy ass music? I don’t want to get killed.”

“Fuck I’m pretty sure this is fighting music I can’t fight you I have exams to study for.”

“Oh no poor kitty why are you out here all on your-NO STOP THE SAD MUSIC THIS CAT ISN’T GONNA DIE JUST WATCH ME”

Kylux Songs

okay, so literally almost every song rec for kylux inspiration is a song from this decade and I would very much like to add some things! 

To be completely honest, contrary to the popular belief in this fandom, I think Hux would listen to romantic music, rather than baroque or classical (ooh, now I’m imagining Hux scrunching his nose at the thought of Mozart). “Why would you think that, Amy?”

Glad you asked.

Romantic composers drew their inspiration from classical and baroque composers, and it’s seen in a lot of the music (lookin’ at you, Chopin and Bach)! As such, though the music of the era is just overly exaggerated with a shit ton of new ways of expressing the same similar emotions (yeah, okay, don’t even talk to me about Beethoven’s pain, he was deaf, he was heartbroken, sure, but are you fucking serious take a nice long look at Mussorgsky and how he ended up okay just think about it), it all still held the same sort of fundamental structure.

Much like Hux and the First Order.

Hux, while drawing inspiration from the old Empire, still brings a breath of fresh air to the First Order. He’s still kept the hierarchy and the rules, but he doesn’t treat his subordinates like a bunch of trash. He cares for them, just look at Phasma! Look at Kylo! He’s not cruel- Hux is merely efficient and skilled at what he does. 

Now, keeping this is mind, without further ado, the song recs!

Etude Op. 25 No. 11 (Winter Wind) - Frederic Chopin

hooo boy okay let’s get down to it

So right off the bat we’re introduced to the main theme- a simple tune, a simple enough rhythm. Okay. Then, it’s slightly added to, using nice sounding chords with that same rhythm, and hey look how nice it sounds- oh.

Now we get into the piece. The main theme is still there, and you hear it constantly, but now we have this crazy fun right hand going nuts! And yet, the beauty of the piece still stands, the main theme still going, and wow isn’t this piece just great? I hope you’re listening to this on a separate tab btw. Do you guys hear the kylux?  Do you hear how, in the midst of all this absolute chaos, there’s this one repetitive theme that keeps playing? The chaos is Ren, and all that he brings with him, and the main theme is Hux, holding the piece together as best he can. And, y’know, just listening to the piece, and the emotions conveyed- you can’t tell me that doesn’t remind you of a certain sinful ship.

Regarding the link itself: I usually don’t really like Evgeny Kissin??? I don’t know, he always seems a bit over-excessive, kinda like Lang Lang a little?? But not as extreme.

Concerto No. 2 in C Minor 1st Movement - Sergei Rachmaninoff

mmmmmm okay since this piece is super long I’ll spare y’all the incredibly deep analysis I could do and instead give the basics (it’s just ugH I lOve this concerto so soso s o muc h augh). Also, I would very much recommend the entire concerto, but that would take waaay to long to explain. Just listen to it, guys.

1st Movement: Do you feel the pain?? Literally after the the nice whole notes (the piece is in cut time btw- yayyyy sixteenth notes *sarcastically cheers*), we just- BAM- a C all the way down there, crazy subdividing, a G, more crazy subdividing, back to the C, etc etc. There’s so much passion in the first section of the concerto, and the piano isn’t even the melody! Okay, moving along- we have a heartbreaking section, then a section where I break my fingers it gets really fast and even more technically difficult, the second section in which I break my arms the piano and orchestra really gotta sync because damn, at that tempo and those notes??? Just. Damn, son. Then we quiet down into the third section (four pages long and weird rhythms and a way for me to break my hands), the calm after the storm, which doesn’t really last long because after all of that we’re propelled into the ending of the first movement.

How is this kylux related?

Well, how is it not? Even somebody musically uneducated can clearly hear the anguish in every note. It’s dramatic, angsty, and just a wild ride overall. It’s beautiful. Maybe a little more Kylo than Hux, but just. His view on things, his whole childhood, how he grew up- it’s all so painful to think about, and the piece just matches Kylo note for note.

Regarding the link: Rubinstein ilyyyyy ahhhhh but there are just some times where it falls flat on its face so

Prelude in G minor - Sergei Rachmaninoff

Look me in the eyes and tell me this doesn’t sound anything like Hux. Fucking fight me if you disagree this prelude is my all time fave.

Like???? I would explain it all to you guys, but you’re not dumb, and this piece is basically a sledgehammer with the word Hux spray-painted onto it so.

I used to hate G minor with all my soul but it’s gotten a smidgen of respect from me and that’s all it’s gonna get 

Link: I’m ehhhh usually about Ashkenazy but this was 10/10 and perf ahh


okayokay I know you’re anxious to see the end of this post, so here! Have a list of pieces to listen to! 


Etude Op. 10 No. 4 

Etude Op. 10 No. 12 (Revolutionary)

Etude Op. 25 No. 2 

Etude Op. 25 No. 12 

in your spare time you can just listen to all of the etudes they’re all amazing

Fantasie Impromptu ahhhhHHHH


Concerto No. 1 (trust me, you’ve heard this before)


The Firebird - you might ask, what does this have to do with kylux? Just think baby Kylo (not Ben), starting out and trying to find his place in the world.

There are sooo maaannnnnyyyy mooooreeeee! But that should be enough to get y’all started. 

Listen to them, then hit me up with a hello (if you want)! Or if you’re just into music, then drop in with a hi! Lots of love and music to go around.

Have a nice day!


Here’s my piano teacher playing the Tempest Sonata - and making it look quite easy.