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how can u be sure larry is real though

do u get all these matching tats w ur dude friend 

do u get jealous when other people touch ur dude friend

do u tell ur dude friend that he’s always in ur heart the day before u go public w ur gf 

do u let ur dude friend write his initial on ur hand and walk around showing it off publicly 

do u joke about having sex w ur dude friend 

do u look at ur dude friends lips

do ur best friends constantly say how cute u and ur dude friend look together

do u cook romantic meals for ur dude friend

do u sign “lover” and “sweetheart” at ur dude friend 

do u have a candid picture of ur dude friend saved as ur lockscreen

do u constantly joke about dating ur dude friend and having a crush on him

do u say ur first real crush was ur dude friend even if it’s a joke

do u say u’d definitely date ur dude friend if u were a girl

do u gently touch ur dude friend on the waist and guide him 

do u get snappy and defensive when someone teases ur dude friend

do u literally admit to dating ur dude friend

do u joke about being engaged to ur dude friend

do u look at ur dude friend like he hung the stars and the moon and the sun and all the planets 

do u hug ur dude friend like u’ll never see him again even tho ur always attached at the hip 

also this

in her shadow || chapter sixteen.

genre: angst (?)
word count: 1.6k

summary: the magazine was in desperate need of an exclusive and the baby of Mina and Jimin was exactly the thing.

Nibbling on the end of your pen, you sighed a little, your chest still aching at the mere thought of Jimin. It had been weeks, Mina had been quick to enforce a gap between you, and you missed him more than anything. You missed every little thing about him.

“Y/N,” your boss called and you lifted your head meekly as she strode towards you. You hadn’t wanted to go to work, not only were you still hurting, but you had ended things with Lucas, something which made work a tad awkward. 

“Yes?” you replied, tossing the pen back onto your desk. 

“I need you to take some photos for this,” she said, scanning you for a moment before she extended a piece of paper. You offered her a dubious look before taking the article from her hand and frowning, your eyes drawn immediately to the headline. 

‘Actress announces pregnancy.

It was simple enough, but it made you swallow hard. You knew exactly who the actress was and knew precisely why you had been asked for. Mina wanted to rub it in a little more and had even gone to the extreme of hiring you to take the photos for the announcement. 

“You know what,” you began, passing the article back towards the editor. “I’d really rather not do these.”

“You were asked for by name Y/N, and this is a big deal,” the older woman returned as she offered you a look. “It’s an exclusive for us.”

“But this is my sister,” you said. 

The editor nodded her head. “That’s why she asked for you. She said she wouldn’t have anyone else,” she explained. 

Your hands balled up a little but still you nodded your head.

“Great!” the editor fawned, “Mina and Jimin are expecting you at about one.” She beamed before she strolled away from you.

You rolled your eyes a little before you rested back in your seat, your eyes squeezed shut. You knew it was going to be hard, seeing Jimin would be awful, but you also knew you had to do it. The magazine was in desperate need of an exclusive and the baby of Mina Y/L/N and Park Jimin was exactly the thing.

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How they act when jealous

How would they act when jealous?


Leo would be quiet but deadly. He wouldn’t come out and say he was angry and annoyed that you were studying with some guy. He would distance himself from you a little, because he knows is petty. So he wouldn’t speak to you.
That is until you break down the door, demanding he speak to you. He would falter for a moment, seeing the confusion and anger in your eyes. It would be then that he realised how long he had been ‘distancing’ himself, which you considered ignoring.
The second he saw you come into his room, be would break. He wouldn’t be able to pull himself away from any long. In long strides, he would walk up to you and wrap his arms around you. Leaning down, he would press a passionate kiss to your lips.
You would be slightly stunned due to his sudden change if behaviour but wouldn’t stop the kiss. You would wrap your arms around him and pull yourself closer to him because you had missed him. Leo decided that night that if you were going to leave him someday, he wouldn’t stop you. But he would make the most of the moment and not give you a reason to leave.

Raph would hit the roof. He would appear to be angry, but inside he was crushed. He never felt good enough, strong enough or smart enough. SO he would do the only thing he can think of. He would push you away. He was yell at you over the slightest thing. He would try and make it so you couldn’t see how hurt he was. He would never force you to stay or stop you leaving. Even if you weren’t.
During an argument one night, you would break down in front of him, screaming about how much he was hurting you and you didn’t know how to stop him. He would freeze on the spot. Raph would never lay a finger on you so how could he have hurt you? You would continue to sob, asking him if he wanted to leave you, o break up with you. And that would break Raph.
He would fall to his knees in front of you, wrapping his strong arms around your waist and pressing his s forehead against your stomach. He would spill out his heart to you that night. And you would blink in confusing, unable to believe Raph, this big, strong man would ever be threatened by a annoying little guy who was tutoring you. That night, you would make sure he knew you loved him.

Mikey’s reactions would be sunned. He wouldn’t be sure how to deal with it or bring it up to you. He knew you went to Donnie for tutoring in some areas but you had never been so someone else. He would try and act normal but every moment he spent with you was filled with worry. Anyone could tell there was something wrong, especially you. You would ask him one night and he would reply with a not so convincing “nothing, sweet cheeks” followed by a laugh. But you saw the pain in his eyes. After pressing him some more, he would sigh and turn away from you. He couldn’t couldn’t look in your eyes as he as he confessed his jealously to you. Mikey had to have this front, a wall almost, of never really caring. It was how he had dealt with his brothers, so it was strange to break it down. Like Raph, he would be unsure how to get passed that wall. But when he did, he’d be able to full say to you how he feels. You would walk around him and press yourself to him, wrapping your arms round his neck, pulling him into a kiss. He would instantly melt at your touch. When you pulled away, you would assure him it was fine. You said you were getting tutoring from this guy because he was in the lectures good book and he would get better warning about tests and assessments. Something even Donnie cant get. Mikey would laugh before swooping you into his arms.
Donnie would try to rationalise it somehow. He would attempt to look at it from your angle. You were perfectly open about going to see this guy and he had no reason to doubt you. But why did it feel like he was being torn apart?
He’d lock himself in the lab, trying to figure out what the other guy had that he didn’t. He easily came up with a list along with a list as to why you would be better off alone in his eyes. He wanted to show you off, to treat you to romantic meals in fancy restaurants, to stroll down a sidewalk with you on his arm. But he couldn’t. in his eyes, he would never give you what you deserve.
So when you come along one night, he would pull you into his lab, his mind trying to memorise your face. He would watch as your eyes widened as he said the words he had always thought. “you’re better off without me.” He had prepared himself for you to start crying but you did something completely unexpected. You didn’t cover your eyes and run, screaming you didn’t want to see him again. You just stared at him, your eyes welling with tears and muttered “Are you breaking up with me?”. Donnie could hear the fear in your voice and the pain in your eyes. But he couldn’t bring himself to say the words. So he would say again you would be better off without him. You would look down, search the ground for something then look back at him. “And you?” You would ask, taking him by surprise. Donnie tried to say something. To be as flippant as Raph or as carless as Mikey but he just couldn’t. He could never deny his feelings for you. “I’ll always love you.” He mumbled, looking to the ground. Then something would crash against his lips. You threw yourself at him, smashing your lips to his in a heated kiss which broke him. He couldn’t leave you. He couldn’t just let you go. It would be that night, after you told him how much he meant to you, that he vowed never to take you for granted. He would fight for you.

Silence (M) // Park Jimin

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Genre: Smut, Angst

Summary//Request: You’ve been giving Jimin some serious silent treatment, and he ends up giving you a reason to use your voice.

Please note that this scenario is rated M for MATURE as it contains smut, hair pulling, breath play, unprotected sex.

“Baby, I already told you I’m sorry…how much longer are you gonna keep up the silent treatment?” you saw Jimin’s face appear in the reflection of your mirror as you sat down at your vanity, calmly brushing your hair and removing your earrings – completely ignoring his entire existence.

“(Y/N)…” he whispered in your ear as his eyes glimmered with devilish infatuation before pressing his plump lips along your neckline – to which you shooed him away, standing up abruptly and almost knocking him to the floor as you began walking into the bathroom to change into your pyjamas. Jimin flopped down on to the bed in frustration, ready to tear his hair out after a full, painstaking 4 hours of being ignored by his girlfriend – you.

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I saw you wanted some prompts, could you write something about their first date if you have time? Something super romantic since the fandom seems to be in meltdown again, Thank you so much!

date night

He’s not wearing a tie. He’d made that perfectly clear when Robert had suggested they go into town. He’s done enough tie-wearing to last him a lifetime in the last few months. Also, he hadn’t even pulled a face when Robert had used the word date, so. Fair’s fair.

He does put a shirt on. Because he’s not a total waste of space and it’s worth it to see the look on Robert’s face when rolls the sleeves up to his elbows.

He lets Robert drive.

The sun is starting to think about setting, low and in their eyes. Robert fiddles with the radio, twitchy, before giving up and flicking it off.

Aaron doesn’t mind the quiet.

He watches Robert drum his fingers on the steering wheel. It’ll never get old, seeing him wear the ring Aaron put there. It keeps catching in the fading light, keeps making him notice. He doesn’t mind that either.

Robert keeps drumming.

“You do know I’m sure thing yeah?” Aaron asks, he’s smirking and he can’t help it.

Robert quirks an eyebrow. “You what?”

“You. Acting all nervous and stuff. We’re only going for some food.”

Robert rolls his eyes, flicks the indicator with his little finger and doesn’t answer until he’s pulled onto the main road.

“It’s our first proper date though, isn’t it? I want it to go well.”

Which, seriously. “We’re married.”


Aaron flounders. “Just. Who cares if it goes well? And as if it’s our first date.”

They do stuff together all the time. They live together.

“Really?” Robert says, eyebrows up. “When did we last go out for a romantic meal? Just the two of us? Wine, candlelight, all that?”

“I’m not drinking wine,” Aaron says. Because he’s an arsehole who can’t keep his mouth shut.

“Yeah, because that was my point,” Robert doesn’t take his eyes of the road. “Am I not allowed to want to have a nice time with you? After everything.”

Aaron sighs. He’s doing it again. “Course you are. Sorry, I’m being an idiot. I just…” he shrugs, helpless.

Robert nods anyway. “I know.”

Aaron smiles, even though Robert’s not looking, doesn’t shrug him off when Robert spreads a palm across his thigh. Links their fingers together instead.

He doesn’t tell Robert it’s going to go well. He doesn’t need to.


It goes alright.

Robert makes him try the wine, which is awful; and his risotto, which is not.

There is candlelight and Aaron would be a liar if he said Robert wasn’t a bit good looking lit by dancing shadows. 

The restaurant is small, busy but intimate. There’s a tablecloth and too many forks. The waiter flirts with Aaron until Robert’s white knuckling his wine glass and his eyes are vicious.

It’s not awkward like the handful of other dates Aaron has been on, but that’s probably because they’re bloody married and talk to each other every day.

Still, it is nice to have Robert’s undivided attention for a couple of hours. And if they split the cheesecake for dessert, well, there’s no one there to comment on it.

He lets Robert pay and then lets him steer him out onto the street with a hand at the small of his back.

It’s nice.


It starts to rain on the way back to the car. It’s pretty light, more of a mist in the air. After the wine and the beer and the hot restaurant, it’s actually quite nice.

Aaron tips his face into it and reaches out for Robert’s hand because he feels happy. Carefree and weightless and he wants to touch him.

Robert’s kind enough not to comment, always is. It’s not often Aaron holds his hand for anything other than a bit of extra strength. It feels better doing it just because.

“So, did you have a good time?” Aaron asks when they reach the car. He rocks back on his heels to lean against the passenger window, smiles up at Robert when he steps in close.

It’s dark out, only a couple of people hurrying by, huddled under umbrellas. The street is sparkling wet and Robert’s eyes are dancing.

“I did,” Robert nods, grins. “Thanks for going along with it, I know it’s not really your scene.”

Aaron shakes his head. “It was good. I could probably get used to being romanced.”

Robert leans in, teasing. “What happened to you being a sure thing?”

Aaron would tell him to shut up if they weren’t already kissing. It’s soft, pretty tame for Robert but they are in the street.

Aaron curls his fingers in the shoulders of Robert’s jacket anyway, holds him close, takes his weight. He’s always liked the feeling of Robert’s chest up against his own.

Cold air rushes in when Robert steps back and Aaron remembers they’re getting slowly soaked. Robert’s hair looks ridiculous already.

“We should probably get back,” he says, regretfully.

Robert nods, gives him one more kiss, says, “I love you.”

Aaron smiles at him, feels it through his whole body. Like Robert loving him is a part of him now. Maybe it is.

“I love you.” It’s so simple sometimes, how easy it is.

Aaron turns to open the car door, breaks the moment. “Come on then. If you walk me to my door, I might think about inviting you in for a coffee.”

Robert’s laughing when he eases himself into the drivers seat. “Is that so?”

Aaron shakes his head, feels happy all the way to his toes. “No. I mean sex. And put your foot down, all this romance is really doing it for me.”

He’s probably only half joking. But Robert doesn’t need to know that.

  • Negan when anybody is locked in one of his cells: *Blasts 'Easy Street' by The Collapsable Hearts Club and feeds the prisoner a dog food sandwich in the dark*
  • Negan when Rick is locked in one of his cells: *Blasts 'Let's Get It On' by Marvin Gaye and feeds Rick a romantic meal of terrine de foie grais, filet mignons with borderlais sauce and creme brulee by candlelight*
Elliot And Eeyore

A/N ignore the dates, yeah.

Spencer x Reader

You hated this time of year. Valentines day and the run up to it. It just reminded you that you were hopelessly single. You’d spent Valentines day alone for the last five years and whilst you weren’t exactly pining after having a boyfriend, this time of year only served to remind you that you didn’t have anyone. Well, what you meant was that you didn’t have anyone to cuddle up to and spoon at night. You didn’t have anyone to cook romantic meals for and vice versa. You didn’t have anyone who’s oversized sweaters you could steal and curl up in, and you didn’t have anyone to kiss and hug amongst other things.

The book shop that you’d inherited from your grandparents and had worked in since you were eighteen had been decorated with pink balloons, faux rose petals scattered over displays. Men were coming in on an almost hourly basis, looking sheepish as they picked up the latest ‘sexy’ book or erotic thriller that were all the rage these days for woman. Or at least men thought so. You personally would much rather someone present you with a classic or a good autobiography rather than one of those types of books. Not that there was anything fundamentally wrong with them, you’d read your fair share and they definitely had certain perks, you were just sure that their partners would appreciate something a little bit more romantic as a Valentines Day gift.

The chime above door the sounded and you looked up from the book you were reading, nestled behind the counter. It was quiet in the store right now and your assistant and friend Jess was taking her lunch break in the back. A familiar face met yours, the face of a man who’d been frequenting the shop for the last five months or so, someone you actually looked forward to seeing although you never did know when you’d see him again.

The mans name was Spencer, you’d found that out a few weeks after he’d starting coming in and had asked you if you could track down a certain book for him. You could and you had, and the two of you had started casually chatting, continuing the conversations each time he came in. He worked for FBI he’d told you during on of the chats, which explained why sometimes he’d be in almost daily on his way home from work but then you could go three weeks in a row with seeing him at all. He was nice, funny and sweet, with a love of literature which mirrored yours. And the pace at which he seemed to devour books was fascinating.

Spencer gave you a shy smile when he entered and mooched around the store for a while, just browsing. He was the only customer in there currently. After around ten minutes or so, he came up to the cash desk with two books in his hands. You rang them up and handed them to him, watching him place them directly into his messenger bag like he always did, before pushing his hair back behind his ear.

“I’ve not seen you for a few weeks, big case at work?” you knew he couldn’t talk to you directly about what he dealt with but you knew he was somewhat important. He was Googleable, and you didn’t know many people personally who were.

“Yup. We just got back this morning. I’m on my way home to relax for a well earned break.”

He did look tired now he was up close, shadows under his eyes and a light scruff covering his jawline. A jawline that could very easily cut glass. He bit his lower lip, looking uncomfortable and like he wanted to ask something.

“So erm….You’re open on Sunday? That’s Valentines Day right?”

“Yep. It’s not like I have any other plans, and there’s always guys needing to buy last minute gifts.” You were only opening 12pm until 3pm anyway, you deserved an early finish.

“Is Elliot not taking you out?” he asked quietly, his eyes flickering away and then back to you.

“Elliot? My cat?” now you were confused.

“Elliot’s your cat? Oh! The way you talk sometimes…. He’s just your cat. So you don’t have a boyfriend?” Spencer still sounded cautious but there was something else in his voice that you couldn’t pin point.

“Nope. Young, free and single.”

A smile that could have melted chocolate it was so warm and bright crossed Spencer’s face then and he laughed. He chatted for a few more minutes before making his excuses and leaving.


On Thursday the store had been open for an hour when a flower delivery girl walked in with hugest bunch of roses and violets that you’d ever seen.

“Are you Y/F/N?” she came straight up to the desk and you nodded, accepting the bouquet. The girl grinned as you signed for the flowers.

“Someone’s a lucky lady” she folded the sheet and tucked it in her bag, leaving you surprised.

“Who the hell are they from?” Jess bounded over, her eyes wide in excitement.

“I haven’t got a clue,“ you scanned the bouquet, spotting a card tucked away.

“Roses are red
Violets are blue
I come in here so often
Just to see you”

“Oh my God you have a secret admirer! This is awesome, who do you think it is?”

You weren’t sure. There was someone you hoped it would be but you didn’t dare let yourself think it could be them. You didn’t want to be horribly disappointed.

The next day at around the same time another delivery girl walked in, this time from the bakery up the road. You knew her, you frequented it often and she grinned as she handed you a cake box.

“Please tell me who it is” you begged her and she laughed.

“Hell no. That’s what Valentines is all about isn’t it. Secret admirers and all that. All I will say is that, Damn girl. He’s pretty hot.”

She left and you opened the box, Jess stood besides you. There were six cupcakes in the box each decorated with tiny frosted books on top of them. They were so adorable that you didn’t want to eat them, smacking Jess’s hand away when she reached for one.

You couldn’t help but smile, a warm and fuzzy feeling building inside you.

On Saturday, you opened the front door to the shop in the morning to find a wrapped box with your name on a card. It hadn’t been there ten minutes ago when you’d knelt by the letter box to collect the morning post, which made you think that he was nearby and watching.

You took the box back to the cash desk and opened it, revealing a ceramic money box in the shape of Eeyore from the Winnie The Pooh books. Another typed card was placed in the box.

“You said once during a conversation that you loved these books as a child and that you wanted to save so you could visit England and go to Ashdown Forest, the real life setting. Now you can start your own hundred acre woods fund.”

Had you said that? It was true, they were your favourite childhood books and it was one of your goals to visit and travel all over England, and visiting that forest was on your list of places to go whilst you were there. You couldn’t recall having this conversation with anyone though, at least not recently. It was generally only children you talked to about Pooh Bear and his friends.

Curious, very very curious.


Valentines day itself came and you opened the store as planned, doing a decent trade up until 2pm and then the customers fizzling out. You were on edge all day, having taken extra care with your appearance in the morning, sure that your secret admirer would make an appearance today.

As it was a Sunday and you were only opening for three hours Jess wasn’t in, and at ten to three you started straightening up the store, feeling slightly disappointed that whoever it was, hadn’t made an appearance. At three you locked the door and flipped the sign to closed, turning to head back to the desk and jumping when a sharp rapping came from the glass behind you.

You spun around slowly to see a very nervous looking Spencer standing the other side of the locked door, a picnic basket in his hand and a picnic blanket thrown over one arm.

Yes yes Yes!

Your lips twitched into a smile as you unlocked the door again and held it open for him.


“Hi,” his voice faltered slightly as he stepped inside.

“You’re aware that I’m closed, right?” you were nearly certain that he wasn’t here to buy a book but you also didn’t want to blurt anything out and make a fool out of yourself.

“I know. I’ve been waiting for you to close.”

“Any particular reason, Spencer?”

His cheeks flushed in the most adorably endearing way and shuffled his feet.

“Erm…. I thought…. Maybe…. We could have an indoor picnic. Or an outdoor one, but it’s pretty cold outside.”

“Please tell me the flowers were you. And the cupcakes. And the beautiful money box? Please don’t let them be somebody else.”

“It was me. Did you… Did you like them?” he took a step closer to you and you mirrored him.

“I’ve never had anyone send me Valentines gifts before, even when I was in a relationship. It’s honestly the most romantic thing anyone’s ever done for me, and I hoped and prayed it was you but I didn’t want to let myself believe it until I knew. I didn’t want to be disappointed.”

He smiled at you and you beamed back.

“I… I would have tried to ask you out sooner but I thought… Well, I thought you had a boyfriend called Elliot. And when you didn’t, and it was four days from Valentines Day, I figured I’d try to use it to my advantage and to try and win you over.”

“Well it worked. Consider me well and truly won over, although I kinda was before. I always looked forward to your visits Spencer, they brighten up my week. One thing though… Did we ever really speak about Winnie The Pooh? That threw me.”

“I overhead you talking to a small child one day and it stuck in my mind like almost everything I’ve heard you say does.”

“Well it was so sweet and adorable and…. I could literally ramble right now about how warm and fuzzy I’m feeling but I’m kinda making an idiot of myself already so…. An indoor picnic you say? In here?”

Spencer nodded and shook the blanket out. “We both love books so it seemed fitting. There is kinda one thing I have to ask though, just because of what today is.”

“Go on then.”

“Y/N.. Will you…. Will you be my Valentine?”

“There’s nothing more I want to be right now, Spencer.”

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#2 + victor

Cooking headcanon

i headcanon victor as being a competent cook, maybe having had to take care of himself before he really started making money, and also being very conscientious of his diet during the skating season.  but maybe he was operating in survival mode for a while after he did start making money, and he was getting thinner and thinner, and sick too often, and yakov discovered that he was basically living off of green smoothies and fried eggs with kolbasa and was like, vitya u numbnuts, u have money, get a fucking chef!! 

(yuuri still thinks that victor shyly serving him fried eggs with kolbasa for breakfast in bed is the most romantic meal he’s ever had in his life)

Fluffy valentine’s day scenario, because I wanted to write something for Valentine’s day and I chose Genji cause he’s my fav

You woke up early, excited for the day. Today was Valentine’s day and you had something special planned. As the day approached you had realized that you didn’t know if Valentine’s Day was even celebrated in Japan. So you had looked it up and discover that it was traditional for women to give men chocolate on that day, and the chocolate was often handmade. That decided what you would be doing. You asked Angela for a personal day (like quite a few other agents were doing), Which she readily agreed to. Everyone had been hard and she didn’t mind people taking off Valentine’s to be with their significant others.

Thanking God that you had one of the quarters with a small kitchen in it, you got out the chocolate making supplies. You didn’t have to worry about Genji coming and interrupting you since he had volunteered to a training exercise for some of the new recruits.

3 ½ hours later you had succeeded, and you had a batch of delicious chocolate to give your boyfriend and another to share with friends. You went around to your friends, giving them small boxes of chocolate. You gave them to Angela, Mei, Lucio, and even Hanzo; and left them at the quarters of Jesse, Lena, and most of the others since they were out.

A little before the mess hall started serving dinner you saw a line of the recruits Genji had been training walking to their quarters sporting various bruises. You smiled to yourself as you walked down the hall; everyone who came to Overwatch was skilled, but not many could keep up the ninja cyborg.

Since the training was over you decided to go find him since you hadn’t talked to him all day, and you had the chocolate. But he wasn’t at the training ground, his quarters, or anywhere also you searched. You finally saw Zenyatta and asked him if he knew where Genji was.

“Have you tried the cliffside?” was the omnics only suggestion.

“No, I haven’t, I’ll try there next. Thank you!“ you had no idea why Genji might be by the cliffside but Zenyatta knew Genji better than anyone, even you. He wouldn’t suggest the cliffside if he didn’t think it was a good idea. So that’s where you headed.

The cliffs overlooked the ocean, providing a view that was both breathtakingly beautiful and terrifying as the water at the cliff base was full of sharp rocks. But there was no sign of Genji. You were about to head back to base when two hands suddenly covered your eyes and a familiar voice said “There you are, you finally showed up.”

“I didn’t know you were waiting for me,” you told Genji as you put your hands over his to try and move them away from your eyes.

“I asked Zenyatta to direct you this way, I have a surprise for you. And no, you can’t look yet,” he told as you tried in vain to move his hands. He kept one hand over your eyes and took your hand in his other and led you slowly along the path. As you walked you asked him where you were going, still conscious of the wrapped gift of chocolate that was in your hand.

A few minutes later you stopped and Genji took his hand off your eyes. In front of you was a table tables set for two in the middle of one of the groves of trees that grew on the cliffs. The table was set to be simple but gorgeous with wildflowers decorating it.

You turned to your boyfriend, “Genji it’s beautiful!”

“I’m glad you like it, [Name].”

“I do, but you didn’t have to, I know it’s not traditional in Japa-” you cut yourself, not wanting to reveal that you had also been thinking about the holiday, but you were too late.

“How do you know what’s traditional in Japan?” he asked with a teasing smirk.

“I know how to look things things up the Internet,” you told him. “Speaking of…” not seeing a better opportunity than now you held out the wrapped chocolate to him.

He looked at you, but you couldn’t tell what his face looked like under the mask as he opened the package. He looked the chocolate then back at you then back at the chocolate. “[Name], you didn’t have to…” the next moment he was hugging you, “But I am not sorry you did.”

You hugged him back, “Dinner looks delicious.” He let you go, led you to the table, and pulled out your chair for you. After you were seated he sat in the other chair and took off his mask, letting you see his face.

The grin on his face mirrored your own as you started the romantic meal he had prepared.