romantic meals


- Someone I can cuddle for hours at a time

- Someone I can kiss at random times

- Someone I can take out on dates; seeing a movie, romantic walks, candlelit dinners, massages in bed

- Someone I can listen to, and help

- Someone I can love…

If these describe you, please apply by messaging me and loving me immediately.

PS. Not actually expecting anything from this haha, I’m impossible to love.

Preference .. How they surprise you on Valentine's Day (Twilight)

Emmett Cullen:

Emmett would take take out to a romantic restaurant for a romantic meal. Although for obvious reasons he doesn’t actually eat. He also spoils you with lots of presents. Lots of expensive presents.

Carlisle Cullen:

Carlisle cooks dinner for you. Again for obvious reasons he doesn’t eat. He wouldn’t spoil you with presents, but he would buy you one expensive gift. An engagement ring.

Jacob Black:

Jacob would spoil you with presents. He would use the money that he makes from doing up, and selling motorbikes, to buy you lots of presents.

Seth Clearwater:

Seth wouldn’t go crazy with presents. He would buy you things that he thinks you will appreciate. Things that will last forever. And things that will always make you remember him.

Dating Jennie

do what dating jennie would be like !!

Dating Jennie would include:

  • She’s an adorable little bean
  • She would definitely cuddle you a lot
  • Like a lot
  • She’d be the type to stop you from getting out of bed because she wants to cuddle
  • She would have you in her arms most of the time
  • She would have you cuddling into her side and it would be amazing
  • She gives me such cute girlfriend vibes
  • Lots of cute dates
  • Like wandering around Seoul in the evening
  • Drinking coffee
  • Talking about anything and everything
  • Or
  • Full on fancy meals
  • All dressed up
  • Loving, romantic meal for the both of you
  • She would bring you to the dorms occasionally if either you or the other girls asked
  • I feel like she would want their approval of you
  • A great weight would be lifted off her shoulders when they did
  • Skinship would be a big thing
  • Like you were always touching in one form or another
  • In public it would be things like her arm around your waist lightly and kissing you on the cheek occasionally
  • In private (or around the other girls) she would like to have you on her lap quite a bit
  • If not she’d have you squished to her side
  • You would always be holding hands
  • If you didn’t know Korean that well she would definitely try and help you learn it or she’d learn bits of your language
  • She would love if you randomly spoke Korean too her
  • She would find it really touching
  • She would rap about you
  • Not serious raps
  • Silly stupid raps that sound like they were made by a 4 year old
  • An overall really loving, cuddly, playful relationship

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Elliot And Eeyore

A/N ignore the dates, yeah.

Spencer x Reader

You hated this time of year. Valentines day and the run up to it. It just reminded you that you were hopelessly single. You’d spent Valentines day alone for the last five years and whilst you weren’t exactly pining after having a boyfriend, this time of year only served to remind you that you didn’t have anyone. Well, what you meant was that you didn’t have anyone to cuddle up to and spoon at night. You didn’t have anyone to cook romantic meals for and vice versa. You didn’t have anyone who’s oversized sweaters you could steal and curl up in, and you didn’t have anyone to kiss and hug amongst other things.

The book shop that you’d inherited from your grandparents and had worked in since you were eighteen had been decorated with pink balloons, faux rose petals scattered over displays. Men were coming in on an almost hourly basis, looking sheepish as they picked up the latest ‘sexy’ book or erotic thriller that were all the rage these days for woman. Or at least men thought so. You personally would much rather someone present you with a classic or a good autobiography rather than one of those types of books. Not that there was anything fundamentally wrong with them, you’d read your fair share and they definitely had certain perks, you were just sure that their partners would appreciate something a little bit more romantic as a Valentines Day gift.

The chime above door the sounded and you looked up from the book you were reading, nestled behind the counter. It was quiet in the store right now and your assistant and friend Jess was taking her lunch break in the back. A familiar face met yours, the face of a man who’d been frequenting the shop for the last five months or so, someone you actually looked forward to seeing although you never did know when you’d see him again.

The mans name was Spencer, you’d found that out a few weeks after he’d starting coming in and had asked you if you could track down a certain book for him. You could and you had, and the two of you had started casually chatting, continuing the conversations each time he came in. He worked for FBI he’d told you during on of the chats, which explained why sometimes he’d be in almost daily on his way home from work but then you could go three weeks in a row with seeing him at all. He was nice, funny and sweet, with a love of literature which mirrored yours. And the pace at which he seemed to devour books was fascinating.

Spencer gave you a shy smile when he entered and mooched around the store for a while, just browsing. He was the only customer in there currently. After around ten minutes or so, he came up to the cash desk with two books in his hands. You rang them up and handed them to him, watching him place them directly into his messenger bag like he always did, before pushing his hair back behind his ear.

“I’ve not seen you for a few weeks, big case at work?” you knew he couldn’t talk to you directly about what he dealt with but you knew he was somewhat important. He was Googleable, and you didn’t know many people personally who were.

“Yup. We just got back this morning. I’m on my way home to relax for a well earned break.”

He did look tired now he was up close, shadows under his eyes and a light scruff covering his jawline. A jawline that could very easily cut glass. He bit his lower lip, looking uncomfortable and like he wanted to ask something.

“So erm….You’re open on Sunday? That’s Valentines Day right?”

“Yep. It’s not like I have any other plans, and there’s always guys needing to buy last minute gifts.” You were only opening 12pm until 3pm anyway, you deserved an early finish.

“Is Elliot not taking you out?” he asked quietly, his eyes flickering away and then back to you.

“Elliot? My cat?” now you were confused.

“Elliot’s your cat? Oh! The way you talk sometimes…. He’s just your cat. So you don’t have a boyfriend?” Spencer still sounded cautious but there was something else in his voice that you couldn’t pin point.

“Nope. Young, free and single.”

A smile that could have melted chocolate it was so warm and bright crossed Spencer’s face then and he laughed. He chatted for a few more minutes before making his excuses and leaving.


On Thursday the store had been open for an hour when a flower delivery girl walked in with hugest bunch of roses and violets that you’d ever seen.

“Are you Y/F/N?” she came straight up to the desk and you nodded, accepting the bouquet. The girl grinned as you signed for the flowers.

“Someone’s a lucky lady” she folded the sheet and tucked it in her bag, leaving you surprised.

“Who the hell are they from?” Jess bounded over, her eyes wide in excitement.

“I haven’t got a clue,“ you scanned the bouquet, spotting a card tucked away.

“Roses are red
Violets are blue
I come in here so often
Just to see you”

“Oh my God you have a secret admirer! This is awesome, who do you think it is?”

You weren’t sure. There was someone you hoped it would be but you didn’t dare let yourself think it could be them. You didn’t want to be horribly disappointed.

The next day at around the same time another delivery girl walked in, this time from the bakery up the road. You knew her, you frequented it often and she grinned as she handed you a cake box.

“Please tell me who it is” you begged her and she laughed.

“Hell no. That’s what Valentines is all about isn’t it. Secret admirers and all that. All I will say is that, Damn girl. He’s pretty hot.”

She left and you opened the box, Jess stood besides you. There were six cupcakes in the box each decorated with tiny frosted books on top of them. They were so adorable that you didn’t want to eat them, smacking Jess’s hand away when she reached for one.

You couldn’t help but smile, a warm and fuzzy feeling building inside you.

On Saturday, you opened the front door to the shop in the morning to find a wrapped box with your name on a card. It hadn’t been there ten minutes ago when you’d knelt by the letter box to collect the morning post, which made you think that he was nearby and watching.

You took the box back to the cash desk and opened it, revealing a ceramic money box in the shape of Eeyore from the Winnie The Pooh books. Another typed card was placed in the box.

“You said once during a conversation that you loved these books as a child and that you wanted to save so you could visit England and go to Ashdown Forest, the real life setting. Now you can start your own hundred acre woods fund.”

Had you said that? It was true, they were your favourite childhood books and it was one of your goals to visit and travel all over England, and visiting that forest was on your list of places to go whilst you were there. You couldn’t recall having this conversation with anyone though, at least not recently. It was generally only children you talked to about Pooh Bear and his friends.

Curious, very very curious.


Valentines day itself came and you opened the store as planned, doing a decent trade up until 2pm and then the customers fizzling out. You were on edge all day, having taken extra care with your appearance in the morning, sure that your secret admirer would make an appearance today.

As it was a Sunday and you were only opening for three hours Jess wasn’t in, and at ten to three you started straightening up the store, feeling slightly disappointed that whoever it was, hadn’t made an appearance. At three you locked the door and flipped the sign to closed, turning to head back to the desk and jumping when a sharp rapping came from the glass behind you.

You spun around slowly to see a very nervous looking Spencer standing the other side of the locked door, a picnic basket in his hand and a picnic blanket thrown over one arm.

Yes yes Yes!

Your lips twitched into a smile as you unlocked the door again and held it open for him.


“Hi,” his voice faltered slightly as he stepped inside.

“You’re aware that I’m closed, right?” you were nearly certain that he wasn’t here to buy a book but you also didn’t want to blurt anything out and make a fool out of yourself.

“I know. I’ve been waiting for you to close.”

“Any particular reason, Spencer?”

His cheeks flushed in the most adorably endearing way and shuffled his feet.

“Erm…. I thought…. Maybe…. We could have an indoor picnic. Or an outdoor one, but it’s pretty cold outside.”

“Please tell me the flowers were you. And the cupcakes. And the beautiful money box? Please don’t let them be somebody else.”

“It was me. Did you… Did you like them?” he took a step closer to you and you mirrored him.

“I’ve never had anyone send me Valentines gifts before, even when I was in a relationship. It’s honestly the most romantic thing anyone’s ever done for me, and I hoped and prayed it was you but I didn’t want to let myself believe it until I knew. I didn’t want to be disappointed.”

He smiled at you and you beamed back.

“I… I would have tried to ask you out sooner but I thought… Well, I thought you had a boyfriend called Elliot. And when you didn’t, and it was four days from Valentines Day, I figured I’d try to use it to my advantage and to try and win you over.”

“Well it worked. Consider me well and truly won over, although I kinda was before. I always looked forward to your visits Spencer, they brighten up my week. One thing though… Did we ever really speak about Winnie The Pooh? That threw me.”

“I overhead you talking to a small child one day and it stuck in my mind like almost everything I’ve heard you say does.”

“Well it was so sweet and adorable and…. I could literally ramble right now about how warm and fuzzy I’m feeling but I’m kinda making an idiot of myself already so…. An indoor picnic you say? In here?”

Spencer nodded and shook the blanket out. “We both love books so it seemed fitting. There is kinda one thing I have to ask though, just because of what today is.”

“Go on then.”

“Y/N.. Will you…. Will you be my Valentine?”

“There’s nothing more I want to be right now, Spencer.”

Headcanons with RFA + V on MC's birthday

V did nothing wrong and I love him 


-Yoosung has spent so long preparing for this day. He has eaten nothing but breakfast food for the last three days because he wants to make sure he can make a perfect breakfast in bed for MC 

-Lets them sleep in after breakfast and goes to their morning class to take notes for the both of them (when he spaces out in class he starts to doodle in the margins little doodles of himself making puns about the material for MC) 

-Along with getting MC a birthday cake, Yoosung also impulse buys an entire tub of icing 

 -He gets MC a shooting star necklace for their birthday so that “he can be next to their heart always” and he spends 5 days acquiring a super rare piece of armour in LOLOL to gift MC on their birthday


-Zen has a show on MC’s birthday and but they make the best of it 

-MC ends up having a birthday party with the cast and then a romantic late night meal with Zen (he spent a week swallowing his pride to ask Jumin to recommend a private chef they could commission for the night) 

-When Zen takes his bows at the end of his shows he traditionally blows a kiss into the crowd tonight’s is explicitly directed at MC 


-The costumes department goes super hard core on MC. They’re the guest of honour so they get to pick the costume of their choice to wear during the party. 

-Just as the party is winding down everyone heads up to the empty stage and Zen and his castmates spontaneously pass MC a script. Suddenly they’re the love interest in a short 10 minute play Zen wrote play in secret and like the whole cast is singing at them WHAT IS HAPPENING




-Jaehee bakes MC’s birthday cake but she tries to be super stealthy about it (she makes an elaborate cake with like 5 different layers and she tries to subtly ask MC what their favourite flavours are) 

-OKAY SO I KNOW YOU’D PROBABLY THINK JAEHEE SCHEDULED THEIR DAY OUT DOWN TO THE MINUTE BUT she doesn’t. She’s like no we’ve spent far too long struggling around my schedule and TODAY WILL BE SPONTANEOUS AND RELAXED 

-You end up going to a carnival and JUST 

-Jaehee vs. carnival games the test of strength GET WRECKED You end up leaving with enough teddy bears that Jaehee suggests you donate some to the local children’s hospital what an angel we’re not worthy 


-ROSES ROSES EVERYWHERE (The apartment is covered in Gatsby amounts of roses) 

-He dressed up Elizabeth in a ribbon collar so that even she is dressed up for MC’s special day (He’s wearing an even fancier suit than normal - it’s got tails) 

-Rents out a private room in MC’s favourite restaurant so that they can enjoy dinner in peace while looking out at the city 

-Okay so Jumin doesn’t buy you a gift because he wants you to pick out your gift 

-If you ask him why he responds “If I were to pick out what I wanted to give you, I would end up trying to wrap the world”



-MC wakes up to find a laptop open at the foot of their bed and a video game of Seven’s creation playing 

-When they hit enter they realize they’ve entered a choose your own adventure game 

-The game avatar (a pixelated MC) has a choice of going through 3 doors 

-Red, Blue, or Black (If they pick Red MC and Seven end up going to the go-kart track, Blue they go to a water park, Black they go to a zoo

-Seven couldn’t decide where they should go so he lets MC decide) 





-He rented a surprise orchestra that will serenade MC and him when they go for a walk that night (He’s trying so hard to not check his phone and he’s internally such a mess because he’s got to make sure that MC is in the park near their apartment at 7 pm sharp) 

-Jumin helped book the orchestra so he ends up following them on their walk to give V the thumbs up that everything is still on 



-He got his surgery awhile ago so that he would be recovered enough to enjoy MC’s birthday with them (He wakes up just staring lovingly into their eyes and noticing the little details on their face) 

-He’s made a collage of all the best photos of them together and got it printed on canvas so they can hang it in their apartment 

Much Ado

Requested by Anonymous: Could you do a long Daryl imagine were Carol and Rick set yous up? Like yous get on great and yous like each other but won’t say so, so they like make plans to get yous doing runs and stuff together and then eventually plan an dinner were Carol asks you over and Rick gets him to go saying it’s just them three and they both ditch yous two so it’s yous alone having a romantic meal????

Much Ado

“Daryl!” You half-shout, running across the store and waving the box above your head.

“What is it?” He asks, taking the box from your hands, then looking back up with a smile when he reads the label. “Deer jerky?”

“Jackpot!” You high-five him. “That’s just one box, too. There’s a whole crate over there.”

“Jackpot’s right.” Daryl puts the box in his backpack. “We should see if we can fit the crate in the back of the car.”

You nod and show him to where you found the crate. “And to think you didn’t want to come with me today.”

“Don’t you think it’s a little ridiculous how often Rick’s sending us out though?” Daryl asks as you lift the crate together and begin to walk it towards the car. “I just wanna take a nap.”

You shrug a little. “We’re kind of still at war with the Governor, you know. Until we find him dead, he could still be a threat. So, I guess Rick feels like we need to stay stocked up at all times.”

Daryl helps you heave the crate into the back of the car. “Well, we’ve been out here every day this week. Tomorrow, I’m sleeping in.”


“How’d the run go?” Carol asked when you got back to your cell at the prison.

“Good.” You shrug. “I’m exhausted, though. We’ve been out there four days in a row now, so I’m hoping Rick will give Daryl and I a break tomorrow.” You flop down on your bed and sigh with relief as you stretch out.

“Hey, Y/N,” Daryl sticks his head into your cell, “Rick wants our help on the fence.”

You groan and press the heels of your hands into your eyes. “Tell Rick to shove it.”

“Nah.” Daryl shakes his head. “You can, but I like all my teeth where they are.”

“Daryl, we just got back. Can’t Tyreese and Glenn handle it?”

“We’ve all got our jobs.” Carol says as she shrugs and walks out of the room.

You groan loudly before swinging yourself out of bed and follow Daryl outside. “Geez, so much for a break.” You say as you and Daryl begin stabbing walkers on the fence.

“At least we’ll sleep well tonight.” Daryl shrugs, stabbing another walker and watching it drop to the ground.

“I might even skip dinner and just go to bed.” You mumble.

Daryl’s knife got stuck in the walker he was disposing of, and as he pulled it out, he stumbled into you. “Watch where you’re going.” You teased, pushing him a little.

“Watch where you’re standing,” He teased back, pushed you slightly before stabbing another walker.

You rolled your eyes, but laughed anyway, before continuing your work in silence.


You and Daryl worked on clearing the fence around the prison for about two hours, and by the time you began to notice a change in the amount of walkers piled against the wire fencing, it was starting to get dark.

“Wow, you guys really made some progress.” Carol said, coming to stand near you two as you started to pull your gloves off and put your weapons down.

“Thanks.” You say. “We’re going to call it a night now that it’s starting to get dark.”

“Sounds good.” Carol smiled. “Why don’t you both come inside and get some dinner.”

You shake your head. “You two can go ahead. I’m exhausted, and I think I’m just going to go to bed.”

“You can’t skip dinner, Y/N.” Carol says, grabbing both you and Daryl by the elbows and marching you up towards the prison. “Besides, Rick and I waited until you were finished so you wouldn’t have to eat alone. So c’mon, you two, no arguing.”

“I ain’t arguing.” Daryl mumbles. “I’m starving.”

Carol marched the two of you up into the prison and towards the cafeteria doors. When she opened them, Rick was inside the large, empty room, adjusting the plates and candles at a table at the center.

“What’s going on?” You ask as you get closer.

“Dinner.” Rick said with a smile.

“There’s only two plates.” Daryl comments.

“That’s cause there’s only two people eating.” Carol nudges the two of you at the same time.

“I’m still confused.” You say.

Rick starts to laugh, then claps Daryl on the shoulder and says, “We’ve seen the two of you getting closer lately, so we thought we’d give you that final push.” Daryl still looked confused.

“Have a nice evening.” Carol said, releasing your arms and following Rick out of the room.

It’s quiet for a while until Daryl finally says, “The final push for what?”

You sigh. “They’ve set us up on a date.”

“Ah.” Daryl looks at the floor.

“Look, it doesn’t actually have to be a date, Daryl. We can just eat our food and go to bed like originally planned.” You start to walk over to the table and Daryl follows.

“But…” He stands next to the table awkwardly as you sit down and start tearing into your pork chop. He’s rubbing his neck and shuffling his feet, trying to find the words to express what he wanted.

“But what?” You ask, gulping down a drink from your wine glass.

“But what if it was a date?”

You stopped eating and it got really quiet in the room all of a sudden. “Would you want that?” You ask, looking up at him.

Daryl’s face was bright read as he nodded. “Yes. Would you?”

You thought about it for a moment. “Yes.” He smiled and relaxed enough to pull out his chair and sit down. There was awkward silence as you ate and drank and tried to conceptualize the fact that you were on a date in the apocalypse, until finally you said, “Can you believe how ridiculous Rick and Carol have been?”

That broke the tension and Daryl began to laugh. “You’d think they were trying to kill us with all the chores, rather than push us together.”

You laughed along with him and began to joke and laugh and tell stories as you finished up your dinner.


The next morning, you woke up as sunlight streamed in through the entrance of the cell. Daryl’s arms were wrapped tightly around you, his bare chest lightly rising and falling as he slept. The sun wasn’t what had woken you, though. It was the sound of whispering coming from outside the cell.

Half of Daryl’s curtain ‘door’ had fallen down in the night, so anyone walking past could briefly look in and see you lying there in bed. Out in the hallway, Carol was gesturing to someone and trying not to laugh. You heard her whisper, “I told you so!” before she noticed that she had been caught snooping.

“Go away.” You whispered at her, and Carol zipped out of sight quickly.

“Are they gone?” Daryl whispered without opening his eyes.

“Yeah.” You whispered back, kissing his chest.

“Good.” He pulled you closer. “Cause I told you I was sleeping in today.”


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Great Expectations

Spencer x reader

“Don’t be too long baby” you called from the bedroom, having slipped off your cocktail dress to reveal black lace underwear and a matching bra.

It was your two year anniversary and you and Spencer had been out for a romantic meal for two. You were now back at the apartment you both shared ready to get down to all the sexy things you knew you should be doing on your anniversary, although right now you kinda just wanted to sleep. You were podged from the food and a little light headed from the wine, but it was your anniversary. You had to, right?

The girls at work had been teasing you about it all week asking if you had anything special planned and then giggling hysterically when you’d told them you were just going out for food and drinks.

“We didn’t mean that, silly! Do you have anything special planned for afterwards. It’s your anniversary so a night full of hot beautiful banging is on the table right? And you gotta go out wearing some hella sexy undies to tease him”

So you’d gone out and bought some, making sure to leave the Victoria’s Secret bag in full view so that Spencer knew exactly what was coming.

You lay under the bed covers, turning all but one bedside lamp off so that there was a certain ambience to the room. When Spencer walked in from the bathroom a few minutes later, he was rubbing his tummy.

“You okay?” you asked him as he began undressing.

“Just a bit…. full, is all” he drew the covers back, a smile lighting up his face when he saw you laying there in your underwear “….. but I’m definitely ready for some dessert.”

“Thought you might be.”

The pair of you got busy, kissing and cuddling and doing the things that came so naturally and easy to you both. Things which you both normally loved and relished.

Except, after a while, it wasn’t….. working as well as it should be.

“Spence…. Can you move to the left a tiny bit?”

Never one to be offended by your instructions, Spencer shifted his mouth immediately, catching your clit in just the right way and you moaned happily.

But after a few moments, the sensation wasn’t comfortable again and your legs were starting to cramp. You tugged on his hair, bringing him up.

“Everything alright?” he’d obviously clocked your lack of….. vocal appreciation.

“It’s fine.. It’s just… erm, maybe try something else?”

Spencer wasn’t discouraged and set about using his fingers on you, working the outside first before slipping them inside you and thrusting against your sweet spot as he lavished your breasts and nipples with kisses.


There was suddenly a loud noise, like air being expelled and both of you looked at each other in alarm, Spencer stilling his movements.

“Did you just… ” he asked and you felt your cheeks redden.

“That wasn’t me! I thought it was you, you said your tummy hurt after all.”

“Y/N, it definitely wasn’t me.”

“Well I didn’t….. I didn’t…..” you whispered the next word “….. fart.”

Spencer chuckled and retracted his fingers from inside you, wiping them on the bed.

“I didn’t say you did. I think it was air trapped inside your….. erm, well your vagina. I believe some people refer to it as a queef?” He lay down on the mattress besides you, his arm snaking over your tummy.

“You actually know the word for it?”

He nodded. “It’s not the first time it’s happened. I just think it’s the first time it’s been that loud. It’s natural though when you think about what I’m doing. I’m essentially pumping in and……”

“Please don’t, you really don’t need to describe fingering to me. I’m a grown adult, I know what goes on down there. Just…. It’s not a very encouraging noise is all.”

He laughed again and began kissing your neck. “No but some of the other noises you make are very encouraging.”

And so you continued onwards, forgetting about the queef and quickly getting back into the flow of things. After another play around, you were on your hands and knees being taken from behind, Spencer grunting and groaning away but not with his usual enthusiastic momentum. He was slower than normal and you were beginning to get back ache.

You were also beginning to get dry.

“Spencer, go harder. Faster. I want you to cum for me baby” you tried to spur him on using your sexiest voice and he began to increase his pace, pulling almost all of the way out ready to slam back into you again the way you liked it.

But he didn’t. As he pushed in, hard and fast, he slipped out, ramming his cock against the wrong place causing both of you to cry out.

“Mother FUCKER”


You slumped down onto your stomach, rolling over to look at Reid who was holding his penis in his hand, a look of horror on his face.

“Are you okay? Is IT okay?” you scooted closer to check for damage. You’d heard about things snapping in the heat of the moment but luckily it had never happened to either of you before. There wasn’t any blood but Spencer had a pained look on his face, his member losing it’s rigidness quickly.

“It’s okay. It just…. hurts. Somethings just not quite right tonight is it?”

You shook your head, laying down and pulling your boyfriend down next to you, resting your head on his chest.

“No. It’s not like I didn’t want to… Or that you were doing anything wrong. But I think… I dunno. I was a bit uncomfortable to begin with and then the noise happened….. ”

Spencer raised his head so he could look at you.

“Too much rich food, too much alcohol….. and perhaps added pressure because it was our anniversary?”

“Pretty much. And now we’ve broken your penis.”

“It’s not broken…. It might take a day or so to recover though. It’s a bit…. Sore.”

“Yeah well, my vagina is a bit sore too.”

Spencers eyebrows raised and you burst into giggles, thinking how ridiculous this was. It was your anniversary, you were meant to be well and truly shagged out.

Instead you had a sore and chaffed vagina that had ruined the moment with a horrendous noise, and a boyfriend with an almost broken penis.

“Happy anniversary, Spencer” you managed to blurt out through your chuckles.

Luckily, he saw the funny side too, joining in the laughter and then pulling you in for a sweet kiss.

“Happy anniversary, Y/N. I love you.”

“I love you too. Shall we cuddle and get some sleep?”

“That sounds perfect.”


Part 1:

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Thank you for your request anon chan!!!!! This short story is going to be 2 parts because it’s too long _(:з」∠)_ what will these two babes make for your romantic meal~~~let’s see!!!! ( ´▽`) and I’m glad they didn’t destroy the kitchen…

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  • who’s traveled more?
  • who swears more often?
  • who believes in ghosts?
  • who would plant a garden in the backyard?
  • who would paint the walls in the living room an obnoxious color without asking the other?
  • who owns more shoes?
  • who takes up most of the counter space in the bathroom?
  • who’s the big spoon?
  • who has the kinkier fetish? (bonus points: what is the fetish?)
  • who forces the other to recycle?
  • who always leaves their dishes in the sink? who ends up cleaning them?
  • who would be more likely to cook the other a romantic surprise meal?
  • who’s more likely to come home with a romantic gift just because?
  • who’s parents are more controlling?
  • who was more popular in high school?
  • who is more frugal?