romantic lanterns


Headcanon that if Hal and Barry were in high school Hal would pass nasty love notes to barry and watch him get all flustered in class where he’s not able to say anything or be loud, but I bet barry gets him back after class, rip Hal lol, I also headcanon that Hal is the master at making paper airplanes and origami


The last night of the flower festival is a bitter sweet one. The shops have little left to offer, and everything they have left is marked down in price. The food stands close early, already packing up their equipment to take home. The flower garden is close, a rope warding off people attempting to enter. The pokemon inside are beginning to scatter back to their original homes, but they are forever grateful of the new friends they have made in the garden.

As the day comes to a close, the night begins. A large patio, one almost the span of the festival appears. At the edges of the patio are large oak that cover the entire rim. It is as though they have been grown in a only a few short hours. Their branches are covered in hundreds of thousands of lights. Fairy lights that sway in the breeze, lanterns ranging from wine bottles to paper lights hanging from it’s branches. The far corners of the dance old small, round tables with large floral center pieces inviting guests to take a moment to rest.

Music can be heard from outside the fairy ring, soft yet undeniable. Along with it is laughter, and the twinkling of lights that offer refuge for one more last night of fun.

        Welcome to the Flower Festival’s Spring Dance.

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