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Griffith Park is a large urban park located in Los Angeles, and is the home to a world-renowned observatory, a popular zoo, and also the infamous “Hollywood” sign. It’s also said to be the most haunted park in the world, having been the scene of a number of paranormal events.

Probably the most well known ghost which lurks in this park is that of Don Antonio Feliz, the original owner of the land. Legend says that his niece, Dona Petranilla, became extremely broke after not inheriting any money from her uncle following his death. It’s said that she placed a curse on this plot of land which was said to follow each successive owner. Allegedly the ghosts of both Don and Dona aren’t peaceful, either, and on one occasion, Don’s spirit chased a group of men, horseback.

Some of the other ghastly figures which appear at night are that of a cryptozoological black-eyed creature  and also a young girl who was left to die in the park by her parents. It’s said that she can be seen walking around aimlessly, as if lost. Another is of the failed actress, Peg Entwistle, who committed suicide by jumping from the Hollywood sign in 1932.

Another hotspot for paranormal activity is the picnic bench, as seen above. On 31 October, 1976, Rand Garrett and Nancy Jeanson were crushed to death by a falling tree as they enjoyed a romantic picnic at this bench. As you can see, the tree which killed them still remains. Allegedly workers refused to remove the tree because they heard disembodied whispers, moans and cries, which spooked them out so much they left the park, never to return. 

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Note: Teen Hank

A/N: Sorry if this is too cheesy friends, I tried :)

You were sitting on a park bench next to Hank Mccoy. You’d walked there after sharing the best, most cheesy pizza in your area. It was just starting to get dark out, that perfect time of day when everything begins to settle, readying for sleep, and there’s a certain calmness in the air that’s peaceful. The stars were beginning to poke out from behind the clouds, adding to the perfect night.

Your thoughts were wandering, about how nice out it was, about Hank, about the pizza sitting in your stomach, about how close together you and Hank were sitting. You sat in silence, but it was comfortable and you didn’t really need to fill it with words. You’d been going out with Hank for sometime now, after sitting next to him forever in math before he worked up the nerve to talk to you, and then slowly becoming best friends, and now here you were, dating and happier than ever. 

You didn’t know Hank wasn’t talking because he was working up the courage to do something he’d been thinking about for a long time. You didn’t notice how nervous he seemed, you were to lost in your own thoughts. After a while, when it was getting too dark, you decided it would be a good time to head back home.

“Do you think we should go.” You smiled turing your head to look at Hank. He nodded with a determined expression. “Hank what’s-” You didn’t even have time to finish your words because he leaned in for a kiss. It would of been romantic, park bench, starry night, cute boy, but Hank leaned in too fast, way too fast. His nose bumped yours and his glass hit your forehead uncomfortably. You both moved back, Hank looked at you nervously afraid he ruined things, and you couldn’t help your self, you burst out laughing. He blushed furiously, but laughed as well, of course this would happen to the two of you on your first kiss. 

When the hilarity of the situation settled, and you had collected yourself, you met Hank’s eyes again. You bit your lip a tiny bit and you felt your self blush, you did really like him. Then you both, slowly, leaned forward, trying again. He kissed you gently, mouth moving softly against yours and then with more confidence as he moved his hand through your hair steadying the kiss. After a while you pulled back, smiling, blushing, happy.


Max relationship / Romance with Hancock. And yes, lots of psycho and jets during fights. (romantic setting and bench created in sanctuary lmao)