romantic afternoon

As smooth as Gilmore comes across, I think it’s really important to remember that this is also the man who left for a romantic afternoon date on a moment’s notice as soon as Vax asked, who came running in from another city the instant he heard that Vax was there looking for him.  Like, he puts a lot of effort into his casually charming demeanor, but make no mistake there is a 99.99% chance that he has been absentmindedly casting Prestidigitation to scrawl sparkly arcane hearts in the air around him and doodling “♡♥Mr. Vax’ildan Gilmore♥♡♥” over and over in the margins of his spellbook.

i just want a fic where thomas and alex are domestic

like cuddles in the kitchen, morning kisses, matching cups, accidentally wearing the others tie, taking showers together, brushing teeth side by side, waking the children up, making breakfast with stolen kisses, making lunch together, the kids fighting about what pancake they want, kids fake barfing when thomas and alex kiss, them driving the kids to school, giving a quick kiss on the kids cheek, them driving to work, them bickering about what spot they should park, them fighting at cabinet meetings, alex storms off and thomas is like “fucking”, thomas buying alex flowers, make up kisses, alex has a garden by now, everyone being D O N E because they’re both so extra, picking the kids up, afternoon lunches, romantic dinners, goodnight kisses

without a word you stole my heart
then, you left to swim among galaxies,
that’s what they told me!
I tried to forget you
but you kept coming back, sometimes
crawling with star dust
on your weakened knees
like an outcast ghost chosen by death
of course, without a logical purpose.
later, you find me dreaming
a fool heart tramp,
in the afternoon
among romantic vampires
and crippled gods,
and in the night
I find you floating with grace
like a penguin feather, you’re
creating with your animal spirit a storm
under my skin in the stream of my blood.

bbunderson  asked:

I have a japril theory what if in ep like 21 or so Jackson asks April on a date could you see it happening that way

Well, he totally could, but what’s the point? It’s not like they have to know each other, they already do. They already know each other better than anyone. But, you know, a romantic afternoon off, going somewhere just the two of them sounds AMAZING, and they do have A LOT do discuss, so I hope you are right!!