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your muse is a whore. you have too many ships

[Out_of_Crimson:] I was about to ignore this because I don’t have time to deal with someone like you but I ended up answering. If my muse is a whore or not is your opinion. I do have TRILLION of ships I love yes, and I’ll ship them no matter your opinion. Each ship happens in different verses, even if it happens in the same verse I don’t give a fuck about your precious opinion. I believe you might be jealous of my muse’s affairs. Don’t worry TINDER is the solution for you! Just go and try to find some fun. I ship what I want with whom I want! If you’re jealous I don’t fucking care because that’s childish. This is my blog if you’re not pleased with what you see just leave. I don’t care about your presence. But please follow my advice and go to TINDER, your life might change and you’ll find something else to do. I’m here to have fun and love my ships to matter what, no matter if you ship them, or people hate them. I DON’T FUCKING CARE. This is my blog, so just leave and have a nice day?

Ps: Hate doesn’t affect me. I’m just laughing at this. You can even tell me to kill myself I’ll not do it. Life is toooooo precious to be wasted with people like you.

Pluto in the houses- Catastrophe vs Awakening

Pluto in the first house: Systematic deep transformational experiences. There’ll always be renewal and healing no matter what the circumstances are. Life is filled with definite endings, as if there’s always something dying or being destroyed. All the time.

Pluto in the second house: “You only know what you’ve got until it’s gone” so you keep losing what you value the most. Financial losses are almost destructive, but you’re able to regenerate resources like no other. There’s also a profound lack of self-worth.

Pluto in the third house: Inevitable but periodic destruction of ideas and opinions. There has to be a mental renewal of thoughts so you don’t feel weighed down. You feel strangely pressured to grow intellectually. 

Pluto in the fourth house: Constant urges to understand your family background or biological roots in order to break free. You’re aware that you need to overcome the behavioral patterns you inherited from one of your parents. There’s the danger of getting lost in self-destructive tendencies while trying to individualize the self. 

Pluto in the fifth house: Never ending supply of creative energy. Romantic affairs, even if not many in number, will have the capacity to completely change your life’s direction. Plenty of lessons to be learnt from working with children.

Pluto in the sixth house: Enormous regenerative health capacity, a (self-)healing guru. Difficulties in finding a balance between abusing/being abused in the work place. Tendency to seek one’s own benefit by dominating others or by manipulating one’s work environment. 

Pluto in the seventh house: Partnerships work as a form of renewal. Relationships strengthen you. Be careful with deceit and manipulation, as you’re prone to being tricked by those who you trust the most. Don’t give anyone the power to destroy you.

Pluto in the eighth house: “Amazing turns of events” happen unexpectedly. Spend all your life discovering just how powerful you are and what you’re capable of. Sexuality can be destructive- or a healing agent. 

Pluto in the ninth house: Traveling plays a major part when it comes to your life’s direction. Seminars and long journeys will completely change you. About religious views you grew up with- there’s a tendency to wipe them out and adopt new beliefs. 

Pluto in the tenth house: Professional crisis have the potential to either destroy you or renew you. You have the power to either inspire great admiration, or great fear in others. You don’t belong in the crowd. 

Pluto in the eleventh house: Power issues within the social sphere- you’re a lone wolf by desire or design. When in groups, you’re the devil’s advocate, and discussions with said circle’s members will stimulate you in therms of personal growth, so don’t avoid it. 

Pluto in the twelfth house: Predisposition to feel that there are hidden treasures everywhere waiting to be discovered. Also- prominent danger of being caught up in “underworld” schemes, even if unintentionally… Deep web addicted.

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The Crooked House of Windsor in England is a building constructed in 1592. It is now a restaurant. The building now stands at a marked angle, having been rebuilt  in 1718. There is a secret passage in the basement, supposedly used for private romantic affairs between Nell Gwynn and Charles II.

Venus Blessings

Wherever you may have Venus in your house(s). If it is empty, check which sign your Venus is and apply it to the house that it rules.

Venus in the 1st House: You are blessed with natural charm and attraction. You typically have a good fashion sense, dedicating a lot of time on your physical appearance. 

Venus in the 2nd House: You are blessed with money and/or spectacular taste in possessions. You typically value/attracted to: art, beauty, and luxury. 

Venus in the 3rd House: You are blessed with words and communication. Whether it’s by talking–or writing, you can flatter/compliment without even trying. 

Venus in the 4th House: You are blessed with interior design. You really know how to make a home feel and look beautiful. You can host a house party like no other.

Venus in the 5th House: You are blessed with romance, creativity, and children. You love a good party and romantic affair. Creativity comes naturally to you. You are good with and/or will have children.

Venus in the 6th House: You are blessed with pleasant co-workers, polite mannerisms, and an artistic career. You may even have others volunteer to help you out at work as well. 

Venus in the 7th House: You are blessed with long relationships. Marriage, Business, and/or friendships are often harmonic and balanced. Your partner will most likely be very attractive.

Venus in the 8th House: You are blessed with inheritance, the art of seduction, and sex. Sex is usually like a transformation for you after every experience. 

Venus in the 9th House: You are blessed with journeys/travel, foreign language/culture, and higher education. You attract exotic people with different, cultural backgrounds; possibly, marry a foreigner as well. You may be a gifted writer/publisher.

Venus in the 10th House: You are blessed with a respectable job profession. You will have an easy time developing a good relationship with authoritative figures. You could also gain a high title in an art career. 

Venus in the 11th House: You are blessed with a large group of friends. Your friends will probably have an artistic nature to them. You have a natural flow with social groups. 

Venus in the 12th House: You are blessed with a hidden/secret, creative talent. You may even hide priceless possessions from the world to see. Hidden love affairs are also quite possible. 

House Essays - 7th house

This house is known to be where someones relations (mainly known for relationships - sometimes family), but can also be known to be for potential enemies.

Aries in 7th: This individual would probably go after a partner that is optimistic, free, passionate, ambitious, lively. Basically, this person wants a relationship that is open, but still loyal enough to be love rather than a friends with benefits case. They fall out with individuals who have underdeveloped Aries traits - aggressive, deluded and vulnerable. 

Taurus in 7th: This individual would most likely go for a relationship with a partner that is caring, down to earth and affectionate. They will want to have a relationship that’s grounded, logical and at the same time very romantic. They’re basically goals for a relationship to be honest. When it comes to enemies, they don’t really have that many. However, the ones they do have are individuals with under developed Taurus traits - stubborn, lazy and overly attached.

Gemini in 7th: This individual would prefer a relationship that consists of a partner with intelligence, logic and quirky, and they need a relationship to be completely serious, but fun at the same time. They don’t really get into many relationships as they do not see the potential in many other people around them, which explains why they come across as two faced - they’re just analysing people, they don’t hate anyone. They fall out with people who talk too much, who jump to conclusions and people who are themselves around strangers.

Cancer in 7th: This individual wants a relationship with a partner that is emotionally concerned, loving and affectionate. They are usually in relationships in which they are the nurturer, contrary to how most view them to be. They are enemies with people who are manipulating, over emotional and immature.

Leo in 7th: This individual wants a relationship in which they are leading, and want to feel affection and compliments from their lover 24/7. In a relationship, they are usually the person who makes the decisions, only with some other exceptions! They are enemies with people who are self centred, inconsiderate and blind to what others see.

Virgo in 7th: This individual wants a relationship that is organised, innocent and almost flawless. In a relationship, they would be the ones that always organise the dates, and organise when the friends go with them. They have to have routine in the relationship, or it feels wrong. They are enemies with those who are not funny, illogical and hypocritical.

Libra in 7th: This individual wants a relationship that is romantic, emotional and balanced. In a relationship, they are the ones that want a relationship that is always going to be romantic and they want to spend most of their time with their lover. They are enemies with those who are imbalanced, cold hearted and inconsiderate.

Scorpio in 7th: This individual wants a relationship that is meaningful, loving and supportive. They are the ones that stand up for each other when someone is in trouble, and will be there for those they love. They are enemies with those who are extremely manipulating, insensitive and lacking sympathy. 

Sagittarius in 7th: This individual wants a relationship that consists of freedom, adventures and philosophical equality (same views on religion). In a relationship, they are the beacons of adventure, and will always be the ones that decide to start new beginnings. Most likely to break off a relationship after an hour of the relationship being official. They are enemies with those who are delusional, self-entitled and fake.

Capricorn in 7th: This individual wants a relationship to be taken completely seriously and to be driven by ambition and work. In a relationship, everything needs to be planned by this person, and if both individuals have this placement, they will work together to make a schedule that will work for both of them. They are enemies with those who are menacing, manipulating and self depreciating.

Aquarius in 7th: This individual wants a relationship that is unique, creative and not emotional. They are the types of people to love the concept of love and romantic affairs, but they are absolutely terrified of the commitment and emotional involvement that comes with the concept of a romantic relationship itself. They are enemies with the cold, deluded and obnoxious.

Pisces in 7th: This individual wants a loving relationship that involves the emotions of both people. In a relationship, they are the ones to be the support bases and the ones who give those who lack emotion the ability to at least feel something. They are enemies with those who are manipulative, unoriginal and disrespectful.

The Signs In A Relationship - Extended

Aries: Aries partners are very straight forward, they don’t like playing games, psychologically speaking. When it comes to being playful in the relationship, Aries’ love it! Whether it’s board games, video games, play wrestling that ends in kissing, Aries. Has. To. Win. If they don’t win first time round I can guarantee there will be a round two. Being the first sign, a fire sign no less, debates can get heated but if it’s a debate about something stupid it’s more or less going to end up in an aggressive make out session. Their fiery personality can make them both hard to handle at times and amusingly challenging at others. They love to challenge you, they feel it’s a practical way to help you’s two bond and secure your relationship. Despite the fact that they come across quite headstrong, Aries’ are easy to get riled up which can leave them vulnerable in a way. When angry, Aries’ temper flashes wildly, without warning and is gone as quick as it came. Empathy is not their strong suit but they’ll try their very best when it’s someone they love. They might get a little uncomfortable if you cry in front of them but only because it breaks their heart to see it. Aries’ are all about passion and they love to make their partner smile and laugh. If you’re not giving them the amount of attention or affection they want they can get grouchy until you notice it. All in all, Aries lovers can be hard to handle but an amazing companion to someone who can either cool down their fire or match it.

Taurus: Taurean partners are one of the most steady partners you can get. They like a stable, easy flowing relationship and will do what they can to achieve one. They are incredibly determined and will do what they can to make their relationship as harmonious as possible. Commitment in very important to them and they are very cautious about who they give it to, I mean REALLY cautious about it. Being one of the most sensual signs of the zodiac, Taurus’ fall quickly in lust, even quicker when it’s with someone they truly love. Ruled by Venus, Taurus’ are suckers for romance, whether they show it or not. Candles, romantic dinners, massages etc. appeal to their senses and can break down their emotional barriers. Because they are so committed and ensnared in their relationship, they can get jealous and possessive quite easily. They might not realise it, but it’s because they’re so emotionally invested in their relationships that instincts kick in and they do what they can to keep what’s theirs. When upset, their rage is often compared to that of a bull, their animal. It builds up over time and when released can be lethal. Do. Not. Betray. Their. Trust. They will never let it go and they might find it difficult to trust you again.

Gemini: Gemini’s, like the other air signs desire intellectual stimulation and is quite witty in their charm. Flirting is a game to them and they always win. They can be quite extroverted in their relationship and likes to make it know that you’re together, they’ll take any opportunity to tell their loved ones about you. They can sometimes be caught between being in a good and bad mood, and further more if there is actually something wrong they’ll mostly try to avoid talking about it. Air signs generally find feelings icky and do there best to keep their distance. It’s not anything personal, it’s just one of their principles whether they’re aware of it or not. If you get onto the topic of feelings and emotions, Gems will normally try to talk their way into a different topic or try to make the situation lighter by adding humour or sarcasm, depending on the partner this could be problematic. Gemini’s get bored quite easily and need a partner that’s willing to try new things with them and can give them a constant sense of excitement of some sort. A partner who can intellectually challenge Gemini appeals to them a lot,because they fall in love with peoples minds. They can be quite cunning when it comes to getting what they want, they may not even notice it because it’s their nature but they need someone who can handle this and keep their ass in check before people get hurt. Overall, very much like Aries, Gems can be a handful but they can open doors for you and make you think about things and question yourself, leading to personal development.

Cancer: Cancer’s are naturally the mothers of the zodiac so it’s no surprise that they are one of the most nurturing partners you could have. They will make you chicken soup when your sick and fail at serenading you when you’re sad (probably because you’ll probably end up laughing). This is the sign that will put everything else on hold to care for and ensure the safety of their loved one. They are incredibly intuitive, being able to tell if a person is upset from the slightest gesture. Relationships are very important to Cancer’s and if there’s any disruption it can cause a knock on affect in other areas of their lives. They’re quite sentimental and nostalgic, the type of partners that would keep memorabilia from a first date and cherish it. Cancer’s often find themselves overwhelmed by emotions and can find it almost impossible to make an intellectual decision without letting emotions come into play. This can be problematic and dangerous to both involved in the relationship. Cancerians can be manipulative when they need to be. They are fully aware of their innocent disposition and can use it to their ability when needed. This sign can encourage emotional growth in their partner but needs someone to keep them grounded and help them snap out of it when needed.

Leo: Leo’s are very proud in their relationships and will take any opportunity they can get to show their partner off. One of the most playful signs in the zodiac, these partners guarantee an enthusiastic and spontaneous relationship, they love to surprise. Leo’s look at the world with excitement and love, and just by being in their company, they can show you the most beautiful aspects of the simplest thing. Their optimism and persistence can bring the relationship a long way. They loves to be adored, whether they admit it or not, it lies deep in their soul simply because they have an air of self belief. When alone with their partner, Leo’s are very warm hearted and affectionate. They show you amazing parts of yourself you didn’t even consider because they have an eye for things like that. They recover quickly from set backs so this can be helpful in a compromise based relationship. Leo’s are generally attracted to people with strong personalities, Sometimes Leo’s can be overbearing with their emotions which can leave their partner feeling a little tired but when with someone’s who’s personality can match theirs, they can be handled. Leo’s very rarely change their minds, once they’re set on something - that’s that, but if you can appeal to their emotional side, persuasion is possible, yet still very hard to do. They can sometimes fall victim to false praise in the desire to look good in front of others. With a partner who can match their fire and not take advantage of them, Leo’s love and energy can be harnessed in a positive way.

Virgo: Virgos are one of the most intellectual signs in the zodiac so relationships without mental stimulus won’t last very long. They’re incredibly witty and sarcastic and they use this to be playful with you. A partner who can connect with them intellectually is one that Virgo’s never get bored off. They like to pick peoples brains and to know why you like certain things. Possibly the most organised of the signs, Virgo is able to keep the relationship moving at a steady pace that suits both partners. Virgo’s have a very powerful sex drive although they tend to keep it hidden to those they’re not intimate with and like the other earth signs can be quite sensual. They can be quite tricky when it comes to feeling and emotions. Virgos don’t like feelings because they find them quite messy and often this causes them to feel torn in a relationship, making falling in love bitter sweet for them. They’re very detail oriented and can sometimes nit pick their partner. They can over analyse the relationship and get themselves into a worried state and make them uncomfortable. They don’t like to open up much because if they talk about their feelings it makes them more real after they’ve spent a big amount of time analysing them out of existence. If they open up to you, tread carefully and try not to get too much out of them, they’re opening up to you for a specific reason and if you try to get more, they’ll shut down again and they may never open up to you again. Virgo’s need someone who will connect with them intellectually, provide them with stability, give them space when they need, be there when they want to open up but not push them into it.

Libra: Probably the most idealistic signs when it comes to romantic relationships, Libra’s can sometimes expect too much rom-com scenarios in their relationships but only with the intention of deepening the bond between them and their lover. Libra’s personality was in some way created for love, it is the sign of balance, partnership and judgement. Librans strive to be fair and just in their relationship and desire harmony in their romantic affairs. Libra’s are great at negotiating and can maintain a harmonious atmosphere in the relationship. They are natural flirters but aren’t as crude about it as some of the other signs. They love the idea of love and falling into it which can sometimes leave them vulnerable to those who might play them. Emotionally, like other air signs, they like to step back from feelings apart from when it comes to romantic love. They’re emotions can get intense when dealing with love and although Librans are generally not jealous people, any sort of threat to their relationship can arouse feelings of inadequacy and insecurity.They can sometimes get selfish in their relationship, wanting it to be perfect for them. With the right partner that can roll with their ideas and can be 100% devoted/loyal to them, Libra’s can provide others with a fair, amorous relationship that never gets unromantic.

Scorpio: Scorpio’s are easily the most secretive signs in the zodiac and can be hard to get to know. In public they don’t show much affection other than hand or waist holding, but behind closed doors they can be completely different. Scorpio’s can often feel torn because even though they need an outlet, needing a partner makes Scorpio feel vulnerable and they like to see themselves as emotionally self-sufficient. Dominance and power in a big thing with this sign, they like to be in control of the situation at all times. They never wear their heart on their sleeves. When in a committed relationship they show just how passionate and erotic they are behind their enigmatic exterior. They feel things so deeply in their souls but you may never know unless they choose to let you in - if they do, you should be honoured. They will empathise with your problems internally, normally not letting you know they sometimes feel the same. They expect absolute utmost loyalty and faithfulness as they provide you with nothing less. If you betray or stray from a Scorpio, good luck getting them to trust you again. They never forget or forgive, even if they pretend they do, and it takes forever, if at all, to get their trust back. They can always see into your heart so don’t bother trying to lie to them. Scorpio’s are best know for their out lash - and rightly so! It’s in their nature to use attack as their defence, their partner needs to understand this and be patient with them. They normally lash out because they feel vulnerable on some level. With a partner that can understand their complex emotions and be patient and stable while they figure themselves out, Scorpios can be one of them most of the most compassionate and encouraging partners in the zodiac.

Sagittarius: Sagittarian’s are one of the most freedom-loving signs in the zodiac and can sometimes become uneasy when it comes to settling down. They love new things so sometimes the thought of commitment can be unappealing however, when in love Sagittarius can bring the spice of life to their partner. They love to flirt, and they’re great at it too. While Aries is passionate in their flirting and Leo is playful, Sagittarius’ are incredibly fiery, the type that will challenge you for the hell of it. Travel is a big keyword with Sagittarius’, they can get bored easily and need something (or someone) to keep them on their feet. A very independent sign, they will not take any shit from anyone and will call you out if you’re acting up. They will not tolerate time wasters. Sagittarius’ don’t enjoy thinking about emotions and much less feeling them. They feel that they’re emotions can hinder their ambition and likes to leave them untouched so don’t expect them to frequently get deep into their emotions because chances are they will change the subject on a lighter note. They tend to lie without really noticing it and can sometimes make promises they don’t keep. It’s not that they disregard them purposely, it’s just they might forget in their pursuit of even more new experiences. For this reason, their partner might need to be able to take the things they say with a pinch of salt. With a partner that can keep up the pace and adapt to Sagittarius’ ever changing interests, not drag them down or put pressure on them to commit too soon, Sagittarius’ can show them the world in a whole new light with wondrous opportunity’s.

Capricorn: Like the other earthy signs, Capricorn’s are normally quite reserved in public when with their partner but when alone (varying on how close they are) they can really let loose. They have an unusual sense of humour which can come across as dark to some. When you know them extremely well, you might get the chance to see how much of a wild card Caps can really be. This sign is one of the most reliable in the zodiac and possess incredible strength of character which can handle strong personalities. They’re often described as the “rock” in the relationship, they can keep the other partner grounded without crushing their spirit. They’re very patient when it comes to other and respect their partners wishes as they’d like to be respected in turn. Their relationships tend to last very long and they take their responsibility in the relationship seriously. They have a very cool demeanour until aroused sexually. They tend to be very lusty rather than love-y, because they’re very careful about love. Capricorns panic when they’re not in control of a situation and somewhat lacks the ability to express their emotions properly. When a Capricorn opens up to you, the things they’ll tell you will break your heart and you must treat that information as carefully as you can because it has taken a lot for the Cap to tell you. With a partner that won’t smother them but at the same time commit to the relationship as much as they do, Capricorns can provide a harmonious, steady and fruitful relationship.

Aquarius: Aquarian partners can be very eccentric and hyper when with their partner - in both private and public! This sign will seek equality in the relationship, to be together as a team. They are the sign known for change and growth, this will be the sign that can easily get their relationship to evolve at a healthy pace. This sign values companionship in their romantic relationship, they enjoy the company of those who they can sit with and question society and existence one minute and do the most random, pointless activity with the next simply because it makes them happy. Like the other air signs, Aquarians can some times be idealistic and will try to sneakily get their own way. Although they may seem detached and not very feeling, below the surface lies conflicting, chaotic emotions. For that reason they need stability, especially in a relationship. Intimacy can be awkward for them sometimes because they’re so independent and they find it hard to express the complex emotions they feel despite their verbal intelligence. However they will sit with you and listen to your woes and try to find a solution, they probably won’t delve into their own problems that often and when they do they’ll finish with “but anyway” and then change the subject so to not dwell on them. With an optimistic partner that can respect Aqua’s need for space, can listen to their opinions and not base the whole relationship off of intimacy and physical attraction, Aquarius’ can learn to express themselves and their ideas better and can give their partner a mind opening experience.

Pisces: Pisceans can be tricky when it comes to love, they fall in love with the idea of love like Libras but are wary of it like Scorpios. Incredibly intuitive, they can always tell when their partner is feeling off just by the way they come into the room. They are probably the most understanding sign in the zodiac and won’t push you into talking if you don’t want to (even if it frustrates them a little). When you do decide to talk about it, Pisces’ are excellent listeners and will provide empathy and validation for your feelings. They know how much emotions can affect people, having felt their own so very deeply and make it their priority to take care of their partners emotional needs. Like the air signs, they tend to be infatuated by intellectual stimulus as long as the other person isn’t being snobbish about it. Though they might not show it, words can hurt them a lot and they tend to take things to heart, even if they know it wasn’t intentional. This sign can be prone to guilt and can be manipulated easily enough. However, they’re just as willing to play the game and can manipulate just as well. They adapt to their surroundings a lot so their emotional state in terms of romance can be a reflection on the state of the relationship itself. They tend to drift between merging with their partner and flirting with other possibilities. With a partner who can be patient with them, understand their emotional complexity and keep them grounded whenever they get second thoughts, Pisces’ can lead their partner to inner contentment and show them that if you look hard enough there’s still good left in the world.


Hope you guys like this :)

Pallas Athene: The Goddess of Strategies and Rational Plans

1st House: Making life plans, having a fighter personality, always being ready to solve problems, noticing the overall patterns of life
2nd House: Having a financial strategy, knowing how to meet survival needs, having a holistic understanding of economics, tracking spending/earning patterns
3rd House: The strategic mind, picking up patterns in conversations, patterns of thought, patterns of speech. Poetry mastermind. Knowing which words to use next
4th House: The home counsel, understanding what it means to be part of a family, how each family member impacts the others, picking up cultural heritage patterns, how our childhood influences each one of us
5th House: Artistic patterns, knowing how different creative options can unfold. Knowing how art impacts the world. Picking patterns when it comes to child behavior, the concept of love, romantic affairs. Strategy mind games.
6th House: Having a battle plan for work, the ability to see how to improve health, exercise and diet, picking up work patterns and working conditions, working with animals.
7th House: Marriage plans, being the wise one in a relationship, being the committed one, excelling in long term relationships, marriage equality, understanding bonding patterns
8th House: Dealing with other’s people emotional luggage, being the trusted one, picking up patterns in the occult, patterns of crisis, understanding the concept of death
9th House: Desiring academic achievement, having an educational plan, a holistic view about foreign cultures and countries, being fluent in several languages, an ambassador
10th House: Knowing what to do to get fame, glory or power…knowing how to climb up the social ladder, having authority over others, understanding how social status and one’s reputation work
11th House: Having a plan for humanity, great perception into the collective, understanding social causes, knowing how to contribute to groups and organizations
12th House: Having an escape plan, or a plan to help the underprivileged, picking up patterns in one’s dreams and understanding that they are part of something bigger

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10 Cute Things About You

1. Your face lights up when you see me. Your cheeky boyish grin literally makes my day better, even when I’m angry or sad. When you see me, you lift your head up, walk tall and sort of skip towards me, like I’m the best thing you’ve seen, and I love it.

2. Your shirts are way too big on you. You’ve filled out a little since I met you, but you shirts still hang off you. At times I have genuinely wondered if you have a body under all that white fabric!

3. Your dumb jokes. They are old and worn out. Dad jokes, to be more precise, and the way you tell them, with no conviction or confidence what-so-ever, and it’s the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen.

4. Your chocolate addiction.

“Would you like some chilli cashews, or would you like some chocola-”

“Whatever the chocolate thing is! I’ll have that!”

Eat as much as you like. I’ll always have some on me now I know how much you like it.

5. Your odd choices of phrase. Why do you wish me “all the best” when you’re just popping to the loo? Do you think you’ll never see me again, or-?

6. Your weird imagination. Of course the new printer in the staff room is actually a microwave that laser cooks your soup! Why would anyone think otherwise?

7. Your terrible memory. At times I’ve been a little offended by the things you’ve forgotten, like my birthday… sigh. But sometimes it’s just kinda funny. You’re ditzy and in your own world. When you do remember something, it feels pretty special, especially if you remember some small detail about me or something I’ve said.

8. Your non-existent scent. Everyone has a smell, right? Except you. You literally do not have a scent. If you’ve had coffee, I can tell, but you have no natural odour. It’s weird, but great, because body smells gross me out.

9. Occasionally, you dance. It’s weird and awkward, but cute. I hate dancing. I hate to dance, or to watch people dance. I don’t know why, but I can’t deal with it. But when you randomly started dancing towards me, with that cheeky smile of yours, or when we got a little over excited when the YMCA came on, I just want to grab you and boogie.

10. Your incredibly weird laugh. I can’t even describe it. It’s hilarious and when I hear you laugh, I just want to laugh, or kiss you, or marry you so I can hear it all the time. You laugh a lot, which is nice. I like it when you’re happy.


Couples in Korean Drama 2016 (Part 1.)

1. Jung Joon Hyung x Kim Bok Joo (Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo)

2. Kim Shin x Ji Eun Tak (Goblin)

3. Dong Joo x Yoon Seo Jung  (Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim)

4. Heo Joon Jae x Shim Chung (The Legend of the Blue Sea)

5. Go Nan Gil x Hong Na Ri (Sweet Stranger and Me)

6. Do Hyun Woo x Jung Soo Yeon (My Wife’s Having an Affair this Week)

7. Dong Hae Sung x Han Da Woon (Thumping Spike 2)

8. Lee Jae In x Kim Da Hyun (Something About 1 Percent)

9. Seo Do Woo x Choi Soo A (On the Way to the Airport)

10. Ham Bok Geo x Cha Geum Joo (Woman with a Suitcase)   

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If a character is stuck in an abusive relationship, would it still be a No to romanticize them cheating?

So this was something I thought about before I added that to the list, and I’ve continued to think about it since, and I still don’t have a perfect answer.

Here’s what it boils down to for me:

If someone is trapped in an abusive relationship–or in a relationship they didn’t choose or don’t want to be in but can’t safely leave–and they mange to safely find someone they love who isn’t abusive, that is good. I don’t think that there’s anything wrong with writing as a good thing.

That being said, I don’t think that contributes to the romanticization of cheating. At least to me, they are conceptually different issues, in large part because, when I am talking about cheating, I am referring to relationships where everyone involved has some choice in being in the relationship.

Here’s an example of how I’ve seen cheating romanticized in a story before (it’s a generic example, not from any specific story that I’m thinking of):

A woman is in a long-term relationship with a man. They fell in love but now he’s away a lot for business. She feels lonely and neglected but doesn’t talk to him about it for no clear reason. She also doesn’t leave the relationship despite being unhappy in it. One day she runs into a man she used to have romantic and/or sexual feelings for. They start talking. They have sex. They start an affair. She falls in love with him. Her significant other comes home at some unexpected time, finds out, gets angry, is presented as being the bad guy for never being around, and so of course she would find someone else to sleep with. He does or threatens something bad to her and/or leaves. She is temporarily separated from the man she’s been having an affair with but ultimately they declare their love to each other and end up together.

In this case, she had a choice to 1) talk to her SO about feeling lonely, 2) break off her relationship with her SO, 3) discuss the concept of an open relationship with her SO, or 4) do none of the above but also not engage in an affair, and instead she broke the agreement they presumably made to be monogomous and engaged in an affair.

That is a very different situation from a person in an abusive relationship they can’t safely leave finding someone who isn’t abusive.

That’s why I don’t consider them the same thing.

part of fortune

While luck and wealth is associated with Jupiter, the Part of Fortune is an Arabic Part (a fixed, sensitive point) that is another important opulent part of the chart. I like to call the Part of Fortune the point of arbitrary luck. To find your Part of Fortune, go on > Additional Objects > Pars Fortunae.

In Aries, Mars wants you to take action, so prosperity shines upon you when you are independent, passionate, and bold. Such times allow wealth to find you.

In Taurus, Venus wants you to find pleasure and sensibility, so prosperity shines upon you when you are secure, stable (in terms of finance and in terms of materialistic wealth), and comfortable.

In Gemini, Mercury wants you to find flexibility, variety, and change, so prosperity shines upon you when you are learning and communicating; prosperity comes to you when you are mentally-stimulated.

In Cancer, the Moon wants you to be in touch with the purest essence of your emotions, so prosperity shines upon you when your feelings are being made an essential part of you. Emotional ties may also bring prosperity to you.

In Leo, the Sun wants you to make your presence known as you radiate warmth, so prosperity shines upon you when you are creative, confident, and lively. Prosperity comes to you when you follow your heart.

In Virgo, Mercury wants you to be aware of your surroundings, to live a healthy life, and to be of help to the world, so prosperity shines upon you when you are healthy, work-oriented, and conscious.

In Libra, Venus wants you to attain peace and strong relationships, so prosperity shines upon you when you are balanced, peaceful, and strongly and healthily involved in your relationships. Prosperity comes to you when amity is your strong suit.

In Scorpio, Pluto wants you to transform and to discover emotional profundity, so prosperity shines upon you when you are passionate, investigative, and strong. Prosperity finds you when you feel powerful.

In Sagittarius, Jupiter wants you to expand your horizons, so prosperity shines upon you when you are philosophical, spontaneous, optimistic, and adventurous. Seeking experience and knowledge will bring prosperity to you.

In Capricorn, Saturn wants you to succeed, so prosperity shines upon you when you are ambitious, goal-oriented, authoritative, and hard-working. Prosperity comes to you when you work hard to elevate successfully to the top, aiming to be respected and relied upon.

In Aquarius, Uranus wants you to break from all sorts of limitations, so prosperity shines upon you when you are emotionally-free, are distinctive, and are concerned with the world. Prosperity comes to you when you are YOU and when you aim to make a change.

In Pisces, Neptune wants you to get in touch with your spiritual self, so prosperity shines upon you when you are imaginative, creative, and empathetic. An optimum inner self awaits you at such expansions, and prosperity will follow.

In brief:

In the 1st house, prosperity is channeled through your sense of self.

In the 2nd house, prosperity is channeled through your sense of self-worth. Materialistic means and luxuries will be gained.

In the 3rd house, prosperity is channeled through your mind — be it the way you think, the way you communicate, the way you write, and/or the way you absorb information.

In the 4th house, with your upbringing comes tradition, and it is likely that traditional matters will be prosperous.

In the 5th house, prosperity is channeled through your artistry and hobbies; it is also channeled through romantic affairs.

In the 6th house, prosperity is channeled through your work, service, health, and animals.

In the 7th house, prosperity is channeled through your partnerships and marriage.

In the 8th house, prosperity is channeled through financial means of someone other than yourself (e.g. inheritance) and through taboo practices. It is also channeled through sex.

In the 9th house, prosperity is channeled through travel, philosophy, and foreign culture.

In the 10th house, prosperity is channeled through your career and reputation.

In the 11th house, prosperity is channeled through your friendships and through social circles.

In the 12th house, prosperity is channeled through your subconscious and through the expansion of your inner self.

Perihart Solace, Master of the Sun and the Dark Helios


  1. Early life
  2. Life before the exploson
  3. Arrival at Elysion
  4. Solace’s Fortress
  5. Notable achievements
  6. Notes

I thought it’d be a good idea to recap every single thing Solace has done in the story so far, to remind ourselves of the great deeds that he has accomplished.

1. Early life

Perihart was born in a small Rubenian village around 21 years before the Explosion. His father, head of the prestigious Solace family, had a romantic affair with a Rubenian woman, and Perihart was born as an illegitimate son, a son he won’t admit into his family’s house until after he was orphaned in a war that destroyed his village and killed every villagers — including his mother. With only the Rubenian stone necklace his mother gave him, he joins the Solace House and comes to live among his power-hungry brothers who are threatened by Perihart’s strong innate El power in their struggle to become the successor to the title of Master of the Sun. Perihart’s strong power is probably due to the fact that he is a Rubenian. More on Rubenians can be found in this post (link).

2. Life before the explosion

I’ve written long posts about everything that happened in Solace’s past as a summary of both the Epic Quest Ep. 26 + and the Halted Sun’s Memory dungeon which can be found here: (tumblr)

Short version: Perihart tried to save Harnier from the blood thirsty brothers by running away from the family together, but Harnier ended up being chosen as the next Lady of El. Perihart becomes the Master of the Sun to save her somehow, questions if he should respect her decision to stay responsible or break her out of her duty regardless. Just when he decided to give up on the Great Escape plan, it got set into motion anyway, which lead to El’s explosion.

3. Arrival at Elysion

His exact arrival time at Elysion is not clear, but it probably wasn’t that long after the explosion. Solace desperately needed a way to keep Harnier’s body alive and from the looks of it, he was able to find Elysion and their preservation technology before she showed any sign of aging, but judging from how it looks like Solace hasn’t aged a day since the explosion, that could be disputed. Upon arriving at Elysion, somehow crossing into another dimension, he met Adrian, father of Nasods, and sought refuge. He singlehandedly stopped a meteor that was about to destroy the floating city. Impressed, Adrian agreed to lend him technology to preserve Harnier’s body. This was when Herjuno was protesting against Adrian’s decision. However, Adrian was interested in the Lady of El as well. Most of his life was spent on trying to prove that technology can surpass the power of El, and to meet someone who uses that power directly was intriguing for him. Herjuno tried to warn Adrian that Solace is a dangerous man, but Adrian thought he was malfunctioning and tried to discard him. Herjuno ran away, planting his core into a worker-type Nasod. 

4. Solace’s Fortress

Adrian programmed the preservation capsule so that over time, he will gain control over the Lady of El. When Solace found out what was going on, he was furious, and took over the heart of Elysion underneath Adrian’s own palace and its central core, blocking all communications coming in and out of the palace. With Dekal at his disposal, he was able to collect massive amount of Diceon ores and Hernasid soldiers to build his fortress under the shining palace. Of course, as we all know, he wasn’t just building a fortress to protect Harnier. He was hatching a plan to change the world. A world where no one has to sacrifice anyone. The wonders of Diceon ores have been briefly described here (tumblr). With these fascinating ores, Solace was able to re-create a “fabricated El” that had the same energy as the original Giant El before its destruction. There, within his fortress, he waited for Elsword with the replacement El and Harnier at his side.

5. Notable Achievements

  • Defeats Eldest Brother Sigmund at age 14
    • Kills him at age 19
  • Becomes Master of the Sun at age 20+
  • Finds a solution to separate the Lady of El from the Giant El she is connected to in less than 3 years
    • Said solution was used against his will to successfully blow up the Giant El
  • Defeats fellow Masters and priests to save Harnier in the Tower of El all by himself
  • Narrowly escapes death by the El Explosion that wiped out Elianode
  • Stops a meteor meteors
  • Recruits Dekal
  • Constructs a fortress below Adrian’s palace
    • Takes control of the Central Core of Elysion
    • Seals Adrian’s palace so that no one can enter
  • Fabricates the original Giant El with Diceon ores
  • Finds a solution to create a world without the El
  • Realizes who Elsword actually is and what he is capable of
  • Fights against thirteen members of the El Search Party and lives

6. Notes

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I’m still waiting for the art

I still have a hard time believing a few of my most popular posts are silly theories about how stupid/reckless Phoenix and Edgeworth can be. Time to throw more fuel into the fire.

Guys, if you haven’t seen (well, heard) the audio dramas for the Ace Attorney series yet, check them out! I’ve translated complete transcripts of all the dramas to date.

For those who don’t have a lot of time, though, I’ve compiled a list of things from them that are basically canon in Ace Attorney.

Turnabout from Space:

  • Larry (and Gumshoe) almost got the entire Investigations main cast killed. It was a fireworks display he was planning to use to propose to his gf, but got dumped before he could. He and Gumshoe struggled over the switch and somehow set it off.
  • He also messed up one of the letters in that display and was so desperate to hide it that he got himself suspected of being involved with an international band of thieves that Interpol was chasing.
  • He’s also responsible for knocking Edgeworth unconscious, though it was an accident.
  • Missile is a super sweet-tooth. (Tonosamanjuu have been localized as Samurai Dogs.) He also bit into a jewel while eating one and had to take the day off.
  • Missile got a day off before Edgeworth did.
  • Oldbag knows how to scuba. I know, terrifying.
  • She also suggested to Edgeworth (in front of everyone else) that he strip for her sometime. He refused.

Turnabout Animal Circus:

  • Phoenix and Apollo publicly embarrassed Athena by being dorks at Trucy’s show.
  • Athena (accidentally?) pushed her boss off on a trapeze. She and Apollo didn’t realize he was screaming his head off until they realized he went missing.
  • There is an actual yeti (supposedly) in this series. People call him “Yayti” since he says “yay” so much (and so aggressively).
  • Apollo’s official girlfriend is a male calico cat. Their relationship was short-lived. Trucy made the cat disappear since Apollo and Athena argued over who got to keep him.
  • There’s a contradiction with the canon timeline in this drama: Apollo says he never figured out a magic trick before this, but we all remember THAT case.

Turnabout Combination:

  • The entire premise to this “case” is because Edgeworth doesn’t know or want to get involved in the chief prosecutor’s daughter’s romantic affairs, so he hoists his problem onto Phoenix.
  • Team Edgewright, coined by Maya. (It was really the only way I could translate “Mitsuruhodo”.)
  • Mia gets pretty excited about scandalous affairs. Or maybe she was just excited about their stealth missions. Not sure.
  • Edgeworth had a standoff with a gangster.
  • Franziska flirted with said gangster. (Edgeworth made her do it.)
  • Godot splashed hot coffee on said gangster. He also played as the CP’s daughter’s boyfriend briefly. (Edgeworth made him do this.) He happened to get away with both.

Turnabout Exorcism / Turnabout Training:

  • Phoenix objected at a ghost. He later objected to the ghost for not being a ghost.
  • He also played shaman for a bit (Maya made him do it) and actually got someone to believe him.
  • People in Khura’in enjoy partying with the deceased.
  • Meanwhile, Apollo and Athena are very terrified of Edgeworth. Even in the aftermath, they still are.
  • Phoenix got from someone (probably Will) a special edition Steel Samurai figurine where the SS is dressed as a “boss”. He didn’t tell Edgeworth. The latter found out later anyway.
  • Apollo and Athena tumbled into the streets and made Edgeworth, who was driving, screech to a halt. They were racing back to his office with some important documents, but one of them bumped into the other and they crashed, spilling documents all over. Salary cuts ensued.
  • Athena publicly embarrassed Edgeworth in court by forgetting to bring the evidence. Apollo was held responsible too.
  • They later challenged his case during the trial. Unfortunately for them, neither is Phoenix Wright.
  • Apollo doesn’t know how to play baseball, but he ends up in a game with Athena and their client.
  • For once, it’s a trial that isn’t about murder or assault! One of two cases in the series that was purely about a theft.

I just ruined these dramas for everyone, didn’t I? Thanks for reading.

Gemini - Love & Romance

Another thing I want to talk about is the sign Gemini, in terms of romance, love, and friendship. Gemini is often said to be very flighty in love, uncommitted, “detached” in romance, and a bunch of other things that carry negative connotations. But the thing we have to remember about this sign is that they are esoterically ruled by Venus. Libra and Taurus are the two signs that are ruled by Venus, and are said to be the two signs that are the most fond of love/partnerships/beauty/romance/marriage, etc. So, Gemini is not very different when it comes to those things. After all, Gemini is the sign that’s right in between Taurus and Cancer, two signs that possess tremendous loyalty and are quite poetic with their love/affection/care. People may pass off Gemini as being a sign that is completely careless in romantic affairs, but that is not necessarily true. They are social butterflies and know a wide range of people. But the Gemini does long for one true connection with somebody, and usually, what they want more than anything is to establish a mental connection with the partner of their dreams. They do have desires of being in love and devoting themselves to a lighthearted relationship that features both genuine romance and an intellectual flair. They prioritize smartness in a partner (being ruled by Mercury), and they know their worth, which is why it takes a while for them to actually become deeply smitten. Gemini has a great capacity to be committed and dedicated, despite having the unfavorable reputation you normally hear about the sign.

Gone (Ahkmenrah x Reader)

This part three to my Ahkmenrah series! Enjoy! (Part one : A maid for Ahkmenrah, part two: Unexpected) P.S: I know I’m not the best writer at all but I hope you still like it!

Word count: 1,712

With tears streaming down your cheeks, you collected all your belongings and put them into a sack. Your heart was breaking and you felt terrible but there was no other way than considering escape. You knew you would hurt Ahkmenrah by leaving him without even telling him but you really had no other choice. Since you found out that you were pregnant with his child, you fought against fear. You feared that the young prince or especially the king would find out. What would Ahkmenrah think of you?

You knew the king wouldn’t show any mercy in that case. He would kill you no matter if you were his son’s secret love. And you didn’t want to lose your life neither did you want to lose your baby. It was a part of Ahkmenrah. The love of your life. To stay alive, you had to leave as soon as possible. Besides, you didn’t want to be burden for Ahkmenrah. He had his own problems.

“You’re a servant, (Y/N)…” You thought. “What can you even offer to him? Nothing!”

With a last glance at your chamber, you closed the door and slowly walked out of the palace. You made sure not to get caught, that’s why you had to be extremely cautious. Monifa would be waiting for you outside the palace. She was very surprised when she found out that you were pregnant to a royal child. Never in her life had she imagined that you and prince Ahkmenrah would have a romantic affair. On the one side, she was happy about your happiness. She could tell that you were so much in love with him but on the other side she wished it wouldn’t have been kept as a secret. You should have told the king before things became very serious.

As you told her about your plans to escape, she offered you to come with her. She was going to leave the city for a long while and she also offered you safety, security and shelter. You instantly agreed. You knew you’d never return back. It was a very selfish decision of yours, you knew that. You also knew that Ahkmenrah had all the right to see his child and to know that it even existed. You knew what you did was so wrong, but you were afraid. You wanted to keep your baby safe.

“Are you ready?” Monifa asked as you finally took your last step out of the palace. You nodded, your head hanging down. Your friend knew how hard it must have been for you to go. She softly stroked over your arm.

“Everything is going to be fine. I promise.” You sniffled at her response and then you two walked away. Away from the palace, away from Ahkmenrah. Out of the city. Far, far away.

The whole week had you contemplated about sharing the news of your pregnancy with Ahkmenrah. But nevertheless you decided against it. However, what you couldn’t foresee was that the prince already knew about it.

While you made your way out of the city, he sprinted down the hallways. He needed to get to his father’s chamber before his brother arrived. He should be the one to tell the news to the king and not his evil brother.  Ahkmenrah knew he would be in huge trouble but he could care less about that. He would become a father and he would do anything to protect his family. Even if that meant that he had stand up against his own father.

The guardians glanced weirdly at the young man as Ahkmenrah passed them.  Just a few more steps, then he would arrive at his destination.

“Father! I have to tell you something! It’s very-“Ahkmenrah called as he opened the door to his father’s chamber, totally out of breath. However, his heart dropped to his stomach as he saw the sight in front of him. He was too late. Kahmunrah stood next to the king with a malicious grin on his lips. And not to mention the king. Ahkmenrah never saw his father like this. The king’s eyes pierced through the young man’s body and Ahkmenrah instantly felt a cold shiver running down his spine.

He felt naked under his father’s gaze. “Is that true what you brother is telling me, son?” His father asked, his voice sounding too neutral for his liking. Ahkmenrah knew his father tried to hold back his temper as much as he could but he also knew that he would soon explode. After all, what Ahkmenrah did was utterly unforgivable.

“I-I don’t know about the pregnancy, father.” Ahkmenrah started to speak, his voice slightly shaking. “I wasn’t able to talk to (Y/N) yet, but the rest is true. I have a secret relationship with her.”

The king slowly walked towards his youngest son. Ahkmenrah’s heart pumped terribly fast in his chest. His father came so close to him that the young prince could feel his breath on his face. Before he could say anything else, his father raised his hand and slapped him across his face. What the two of them couldn’t see was the evil grin Kahmunrah’s lips. He definitely enjoyed the sight in front of him. Now he wasn’t the only one who brought disgrace on the family.

“Shame on you, Ahkmenrah!” His father screamed at him. Betrayal, rage and sorrow were evident in his voice. “How dare you to bring such a shame on your family?! You were supposed to be king!”

Ahkmenrah just listened to his father, not interrupting him or defending himself for once. He knew what he did was wrong. But his love for you was stronger than anything else.

“I trusted you Ahkmenrah. I trusted you with all my being. But now I’m highly and deeply disappointed in you. How can you even start a relationship with a servant? Do you know what other royalties would think about our family if they’d find out? You can be grateful that it was your brother who found out and nobody else. You behavior was irresponsible.”

“Is that the only thing you think about? Our reputation?” Ahkmenrah snapped back. “Don’t you even care about the happiness of your children?”

“Of course I do! How can you even doubt it?!” His father screamed.

“I was afraid father, alright?! I was afraid! Your son fell in love with a servant and I also knew that you’d never allow us to be together no matter how much I’d try to convince you. You would never grant my wish and I can tell you why: Because she has no money, she’s no royalty and she works for us. But I didn’t care! I love her with all my being, with all my heart. She means the world to me! And I’m not even ashamed for falling in love with her! She changed my life! I feel free with her! With her, I’m not a prince, I am myself, I am Ahkmenrah!”

His father knitted his eyebrows after Ahkmenrah’s little outbreak and looked at his son with a surprised expression. Ahkmenrah felt very proud and also a heavy burden was lifted from his shoulders.

“And I swear to Ra, father, if you ever consider killing her so you can kill me too, because my life wouldn’t be the same without her. My life wouldn’t mean anything without her.”

The king stared at his son.  You could tell that he had an inner battle with himself. On the one side, he would like to punish his son and his secret girlfriend but on the other side, he could see how much passion and love his son shared for this girl. He could see the same love in his eyes that he shared for queen Shepseheret. He also loved Ahkmenrah and he could never hurt him, no matter how much disappointed he felt.

“Guardians!” The king called then. The door was opened and two guardians entered the chamber. “Please, bring servant (Y/N) to me as soon as possible!”

“Father!” Ahkmenrah interfered. “If you-“

But the king interrupted him. “I would like to get to know the girl who stole my son’s heart.”

“What?” Kahmunrah and Ahkmenrah called in unison. While Kahmunrah’s body was filled with rage and disbelief, Ahkmenrah felt nothing but relieve washing over him. He fell down on his knees, praying and thanking to Ra. Warm tears were falling down his cheeks.

“I will give it a go!” The king said. “I hope it’s worth it.”

Ahkmenrah nodded with his head. “I promise father, it will.”

They heard a loud bang and noticed that Kahmunrah had left and slammed the door behind him. Of course, he imagined everything to end different. Ahkmenrah chuckled about that. When would Kahmunrah realize that he couldn’t win against him? The good always wins.

However, it took the guardians a long while to get (Y/N). Ahkmenrah wondered why. With every passing minute, he felt more worried. But suddenly the door was slammed open and the guardians jumped in.

“She’s gone!” A guardian yelled. “My prince, she’s gone!”

Ahkmenrah looked at the two men in front of him with a confused expression.  “What do you mean guardian?”

“(Y/N), she’s gone! We searched for her but she’s nowhere to be found!” The young prince felt like someone punched him hard into his stomach. It was hard for him to breathe in that moment. He couldn’t believe what he had heard. His (Y/N) was gone? No, it couldn’t be true. She would never leave him. She loved him. Some strange feeling in his body told him that something bad must had happened to her. Something was wrong and he knew it.

Ahkmenrah felt a hand on his shoulder. He lifted up his head only to make eye contact with his father. “I’m so sorry to hear that, my son.” You could see a trace of compassion in his eyes. The young man shook his head, not willing to accept what he found out. He pulled away from his father’s touch and went out to the balcony. Warm tears streamed down his soft cheeks that his (Y/N) used to love caressing so much.

Ahkmenrah’s gaze fell down to the city in front of him. “Where are you (Y/N)?” He whispered.

Obsessions ♇

I obsess over…

Pluto in the 1st house: Myself and how I appear to others.

Pluto in the 2nd house: My possessions and money.

Pluto in the 3rd house: My mind and intellect.

Pluto in the 4th house: My parents and home life. 

Pluto in the 5th house: My talents and self-expression. 

Pluto in the 6th house: My job and self-improvement. 

Pluto in the 7th house: My Relationships and romantic affairs. 

Pluto in the 8th house: My self-awareness and the metaphysical world. 

Pluto in the 9th house: My opinions and converting others. 

Pluto in the 10th house: My ambitions and research.

Pluto in the 11th house: My friendships and groups.

Pluto in the 12th house: My mind and hidden truths. 

Mercury in the houses
  • Mercury in 1st house: You might get bored easily. You love to talk and may be more of a talker than a listener. You use logic over emotions. You have a tremendous amount of curiosity. You tend to think a lot. You may not be able to focus on one thing for a long time so you could jump from idea to idea.
  • Mercury in 2nd house: You take time making decisions and your decisions will be logical. You take time when making decision, also. Your focus is usually on one new idea and have a hard time focusing on more than one. You can be stubborn once you make your mind up about something. You probably think a lot about money, finances, or your own self-worth. You may be good with finances, as well.
  • Mercury in 3rd house: You are very mentally active and love to communicate and talk to people. You love to learn and like to share your information with people, as well. You are interested in all kinds of subjects. You may have a short attention span. You could be a good teacher. This could make you a nervous type of person. Mercury is at home here.
  • Mercury in the 4th house: You may have a very good memory if Mercury is placed here. You really enjoy talking and socializing with your family. You could be very interested in history, especially your family history and may be into ancestry. You may not be that open to new ideas or ways of doing things.
  • Mercury in the 5th house: You probably have a great sense of humor and enjoy laughing. You can be a good writer and you will have a vivid and colorful vocabulary. This could make you a good actor or even make you good at lying when you need to. You could be attracted to more than one person as Mercury is a dual sign and the 5th house is the house of romantic affairs.
  • Mercury in the 6th house: You pay attention to details very well but sometimes you can't see the whole picture. You are good at organizing and order with your thoughts and ideas. You could be prone to anxiety or nervousness. You might think of your health a lot, or too much, which can lead to hypochondria. You probably can write well. Thoughts may be nonstop for you.
  • Mercury in the 7th house: You probably think about relationships quite a bit. You might need a lot of advice or help when making a decision or thinking of new ideas. You can see two sides to every story very easily. You will be interested in a lover who is intellectual and since Mercury is here you may have two marriages.
  • Mercury in the 8th house: You probably think about sex, death, life, rebirth, the dark side of life, or occult things quite often. You can speak rather intensely and passionate which can be too much for others to handle at times. You aren't one for small talk. You could be very secretive with your knowledge. You are good at research.
  • Mercury in the 9th house: You love to learn. You love to expand your mind and talk to be from other cultures and background. You can see the whole picture but may have difficulties with details. You love to share your knowledge and could be a good teacher. You might come off as a little too blunt and harsh at times. You are more of a positive thinking person.
  • Mercury in the 10th house: You may be a bit authoritative or bossy with your speech. You could work in areas that require lots of communication since Mercury is sitting here. You need variety in your job and may change jobs quite a bit since Mercury is here. People usually listen quite well to you since you have such an authoritative way of speaking. You probably think about your work a lot or worry about your position in society.
  • Mercury in 11th house: You probably have a lot of unique and original ideas, though they can be on the strange side at times. You aren't a conventional thinker and you definitely think outside of the box. You have an open mind. You enjoy friends that are intellectual like you though friendships may not be that deep for you, unless another planet is sitting here. You have many ideas and dreams that change a lot.
  • Mercury in the 12th house: You may keep a lot of your ideas and thoughts to yourself. Mercury is hidden away in the 12th house and shrouded in Neptune fog. You may be shy and quiet. You probably have a hard time communicating directly or be assertive. People may drain you mentally and you will need time alone to recharge. You learn best with emotion instead of logic. You probably have a vivid imagination.