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lol! do u just keep them all?? don’t u reply to them and then they disappear??

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omg wat i delete all my messages weee

I write a lot of asks, and the ones I answer to, they disappear. But I don’t actually delete the ones I get answers to. I used to then I got lax. So I get a shock every time I see my stats, I think HOLY FUCK HOW DID I GAIN A COUPLE HUNDRED FOLLOWERS? Then I realise it’s my inbox. 

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Hi babe! Did u see my new sidebar links? I made the Darren news one with u in mind! So now u will know what u missed!! But u can still ask me too if u want me to explain stuff to u! :)

LOL omg. I always seem to be gone from tumblr when any Darren news comes out. Thanks a bunch darling. 

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Its just the best thing ever! thats what! :P lol its a joke laura and i have been talking about for a while when nothing is happening on tumblr! so tonight tumblr was super boring so when laura brought it up i decided it was time to take action and make a petition! :P

We the people of tumblr have decided that Darren needs to make of video of himself bouncing on a Pogo stick whilst holding an adorably cuddly puppy.

You guys are crazy! haha. If anyone wants to sign this petition here it is.