SNM 27- 7/23 Late

Macbeth: Joe Poulson
Lady Macbeth: Isadora Wolfe
Macduff: Sam Asa Pratt
Lady Macduff: Marissa Maislen
Banquo: Tyler Phillips
Duncan: Phil Atkins
Malcolm: Adam Griffith
Bald Witch: Stephanie Crousillat
Boy Witch: Conor Doyle
Sexy Witch:  Emily Oldak
Hecate: Elizabeth Romanski (1:1)
Porter: Shane Jensen (1:1)
Agnes: Taylor Drury
Danvers: Jenna Saccurato (I think? Didn’t see much of her)
Speakeasy: Marc Cardarelli
Taxi: Evan Copeland
Fulton: Tim Heck
Matron: Virginia Logan
Nurse: ?? (Didn’t see her once…anyone?)
PIB: Paul Corning, Mallory Gracenin, Ava Lee Scott

Highlights: FINALLY seeing Porter Shane, winning the card game with Speaks, watching the tallest match up in the interrogation room that I’ve ever seen, the happiest of walkouts with Conor, and meeting @everylittlenote.